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It's NFL Sunday on a Bye Week -- What Better Time to Get Into Some "Tebow Talk", "Texans Talk", and other NFL News

Nov 4, 2012|

The NFL Sunday gang gets into some Tebow talk and why the Jets haven't used him much in their gameplan. Also, why didn't they think about trading him at the deadline. They also discuss other news in the NFL including the Falcons and the Texans and their records and other postives and negatives around the league.

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NFL Sunday presented by cam natural casing franks the official frank and sausage of the New England Patriots look for the -- box -- your favorite grocer -- Celebrate something. This kind of a rare opportunity for us doing the show during the bye week. Needless to say usually on a regular weekly basis much of the focus is on the patriots as it should be in these parts. And you know we have our segment which will have the top of the hour around the NFL will look at all the games being played around the NFL this week. But it gives us up an interesting opportunity a look at more league wide topics and especially with the trade deadline this past week and and issues around the league -- that we don't normally get to discuss on on a regular basis. Trade deadline was this week we are to talk about the patriots acquiring Aqib Talib from Tampa at trade deadline. Kind of interesting to note that apparently the Jacksonville Jaguars were interested. In acquiring Tim Tebow are you surprised the New York Jets weren't interested in trading. No because I don't think that the jets are going to admit their mistake viscerally I think in a perfect world for the jets you. Meet this move in the offseason maybe something on the draft debuted in trying to draft pick forum but I don't think that they're interested in. Kind of pushed all the chips the middle but it went missing art look we're done. Because because I mean Joseph Woody Johnson has been very vocal in his support I just don't think he wants to admit defeat right now it's interesting how little they've used him and not as a quarterback of that some things that they imploring him up as sort of an alternative Sanchez football people have a conversation -- What he brought in to do something with this wildcat package and -- doesn't seem like about -- that they haven't used it and I think that would be. Indication of what are they doing in practice that they just don't like because for what reason -- packages. It prepares you understand as if it's effective doesn't mortgage interest scout team -- did not come -- and yeah that's often an indication of how it never makes it to the standard that's that's the truth of itself. The reason they're coming in years and what 567 times a game means -- into the of the packages haven't been in effect. It's August that presumably because maybe when they use him in practice -- on. It's more about what's the point I'm saying. So why wouldn't -- deal. Yeah yeah I just don't think you wanted isn't -- are screwed up -- I would think that -- market would be Jacksonville. Right and -- -- real deal and -- all the sense in the world for Jackson yeah let's the only place I thought made sense to begin I think he made that there I think I think this is an admission on his part senator you know. I got lured in by the big New York thing. And I'm stand around her all the support and miserable. I could've gone back home. I could have been and a guy by an everywhere I go to and the guy is -- An over under based content and went on win they think did you know with if this jets' season continues the way we think it's gonna continue. If they're needed they're adjustments are at let's just let's see Woody's got. Let's let's see if you can think there are so that good to see what he's got thing would be for the -- you know of people that your polls from. -- know what he's got to know what he's got they seem every day so. I think if if there is some sort of concession with Mark Sanchez to -- the other -- that comes in not -- I doubt they get to the the -- are completely out of this thing -- enough parity in the upward mr. goes on in this this and I felt like give up this early. Still think you both relief and in the conversation internally -- can be completely wrong but. He's just not a quarterback to do go to McIlroy yeah that's that's rutelli who spoke with -- faster -- -- -- creditor -- not -- probably yeah. Well isn't it interesting that if we're talking about quarterback change. I heard a quarterback last Sunday basically asked to be replaced as the starting quarterback. Michael Vick basically was begging Andy Reid to make the -- boy that's just that is you wanna talk about a situation where a release stable secure franchise for really long time is just. -- up in flames. -- need to win this week or it's going to be immune Philadelphia Estes and bad please rate it really really are it would if it. I heard Vick after the game I understand completely I support the coach he wants to make you change the quarterback position like I said he beat senate likely guy to me. Who was basically -- I got no answers here you know it's okay to bring somebody else in for awhile. And Andy Reid. I thought had the golden opportunity to do what those people who think that they made a mistake installing Vick is the starting quarterback to begin with -- one problem. I don't know why Andy Reid just is apparently. Hell bent on going down with the ship. It's funny can we talk about that the jets in the in -- a long season and they're at a three in Puerto I think there's 34 now. Yet it took three and five right now and we talked about you know that the quarterback in the quarterback problems -- coaching staff that the Eagles are 34. But at the same time it's vastly different in the NFC as opposed to the NC you know you can hang around in the AFC because it's not nearly as competitive NFC is particularly in the east. If -- let's say Philadelphia to three type that in the giants win they go to seventy that's just. -- pull away Ding Ding dang I think that's important part of the jets you're not you're no longer compete with the patriots -- he did -- -- -- They'll see whether we come back around here in December but right now do you look at the landscape there seniors say hey you know what liberties you know in all honesty. There's not a lot of movement in the middle of the serious groups of three and five it is just diseases are -- in seven or -- group. Based on sort of the pared its authors you can -- -- can throw throw your hands just yet. Which you're gonna need to -- was -- gonna need to find an identity so it's gotta be with those guys has got to be about the running game play action which they were successful with against the patriots. You've got to sort of find something. And if you just simply. Brought the trash and do the -- thing if thrown your way are are we buying into the idea of Houston. As well a long term impact team doctor in December yeah I I just I don't know if I'm ready to it took to go all lenient on Houston because I had like -- -- seen. Particularly how they responded after Cushing went down in and like what they do it. Andre Johnson may be not news -- not. He's he's not quite where he was a couple of years ago but he's still a deep threat. Yeah appearing Foster -- sure all of Wednesday Greek -- -- future and let's -- embassy to redeem entry in in approaches -- spot but. Are we ready to buy into the anti I don't know if I'm ready to say look this is you know this is the team may have season in goal for. Now -- I'm not there yet it's just that it's not because they don't have talent it's not because I have anything with your computer hacker or anything like that it's just there's a track record there. There there there there brutally hot and really cold and they've been so utterly it's half sustain that in the NFL and anxious and our organization we've -- -- Buick. The other get a good Pletcher said -- excel. Or they gonna be the one seed there third two months from that so that is -- four from being decided. You know war Woolsey I think the teams that that are gonna start to move themselves back -- to the for this conversation. Or the Pittsburgh's. The Denver's. The teams like that but -- of the stability leadership and haven't done it before. Here's the good team it's a talent dream team of -- this conversation to your -- now only my opinion is changed because -- They'd done it but they still haven't and I -- -- and concerned you have four really interesting teams -- for the three Denver Miami Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. Sitting right fired at Indianapolis is in the conversation -- -- I that's a fun team to watch at hoping that they're gonna go too -- I don't think that the you know if they -- the playoffs -- not to go too deep in the playoffs but but. The job that they've done bouncing back after last year in setting all sitting everything with the with took -- -- aside what they've been able to do in being able to reestablish. A real foundation for the future there's been very impressive. And run a little man 34 I think that's that's going to be a fun week a lot Watson those two guys that they've always said Tom with a name's Thomas enough Freeney. -- the two smaller dudes out. Playing outside putt after an imminent this little hybrid 34 we saw the jets just smoke that group but I also see what table pretty good in past weeks so. Sort of -- -- we've got two weeks here or it's going to be sort of circus football with the bills and and and in the book the ethnic and make a move WW pretty remarkable. Are you guys buying into the Atlanta Falcons. Same same I just I don't know why did -- -- go undefeated in anything that they're gonna be there at the end -- -- -- those top two seeds in the NFC east analyst at an article undefeated ball. Pretty darned both seem won a playoff game I think it's good to have and it I think. The first seven games are fantastic but I think that team needs to be measured by what -- you -- I think they'll be built enough base there where book everyone around the league knows that they're talented guy going into the season. Everyone knew that they were one of the better teams in FC but Timmy put it altogether when. Let's let's talk about disappointment where he talked about Philadelphia arguably the most disappointing team in the NFL so far this year. You could probably put the New Orleans Saints in that in that same category bot. I guess the question becomes what the -- to expect when your biggest mystery and I think -- get a pass on this -- just given everything that they be -- today it was interest and we talked to a number of them. When he arena here to practice for the patriots for week in talking to them about and you drawing strength from what the 2007 patriots. You know cut thumbing their nose at the rest of the world and -- kind of circle the wagons in the -- at the right thing that. At that team is just putting stroke and you look at the defense to the defense has historically that. Is justice is you -- uses of brilliantly awful -- difference -- you know you can -- all those offensive weapons in the world you can have. You know breeze and Graham insisted on but you'd be just stopping you Chip Kelly yeah and I'm gonna talk about disappointing teams. Green Bay Packers in that category as well. Still scary -- I agree -- for a record for its consistency they've been -- before though what they've been -- or and you watch them and then you know in the game against the rams just part of the patriots game while just. So. That's another team on the -- and have given them are myopic view these guys can't watch a week we've watched all the former. Watchers healthy it's news there and and in December missiles were rolled together. And I think there's still tough out and that's all comes out comes down final one day matchup one team gets -- next there were six of the force you to kind of doesn't matter but. They have -- -- ability to be disappointments for me period starts we have in the city. In just I think that there was a lot of hope there at the start of the season I think that there was a belief that they could make some noise and typically weak division but they have just awful. I just in in its gotta you gotta feel foreign too because -- -- -- you know you work with with Romeo. Indian in you know some of the people there packages are all going to be gone it I -- just not see only on down they're all going to be gone at the end I did there's no way you can bring back. Romeo there's no way you can -- and fuel used. Again I agree with the other point I just think you have to pull the whole thing up and throw over. I don't know the only by the ways I think you could see back here. The I was wondering I was wondering if prevail. Would get a job back. Now wondering if if something would break and I'm not saying that he would necessarily replacement Patricia but you won't find him a role in this organization. Interest in idea. You know I've you've seen those organizations in the past I remember acumen as a rookie with the the rams with. There for a meal and there was Mike White who had been head coach of the raiders and Al Saunders and you have like. They feel like the most experienced group of assistants who had been head coaches universal -- A lot of experience guys in the room but it might make for a little bit of an uncontrolled situation fizzles like who's kind of call the shots when you don't have to move down multiple. Levels in Iraq is an amazing coach and I I that you bring up the point of Kansas City and of course a lot of respect for Scott Pioli was. Who brought me here and and I'd believe in the system that they believe in and did I wish it was working better there. Hopefully directorship you're in the second half of the same rack I mean -- Barak got a really raw deal in Cleveland was set up the -- with -- -- Phil savage was sort of you know finger on everything that happened and he wasn't able to run things and he's got his chance to -- Kansas -- -- for what -- things haven't gone well but you know that you know my bias on full display on a Pope when they write that ship them open my counsel it's healthy and they can get it done but. It's certainly didn't wasn't a good first half. It is amazing to me how inept. And and they have let at all and how clueless Romeo -- sound to assist with -- would put a couple weeks ago someone estimate trouble Charles and -- Charles only got five carries as well you are really can't tell you that I don't know I don't know wise and a head coach you have to know the answer that he's just. It's in -- -- with -- before and I know we've covered him in the past and if you had if you ever had any kind of contact with him. You just feel horrible to see such a good person one I think the worst of -- rack. You know as as players you know Regis and as a sort of grandfatherly thing about enemies -- great play collar. You love them as a coach you love -- -- -- -- always thought he should get -- chance it happened when you know it's a small window for coaches as much as it is and players were -- shocked that you shot. You don't have the personnel you don't of the situations you'll get the sort response from what is your preacher and you know -- just go down news. As whenever but I somberly open rack -- figures it out and we agree coach I just I don't know the particular what's going on there and -- it. Wing and the Steelers Twitter account has just muted officially have -- to be just ahead -- -- -- wheels -- oil is down so they have crossed the first kudos on skip right over Oakland as a at all when I expect that you.

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