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Rajon Rondo Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 4, 2012|

Rajon Rondo spoke with the media after the Celtics get their first win of the 2012-2013 season.

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We anticipate you know we've had control of the game and time again assists. And we used -- -- it was a multiple stops and because I've got to win that went against me trying to. A lot in an emphasis. It is didn't win and that he's. The key mistress of the on Monday -- present situation. 20 were reached about what a night and realize that there remains. I'm a leading conservative so we can control his desire on defense and we did that tonight and down mr. and I think reforms often wrong. Even though you guys overall minus in my system works so -- was silent. And keep that person. We played great tonight especially rebound of strong long do rebounded. A great outlet passes and then the prosecute. Some -- in transition -- -- ball -- -- used to your job become Paul -- kind of takes. Because more server from the jumpy -- and we -- My boys he's been doing and just you know last night again showroom and I think that to -- wherever there's a Christmas that cauldron printer. He. Think the Dominican team wanted to play for him. Past some of the crime rather than. Just trying to work must -- them. Think you. Let's say. -- the -- thing. -- -- -- -- -- the right time and that's where you know on the that we needed -- team. Some nice -- does that surprise you facetiously that -- shots that. House wasn't going one going and you know we'll have been when there. You've got -- shot the first -- and going -- blockage in the have you Chris not a mystic wood and give us himself and two of them went into doing this -- It's. And and we're close. No I didn't hearts in the right direction and continued. To the system a coach was telling us through the night. And we'll get you know we. That we got the right to write a post again tonight. And does the defense.

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