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It's the Bye Week Edition of NFL Sunday with Dale, Chatham and Price ... While Kevin Faulk is Heartbroken in Baton Rouge

Nov 4, 2012|

It's Week 9 in the NFL and it's also the Patriots' bye week - which is coming at a good time smack-dab in the middle of the season. The guys briefly discuss Kevin Fault being in Baton Rouge to witness the incredible game last night with LSU losing on a last minute TD to Alabama. They then move on to the benefits of the bye week and how various players take advantage of having a week off. Chatham lends some insight into how he and his teammates would approach the bye.

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I don't know maybe it's the cynic in me I just picture right now at a dive bar in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. -- fall Steven -- and Shaquille O'Neal ordering another round. Try to -- -- their sorrow as they were all up again last night like -- not with us this morning on NFL Sunday they were all in Baton Rouge last night for the game. And as I watched it unfold the final drive in Alabama comes back to -- I kept thinking I've seen this play out before. This is the patriots the last two times there in the Super Bowl really was man these had might get they had nearly. You had that game when you wonder what would it happens. With the BCS picture if if Willis Hewitt knocked off Alabama because it was a great for college football yesterday there was so many isowich compelling theater out there. If they had pulled off the upset it's just -- -- thrown everything in detail I think we should just. Make excuses precedent of the bureau is that it builds him up all roof and I just like say we'll just work demands and I mean I can be an average but I just like -- back on the whole issue. Which is where Kevin is. Right now waking up. But it drool on his pillow and I didn't I didn't get a week problem last night and he even gave me one of those you know thought we had written and -- -- -- pulled up now when you consider. When they play at the national championship game ten months ago. Couldn't they couldn't get from meeting you offensively and I -- to tell the quarterback go in retrospect I mean that was that was one of the most poorly quarterback deems -- Banca diversity and a big speech like that -- you would. Less miles. He coached himself right out of the team is absolutely. But it's easy for -- music -- -- and have a dog in this fight. Having heat he coached his team to a loss -- And he's he must drive LSU fans race. With the way I I I bet he's a heck of a recruiter I've met when he sat in the living with mom and dad had little boy -- -- -- is the biggest love everything about them. And it -- Macy junior playing forum on Saturday night in Baton Rouge they're like this -- adult. But what -- what a day for college football when Notre Dame triple overtime win. And it and it's funny -- normal talking about the other game I was watching last night go back and forth. And I picture Bill Belichick sitting on his couch last night watching Oregon and the track meet they had against USC on what I wanted to -- What I want you to pull this I mean at the god they are unbelievable. I'm fascinated Richard Kelly in the and I think. It's it's a given he's going to be Columbia film extra I think if you're looking for hot coaching property I think it's got to be Chip Kelly you know I'm fascinated to see if that's dial. Can translate to the NFL wealthy can recruit yet if you do get the guys maybe get him if he can get the guys because that's a very specific system I mean you know you're you're running all the time it's high octane high intensity offense and in the running -- -- for 300 yards last night. -- -- my -- and -- touchdowns and yet I am with -- -- of the Heisman. Favorite and it comes up like. Fantasy football just to rule -- that I get a -- chip can put it -- It's it was fun to watch yesterday and leads us into let's be honest okay. For -- are patriots fans this is happy reds' own channel that because this is the day where you probably don't really care about any of them that NFL games. To watch in their entirety the what you do patriots game. If ever there -- a day -- -- for the red zone channel for patriots fans it's an. -- -- it at all and everything it's got Hanson will be our body -- and. I think if there's one game -- patriots fan you'll watch it you know for divisional purposes plus you know maybe get a sense of who BR in coming weeks -- Miami against Indianapolis. Indy on that'll be an interest -- one for for AFC east fans as well as you know just if you want negative repeat Tristan what's -- annual real first look at into lucked out -- to watch but yeah I mean this is going to be. It's going to be original days of double scout vehicles rose on game as a player when you need to go back and watch film for two teams you have to prepare for -- -- -- tapes -- I'm wondering in you know better than any us what this week is like for the patriots they had the weekend off. I said Steven Ridley was and in down watching the game at LSU last night. Ties -- Julian Edelman was off watching his college team playing. I'll pay high tower was in Syracuse -- Jim and Joseph are jealous you don't know is that leaders there -- watching. And and some wondering what the bye week is like. Brady said you know I won't be lounging around as much as you think -- well does that mean he's spending more time watching more game film. Self scouting what's -- Well think their ways now depends on that went on my crew were talking on here but there's ways now where a lot of minutes ago. You can pick film with you -- while this has -- the way some some programs at all. Have you can access some of the stuff right appointments coming you have to be at the facility necessarily. I took them by -- Pretty dramatically different to that sort of decade and I did it one way early on early on you like going to have to Monte Carlo exactly analyze it -- -- the beach trip one year and it was -- rushed you know you fueling did get on the plane your rise if it's. Two great days on beach in the back and points or four days are pretty tightened. Felt like you know it was great -- those -- it was OK but is it just felt too rushed. Actually sort of halfway credit mighty settling in New England assembled by we trips where are deciding on -- -- -- -- Jamaica. I'm gonna go open the mountain dual mountain treat time and -- and check out these old sort of shining style old hotels like the green mountains and -- -- -- stuff. And you know did not -- like late October early November whatever and it seems sort of the countryside I -- it legacy relies tellers are something like that. But it really is just about relaxation. But the idea and now as you can go relax and for a couple hours date you know the little tape to commute. How tough is it too because you won on plug -- you wanna get away in you wanna put some distance between you in the game. In just mentally recharge but at the same time he's still wanna kind of be on point you know you still wanna be Indies to a little bit what was it was it and spikes said I don't wanna -- Yeah I gallon you know how to keep playing in. Half. -- that nobody -- -- this -- -- about it and he says that ya feel like I'm eighteen again you know I don't I don't wanna -- we don't wanna play when you go. Right and I Japan I think as much as the mental part I think I think the step away and not too deep into the -- probably big but the one thing you don't lose body. Arguments for five days of work now and -- Graham politics to the Smart guys even though there are often a beach location or something like daddy and it's even released down in. And LSU they are working out right you'd you'd travel but to place you know as a gym stopped and police record Leo -- this one out gossip all efforts. I mean I think I think you have to stamp with -- that is marches. And you -- -- buffalo and he did you kind of -- remove that. It was great talking to -- guys in the locker because it's a guy like -- was going home and he was doing this and you know you wanna. How to get away a little bit -- we talked to think of its music -- parity up a flaw in the minds about him of -- peers Sonoma guy and where responsibilities ago have been watching tape already so it's. It's interesting how guys approach at terrible but it's wrong. You do have to get away you do have to get a break of some is trying to I would imagine the you do really -- I mean you wanna spend today. Just doing nothing instant that a coach just watching TV just. I wrote about this earlier this week Merrill one of the things that was always did for me it was just. Sort of that. Re calibration. Thing when you you one -- people don't understand and again not complain every -- got its hardships are some pretty crate. But that there is a lot of family in the season and sort of a sort of connection between you and your wife or girlfriend or your kids or whoever -- width. There are certain understanding in the season it's sort of like this expanded training camp kind of just not better. You know -- some guys that you know them go to church on Sunday for for weeks it would drop the news that note armistice and needs and -- -- afternoons of my kids that I'm -- last few weeks. Reconnect with that stuff. Sometimes it's you know go take a look at the books for the first -- -- that we haven't done -- balancing of the old. Home budget just a little basic almost off which missed out arm because -- also sort of immersive. You get in there you are in that tunnel you don't come out January the sitcoms -- -- All the systems and mixture -- ago for the for the final will -- its perfect too because they're hitting it at the midway point in Germany have a bye week. This is the absolute ideal time armor when you got replaying that do with all over the calendar there were a couple of really early near the a couple of late in the year but if you're looking for by a week. An ideal time to get away the midway point is the first right and and that's -- that's about right not so if you if you. Look at when the pitcher to patriots rubles are forced to. We actually at the bye week in week sixteen which to me he has is is this developing over -- anything because you're basically going to. Straight through a 6868 week training camp -- the regular season. In and try and hold. For sixteen weeks that's tough it. You know if you make it through that tunnel good for you because when you actually do next almost like this bye week before bye week if you win your division so you get a little break at the end. Boy if you can sustain the rosters health and you any moment you have through that that corporate pretty impressive as much as anything we overcame that season. The opposite of that is up for the second super -- we action about we we three. So it's almost college shoot your blind Egyptian bullets too -- -- on -- most of the chamber and you know one little bit left to try to sustain you through April 14 fifteenth week in it was interesting because that 2003 see you guys go after a rough start if there was the loss in buffalo and you get with general Washington lost as well. -- I think what -- doing what I have to -- but it. -- -- so in those to sort out latter situations if you look back at least within the sort of modern there before 2000 on those of the two either most. Earliest and latest examples several teams beyond that take all it was -- -- what winners during that they're the averages. Eight point one if you map eight. Basically an average of week eight when the team gets the -- You've really you need in the middle you know closer to middle maybe at six -- and but the ideas that. There's -- on each side that bones of the in the event of the or injuries or other sort of read. Re calibration of your team -- and do what going to be in December you do it better opportunity. I'm also curious about I mean there was one unusual aspect to the by weakness it's like we heard from other coaches Ivan fears talking. And I wonder what it's like for the coach is not my guess is huge Belichick gives some time that. You recharge those batteries to. But I'm wondering what it's like for the coaches now despite weak because I'm I'm sure they don't get as much time off as the players. Actually I actually talk to Belichick about that this week on the conference call and one of the things was -- it's not. I citizen with coaches at the you know how much it would logistically what goes into the self scouting process and he said it's not go to really not players it's the coaches. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here -- things that work your tendencies that we don't hear her things that we do that may be teams have kind of sniffed out. You know in just. That approach that self scouting -- guys in there for extended meetings in in really get that worked. Yes look at you sort of -- we can go back -- find out. And we had no intention of having this tendency arrive at the packages but now you have. Sample you've got these games. Ono 78% of the time we knew where in this package we do that we're doing this that's really -- strong -- -- tendencies and to address that. Or you know with issues of coverages or defense is that don't necessarily work for you -- we've got this look now for 48 snaps. And we've addressed it this way 37 of those times. Only point 50 -- and what are the numbers and Appleby but it's a way to sort of comeback with a just real quick deal -- -- I'm glad that you addressed the coaches thing because obviously you know as a player Yasser -- What was he kind of view and I need to break. I think the coach is probably news as the players. Anymore yet they're hours or longer than the players -- how -- are those mr. little to the physical rigors of -- bush is for a sleep deprivation and restore this -- you know Scotty -- had all year long. Those guys needed in India is matches you know just for their own mind says the family part the -- par for the coaches and her you know opposite got a lot of them have kids and go home to. So for them to get away and say. I'm going back in the tunnel Susan's things over for another 89 weeks stretching with playoffs you may not -- -- get performance remote wilderness. So it's it's it's equally big for those guys and they definitely deserve.

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