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Doc Rivers Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 4, 2012|

Doc Rivers spoke with the media after the Celtics get their first win of the 2012-2013 season.

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Depends on you know it. Third quarter and metaphor for -- in these but reverted back to where we've been all year. But overall I thought this -- to begin -- the damage that we came over great defense energy. You know you can see that we still and it used to doing and out of the game went on and we got tired. Differences exhaust. You know him but I thought overall we did a great job of that's a lot of guys who could have missed more wide open shots tonight but. It's good to miss all those shots there when. And that's that we do we have to get stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- That's my. Pitches and that's what it does you know and I thought Rondo to deny that begin in the game. Started out today were great ball pressure got into bodies got over picks and all the sudden are picking revisions here and also a lot of three you know because. The age. We're back in and have to help as much and I thought that was big for us. It always. -- here you know strong winds -- and then moved it. -- -- -- It's great that he same man he rebounds the ball that's what it does. He's another -- on the floor for so and he did that well through. I thought he got tired as the days when no one arm. I think him and you know these young guys think. Indeed focus for the whole game they don't realize they want it to a 30 we're just lost his focus on the guys scored this college. You know and that's. That's the focus that I think it's not the way they don't know how to play -- learn other -- focus I think. You still have some ways ago but it helps what -- next -- Age maturity repetition -- All -- probably almost the just wanted another big one and there are a great rebounder on the floor and they're very they're very good. Yeah. Aggressive. Yeah yeah but I made a point of you know I'm reminded our guys that Paul was on our team and Kim was honored to of -- halftime they had the most shots you know. -- is going to be every night you know that that was one of the other reasons we wanted to -- -- in the -- so. Good friends and have a score in a lot of ways in you have too many things are we felt. Brandon now can command and score with second year he got to -- north of just didn't make them I think that helped him to knowing that when you come in with a group you're gonna. I don't know -- said. -- There we had chances there together bench help in the major. But our transition again. Broke down a little bit. There. It's great having what can you say. You know really miracle in some ways I -- not once. It's not the senator's surgery but when your government person's heart and again in his career is over and now -- plan backward arching mystery grew. -- -- -- -- -- And probably got some entrances and I think once he went coast to coast. I know parred it twice overall in the second so. Yeah when we challenge all the time. There was great you know when -- -- two games in a row. And you play as poorly as we played last night. We're either gonna come -- great intensity or words that we think about last night and denounce one so. That -- who won the game force. I have no idea -- that. You know we just gotta find the right group of guys. You know only just the starters we'll actually not as concerned starters I'm far more concerned with second unit. We got to find it consistent second. You know lineup as a result I think people forget that that's gonna make it a lot easier. When he's back buddies are going to be back or six weeks -- so so. We have to get it done that. Last night there is playing great there I mean left and right you know. We have discovered -- over 101. And it was going both ways but he so. RC re they're gonna fire scout or -- garment does is just -- this is gonna keep improvement. Thanks guys.

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