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Celtics starting rookie Jared Sullinger with Sean Grande and Cedric Maxwell in DC

Nov 4, 2012|

Jared Sullinger spoke to Sean Grande & Cedric Maxwell from the locker room just after the Celtics get their first win of the 2012-2013 season.

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All right John typical weekend on an up note for the Celtics they survive 8986. Reading wizards in Washington. -- soldier joins us downstairs its first NBA start tonight so here's my first question that you join us for the first time both games. What was more difficult controlling your adrenaline when you found that you're gonna start opening with a big for the wizards for the shot he took from Courtney Lee on the sidelines after that defensive stop -- it. Probably -- wouldn't that he didn't there's physical. Crashed the glass and he's definitely not what you're learning curve with you this though we think about in the rookie committee of when he what. You can learn that night. Again is over. Went the time we didn't like nineteen before. And in the NBA that that's never say. So we we have to keep playing. At the same time. -- -- We got the win this one many more ago and this process goes off you early extraordinary learning core axis talking about. What has been for you the most difficult part is trying to take your skills and make -- work uranium. Just I mean we've got guys like Paul. Kevin Rondo did. Home you know we must go to -- scoring option and so are gonna find another way to score and obviously. If you look at the game I'm always trying to gets off its rebound and so that's my way of terms scored -- -- and trying to go. Well you think about all the things up there with you talked about on the the thing that you guys have parked on the whole time defeat is that government may want the -- and you killed me this is true or not this team was still learning field. Jolie together with all the new personnel. -- -- -- Is that it's not a he's not a sprint for their. Can work for north. And the same time I -- better every day. And they weren't where we're in June day you know with the with some hope FEMA again drive the thing is this journey. Yes Daryn over -- -- I mean we've got so mean pieces. Think about it you know you -- Paul. Has been. Bond though bands in and they Avery he's -- that he he was part of that team last year. And I mean we're still trying to learn and learn how to play one. This was literally a journey for you your first back to back in the NBA and that you know every rookie I've ever talked to fifteen years doing it. Talks about that adjustment which is something you're not dealing -- all the sudden it next week before games in five nights. What is your body feeling right now having gone through that process will not as long and I think you're moved by them. I see both with the -- -- These little things take your body. There. I care it's going to join us downstairs after the first listen Max feels the same way about his body with temple. Who perceive him obviously treated the same when you first NBA start and it was await resolution thank you.

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