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Paul Pierce Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 4, 2012|

Paul Pierce spoke with the media after the Celtics get their first win of the 2012-2013 season.

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You know we got the win that's most important part in the day I've just got to get better. This group on the -- that went on. Just some available. Brothers will offer to build the way to move the ball whether it's kinda figures. More opportunities there and wide open there's a lot from enforcing a lot of and so. You know the thing you know manners few. This is this pretty much -- the money you know -- -- a lot of threes tonight but those are above their longest shots. You know we I was there and disability process and you know -- for -- to charges you very very then we've got off to a good start of -- down. Believe and then came back down -- went up again and right now so that's far we've got to start -- an -- been consistent since will be an opportunity to put teams away when we go -- -- -- -- -- political figures. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You wanna get things in life in this room dim light coming on this island is room is -- on the game deadliest where we can learn from.

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