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NFL Sunday Discusses the Breaking News: The NFL Will Void the Contract Extension that Sean Payton Signed with the Saints

Nov 4, 2012|

Adam Schefter broke the news this morning that Sean Payton's contract extension will be voided by the NFL due to language the league did not agree with in the contract. This makes Payton a free agent after the season essentially when his suspension is up. The NFL Sunday guys discuss the implications and if this means the Cowboys will go after Payton will the full-court press.

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One quick news note before we get to the the topic that I would -- here about. What the patriots did in response to some of those meetings -- show after of ESPN's got the news tidbit of the day. This is a great one. We -- in the past year the multi year contract extension the saints announced for Sean Payton in September of 2011. Was boycotted by the NFL. Making the suspended head coach a free agent after this season. And casting questions on how long he'll remain in New Orleans according to league sources -- after goes on to write quote. -- is expected to become the NFL's most sought after head coach after this season are already is speculation in league circles. He could wind up returning to Dallas where he worked as the assistant head coach from 2003 to 2005. Com I almost guarantee you Terry Jones is gonna make a run at that would -- that it's only quest is to help me zeros are going to be in the contract -- just he's gonna throw up. On your money -- in frankly it -- he should. You know but it's it's one of those situations where it does he want that. If you want that headache right coaching Dallas would've been great situation does it could be topped the war -- -- especially you know. I wonder though if if I don't want to ask you been suspended for a year. But it wasn't suspended by the saints thank goodness don't know what animus -- probably not better no I think I think there's a lot of animus towards late talking at an army towards towards the actual Santorum and I think that I'm I'm just talking stands. OK advance okay little. Pissed off -- Sean Payton I mean they're looking at the way the saints are struggling this year putting a fair chunk of the blame on the fact that their head coaches suspended for the year. You know of the year in which the Super Bowl is in New Orleans and everybody thought they had a legitimate chance of being the first team in NFL history to play in a Super Bowl on their home city. Offensive they have. Kind of turned on this -- Seattle I think there's more animosity toward Gregg Williams and Roger Goodell right I I don't know if if that's all toward Sean -- I think that there is some animosity toward Sean -- for being the head coach. -- for me to captain when you know this happened on his watch but. I think that there's more anger toward Gregg Williams right now was supposed to it is posted shortly. -- degrees of culpability accused far enough removed -- still -- fortune. On our home but now I haven't had a chance to his talk -- you guys to go through you know -- after entire piece which is on line. I'm wondering if it was voided because of the suspension. Or if there were some other reasons the NFL the the contract extension was announced September of 2011. You know fourteen months ago. It was apparently -- at some point in the last year we don't even know when. And you know that the saints' Sean Payton have done anything to announce that. But I'm wondering why straight to suffer repeated the league it's board to his car and -- -- now has -- his contract yeah okay so it's -- clause but yet -- page seal certified that the states have -- a in the -- no sort yeah -- detrimental type thing legitimate question on your part but apparently according to show after. It's the league who avoided the kind of bizarre that they would have a sort of power to do evidently good distance from the story at issue in the contract with one specific clause that would have enabled people to walk away from the deal with general manager Mickey Loomis was suspended fired or left the New Orleans organization. This according to sources mister show after quoting sources sounds like Sean Payton knew what was coming in September of 2011 didn't exactly the league believe that any such language -- -- contract with that a bad press and approach coaching contracts and rejected the deal well before Loomis was suspended for the first eight games of the season for his part in the bounty scandal. Well now we know why and and I agree with -- after the let let the speculation begin and especially the Sean Payton to Dallas speculation because that's going to be there. The hottest rumor out there it's funny we're talking Richard -- a possible -- a -- coaching candidate now you have shown people out there as well there's going to be some really interesting names out there for some really interesting jobs once the season and Namibia Chip Kelly as a coordinator. Ethanol into Ottawa -- offense in grade you know. Have a run your tech a team but he's also committed fifty points a game with or without as the early climbing up fellows myopia -- Saban situation was definitely Google agreement. The one stop shop there in the know Katrina Katrina yeah I mean you know I've always you know a college successfully ground assault and a transfer.

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