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NFL Sunday Goes "Around the NFL" for Week 9 ... the Pats Bye Week

Nov 4, 2012|

Dale, Matt Chatham, and Chris Price take a look at all the games set to kickoff for Week 9.

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Our number three NFL Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Chris price from WEEI dot com is here former patriots linebacker Matt Chatham is here. Kevin ball is off this week he was down in Baton Rouge to watches LSU tigers. Give one away ta Alabama and a great college football game last night you'll be back next week. Couple of quick correction before we take you around the National Football League in the interest of getting things as. As correct as we possibly can. We haven't attacks number here -- 37937. And while we don't take phone calls during the show the text messages continued Roland. And I detector has made a correction on something Chatham said earlier Brunell is not 55. He's fifty -- That's -- there so we get that on right and this is it's probably less of a Smart -- thing. -- we told earlier in our number one about Adam chapters report on espn.com. That saints coach Sean Payton will be a free agent at the end of this season. At the National Football League and boy did the contract extension that he signed with the saints a year ago September. Well I guess he's a big enough deal that the NFL has felt compelled to respond all right Greg Aiello. On behalf of the National Football League put out the following quote. Our office has made no determination on Sean -- contract status with the saints for next year. All contracts between clubs and their employees must be approved by the commissioner. And we do not comment on specific terms of individual contracts on -- Now there is one train of thought the National Football League that because of the suspended a year which -- get paid for it his whole contract it bowled over by the year. And that in effect. While his contract would have been up at the end of this year the saints only for next year because they didn't have him for this year there's that train of thought Jason lock on for a thought. As is Paul contracts -- rolled over a year anyway Adam but the league has apparently felt compelled to vote to say. That they have not determined anything on Sean -- His contract. Makes sense. -- says they did is he suspended free. -- legally and what's the ruling there. The mix of some of the role it's always interesting coming as you don't have a services for this year you know and for the better. Well it's always funny to watch and a fellow combatants or rebut them. You know the -- Hampshire's sports reporters employers I'm sure if it these -- my sources tell me human resources news. Well and in Italy Greg Aiello might have said that actually let's take you around the National Football League. And it takes a look -- nod -- all the games in the NFL. Bye week this week. The New England Patriots the New York Jets the St. Louis Rams and San Francisco 49ers. You already know about the idea of Thursday night game San Diego. Beat the Kansas beat hapless Kansas City Chiefs 31 to thirteen yard -- about that will skip right past that went and get to today's game it's 1 o'clock games. We start at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati Ohio the three and four Cincinnati Bengals. Play host of the four and three Denver Broncos -- talked about Peyton Manning and how well he's played quarterback for the Broncos. Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton understands what he needs to do to improve. If men are being more consistent plan out there get a -- just just play my game to do I'm capable of doing and I feel like. I get there and put in the work an important time so -- -- through our -- at that point. If it means nothing because he's never played against the Cincinnati Bengals as a member of the Denver Broncos but Peyton Manning never lost. The pickles I don't think the way teach these two teams to go and I don't think there's any reason that it won't beat the -- again today -- lost three straight he appeared to be heading in the opposite direction. The Broncos are trending upward for the befriending them and it's it's -- -- to division because I -- with a single thing is sort of woman -- team last year that made the move backwards. Supposed to forward and they're a division is so talented -- I really if if this little. Who threw reach stretched the singles who have had that happen. That sort of -- ravens. Steelers viewers -- have been really interest in Washington ruling any of the three teams from came out they had the opportunity to take advantage of some missteps thereby Baltimore and Pittsburgh just -- they have not that it would take advantage of that in now with going to be analysts in the same old story but it's not going to be. Not good teams that these were missed suffer tremendously well speaking of two teams friend again opposite directions the five into Baltimore Ravens travel to Cleveland. Take on the two and six Cleveland Browns John Harbaugh says the 45 games in November. To four hours at five I mean wouldn't you know if it's 45. In November basically what separates the good teams from the not so good teams and can decide playoff implications. This district attorney here that's its -- for everything because you're going into November November's really when your position yourself. For that stretch runs which is December January football so too big opportunity force from what we do this week starting this week and going forward. Is gonna determine where we stand. When the games mean the most. Baltimore and we team this year I just there's those hold routes which are really something to look at -- -- -- you wonder about the long term without without without Louis defensively. You know in the existing -- going you know. Forward I don't know if we have if you if it's -- we set the last two weeks ago I don't know how -- going to be able to do it please that'd be too -- to clean. Yet it's really good insight there from our offices this really is for them it's sort of that fifth and sixth any time that you kind of tender plants all over the middle reliever you have a good ones that matters to your closures good. This is -- time and you know felt scrutinized where that funerals. Ford for Arizona Cardinals are at Lambeau Field to take on the five and three Green Bay Packers. James Jones Packers wide receiver says the offense understands the importance of a successful rushing attack. As receivers we know we're gonna be the running game later on in the season. We know our guys are gonna start plan has covered two and you know drop -- a lot of guys to stop the pass so we know by one point we're going need to run again. We're trying to get to where we got to go -- be over we'll have to give the ball. So is there his own just a bad team or. Did did that happen to start well that happened -- Kennedy kind of click -- beyond awful. Yeah exactly yeah I mean or authority just I mean because they are with the -- but if lost or street -- -- Were ugly deems that a role. I am just wondering if Blake he says if they're plastered for the buffalo where they start strong dislike back to -- looks more that way. What's more that way I I was interest here is that his comment we kind of resolution last week with the rams game with his his comment. The importance of receiver blocking in the running game -- shall be -- after last week's game. You look along those runs element I know we've or as the go better blocker than what the evolution. Wes Welker Brandon Lloyd blocking on the outside that was what made a lot of -- through that Bronson is a huge part of this team going. Talking about surprising teams who were remiss probably enough mentioning V6 and one Chicago Bears. Travel to Nashville to take on the three and five Tennessee Titans. Lance Briggs bears linebacker says the bears. Delta preparation you know Norwood. You know how good Matt Hasselbeck is. And things that he does. You know you have to. -- extremely disciplined. And know that you can utilize everybody on the field you know at any time. Two -- some similarities between this bears team. In the team that went to the simple years ago in that the they have such a dominating the overwhelming defense at times but the obsolete questions office. A muted the Marshall -- Forte and -- Kabul when he's right he's the he'll be offensive line is just so up and down. That defense can -- object to -- but it's the team and cried wolf I think I have always have questions about that seem ridiculous pursuit of one hour or whatever. Talk to me in January I just -- How it's -- gonna do when that first playoff when adversity hits with two teams face adversity. There were regular season and they don't have that giant Hewlett. Careless -- -- one and six Carolina Panthers are in our nation's capital at FedEx Field take on the three and five Washington Redskins Robert Griffin the third says. The media is obsessed with the parallels between himself and Cam Newton but it's not something he's focused on. It's something that the media is definitely gonna gonna plan to you know what that was being. A similar style quarterback with with different qualities to each other. You know someone's out -- to try to compare us so you know I'll let you guys continue to do that but it. No one like it took to do many many Tom's album would land him find his defense though. And have fun with the. Sleazy story -- of the week. -- portrait photographer -- -- really is seated on forgive me for -- -- at a -- not playing your game yet exactly it's just in kudos to him for not you know kind of taken of these etc. three and four Detroit Lions are in Jacksonville -- on the one and six jaguars again I'm. Surprise the jaguars didn't try harder apparently -- acquire. Quarterback Tim Tebow even though I don't necessarily think he's the answering your one and six. You know you've got a lot of questions Matthew Stafford says this is huge game for the alliance. Because -- W can get them back to 500 they're playing a team that some people maybe taking too lightly. We all know this is a -- not only. You know for the record is as far as you know we get back to 500 but. This an excellent and you know this is a team that's very dangerous you know and then. People are gonna look at their record and say you know -- 16 or whatever but this team can play in administration's defense of -- Were. Going to ever. And we are. What's -- -- -- -- -- -- down for the year -- I don't know if he's down for you can be distilled and I don't think that's taxable to very good with -- about it. I don't think it's gonna we go to -- feels okay. You you can tell Kevin -- and I did that Jack I've texted him right now but we gave them like thirty seconds that's that's satellite unit a unit of the the -- three Miami Dolphins are at Indianapolis thick on the foreign three Indianapolis Colts. Reggie Bush says the dolphins don't get caught up in that trash talking stuff. The thing that I love most about this team is you know. Guys up further you know allow our place to do -- -- and anonymously for -- was going to be some competition out there. And they and we knew them -- there we talk a little bit so you know we just try to back it up with with the way we played those that. Sneaky good. The maybe team they both talk a boy they really are is this going to be a fun game to watch. If -- semester but wanted Davis from with the -- the pre season trade there with one of the better corners in this division now from the other side and over the tree you can answer we'll see how he matched up against the the dolphins receiver group that salon herald of the it's been relatively productive. The the big question mark of epic storyline out of Miami is whether or not Ryan Tammy hill will play today he's got that that injury issue he's listed as questionable. I think the general feeling out of Miami is that he is gonna at least try he's going to be uniform it's gonna try to play today. Obviously he can't go Matt Moore will step right in the quarterback position probably fairly well at that moment. I Tamils in a real difference that it really hasn't and again it goes back the fact I think a lot of it is. Do the fact that you we are as old offensive coordinator from from Texas CNN working with a Mike Sherman I think that. Those are really Smart move -- -- till the dolphins all lost season for their quarterback hijinks that could -- repeat unity could get Matt Flynn. It in the of the treaty wavering in Marshall but you know at least if you're Ford three midway through the season. Silicon that would have been a lot of its other great defense that that counselors. Three and four Buffalo Bills are in Houston take on the six and one Houston Texans Mario Williams. Talking about his return to Houston says he's got something to show the world. Not just his former team. And he -- Judaism citizen and a Germans remain. You know. Oakland Jordan scrimmage then and we -- soon. There was this summer and they you know his -- -- -- you know I have the solution -- general. Around you know investments were there as long as we know -- -- it. Arm you know -- going I'm -- -- -- then just be Americans and. He's got something to prove to the team that gave him hold Clinton and Monica has brought you 100 disappointments -- to -- What went through the first after the season as the guy who was not that of that contract. All that said I go this is sort of that make you scared of the team should be scared of things -- -- have them coming -- and its ability bit you know sort of Jack's built -- -- argument. Talent so they kind of freaky out of a week to week basis that. Whatever chaos they have going around they could just figured out for weeks and you certainly can't take this group lightly. 405 today the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at three and four traveled with the Oakland Alameda county coliseum to face the Korean War raiders. Raiders quarterback Carson Palmer says the outlook and I -- we got a great kicker Sebastian genachowski. -- -- more touchdowns in the red zone going forward. We want astounds me is what's known as much faith as we have received best. -- across fifty he's in his range we wanna get seven point. We've been fortunate our our defense played so well that we haven't -- seven points to drive but there's going to be those games where. In other and other office on fire and you better scores every time we get better when the game. If they could ever figure it out offensively on that team. The defense that they have in the division that there and that's you're looking at the -- right there that's probably good enough to make the playoffs is if you're new to west I would go I took no you don't know -- that affect. Denver's side the right -- you look at -- any PT which you could be good to me. Team as a it's fracture there so close he thought Carson -- a second your real full offseason and and offered him back to what should be. They got the -- -- -- from the defense dollars. How about if the other if so. -- the three Minnesota Vikings are in Seattle to face the forum for Seattle Seahawks. Defensive end Jared Allen says he's looking forward to the challenge of playing Seattle. In their bar. Here is to reform dead from this lunacy of politics and I mean. -- look at the gay youth coach had enough of that -- you know if if you're pretty tough so. The other they're playing a bar and -- club that lost to last week's they're going home trailer I think we lost to afford to go to everybody. I should probably mention when I talked about surprises and we talked about Peyton Manning. I have to minimal surprise that Adrian Peterson looks like he's never been hurt you know these team news of course the first what's at some games here. Medical marvel. Port 25 today the Pittsburgh Steelers we've talked about this game already are at MetLife stadium to take on the New York Giants Pittsburgh for -- -- giants six and two. The these Steelers have made their trip this morning they are settled in there. It the meadowlands I think there at a different hotel and just you know resting for a couple of hours having a team meal than having the stadium. Ben Roethlisberger says he Eli Manning were drafted the same year. Along with some of the better quarterbacks in the league right now in ought to think a big part of it is. For me at least one. When that when we don't plan on to say you know that's the greatest quarterback hospital time. Because you know -- reverse myself realized mesh. So on you know so which -- go to. As one of the Steelers were in the through Mexicans and the bumblebee -- -- a little worse that the Redskins are wearing their throwback they're actually kind of cool not classy elegant that those -- uniforms. They rival those not awful Denver Broncos right things that we -- the year two you don't always need to throw back to you don't always mean that is not always agreed it was OK to skip back that some of those. -- -- Let me as the game of the week though this -- I think it's it's. Powerhouse AFC team that's a little -- it is still well with in the running and probably your business wants to it would sort of threw it towards January. 820 tonight Sunday -- looked awful lot like America these three and four Dallas Cowboys in Atlanta. Faced a seven and no I did say seven no Atlanta Falcons. Tony Romo discusses how the cowboys plan to limit turnovers this week and beyond. We look at our jurors is -- just a lot of little things that have. Have created that and we just need to do little things better that. Each -- is he's very important when you take that approach beyond every single down and yeah yeah I think these guys take. Understand that's just -- set to broaden and do. As bad as they looked. In the first half of that game against the giants and almost come -- could pull that out of the end you know I think that says a little something about their team. I think it's also interesting that you hear of sort of the little things speech being given all overall 32 teams to get immunized mice perspective we've stepped back to your team not playing this week he realized what. A lot of teams -- deal with this. Being very closely NFL's not -- the quality. -- Monday Night Football is that the Mercedes-Benz superdome in New Orleans the two and -- saints hosting the three and four Philadelphia Eagles. Eagles head coach Andy Reid says he's been pathetic both sides of the ball and everyone has to improve. Thousand person performance. We obviously didn't start. That's -- we've -- -- field on third downs early. We ability that in this make plays on us we didn't have big plays offensively we've started slow again police. Through the first few series are so. And -- obviously a better I -- do better job. There might not be a team in the NFL more in need of victories in the Philadelphia Eagles tomorrow night in a really public equality when do I mean maybe need to be need to have a decisive victory. You know we've we've gone up and down about the saints today but -- Phillies really two ways that you look at how there and we just talked operators -- that scope what. Still publish them of course still got a really productive -- in an inference though you've got Jackson got Mac when you got. Got weapons and I know that that there's been a lot of you know -- but can still get it only does he hang on the ball make the decision. It's still group that's dangerous still you know for the -- out there on your schedules we can take -- producers. Back with more in just a couple of minutes here on NFL Sunday presented by -- natural casing francs. The official frank and sausage of the knowing -- patriots look for the camp blue box at your favorite -- tea. Celebrate something.

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