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Jeff Green Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 4, 2012|

Jeff Green spoke with the media after the Celtics get their first win of the 2012-2013 season.

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There. Was a great game we needed this good news going. Had a great team victory defense improvement from last game very proud of movies minutes of the game. Yes. -- -- Communicate. News of good. I mean there's always good to be on the floor plan lamenting and just the come back home to get going this very important come back and then write a little bit more about home. -- -- In the important we'll. Tonight new and improved ways Monaco fortunately. And we need him to -- do we do and I'm probably. Well vogue you know we always -- -- you are with you confidence. We're good to get through reverse play in you know Hodges went off sentiment here is how many are suing them. And they good team. You know on a pretty good runs over the world. You know from and so from a group that Clinton. New got to repair dog found -- thing. -- I am most definitely and always there's always on me. Are -- and MacArthur waited around here. We've always good to come back in play here from a very different song and I'm under -- and it. What is. It. -- who -- -- those you know I'll go through those who have. So to buffalo vote people in the united. Way of true --

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