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Doc Rivers Pregame chat with Sean Grande

Nov 4, 2012|

Doc Rivers & Sean Grande sat down just prior to tonight's game in DC.

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Celtics that I presented by Lexus continues from the Verizon Center in Washington DC second back to back when her conversation with that coach. Cochran were still brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Harvard pilgrim count us in. To a man. Every body last night said there was almost a comedic. A montage after the game of every player saying I was communication communication manages. Its community care. Let me do jokes are it will get to you in the second carrier partisan. Everybody said the same thing which is funny because -- but he communicated very well after the game communication what's the problem. What's an example for people were listening now -- clear picture there and hopefully and uncles and the rise while driving of a play. Where there needs to be more communication weather hasn't. We'll look forward to thinking maybe I need to communicate to our guys we have to play harder for hours before we get to the communication or. Which is that simple but -- great example arm tactics you know there's no way to defend you know there's about it. Common in less than. That -- that his teammate yelled that out. I thought we get picked all night from behind from the side we never -- We didn't talking in transition you sought in four times again layups in transition where we -- back and so on lost the man. That's just you know to me it's almost amateurs to -- that's that you work on the first day. And the fact we're not doing that obviously has -- that they're happy about the where were planned this year. And fans world obviously here at lakers sky's falling that's the nature of it. How many games do you look at at the start of the year before you truly evaluate okay this we're we're doing well this. I don't think terrorism number because every -- different sometimes you know you can be more importantly. And you really don't see. A light at the time it into the town -- you know it's there you know what's gonna come at some point you should believe there. Then there's some days sometimes you commode and a senior -- world or -- that. This -- I -- you just know the team I don't know this seems to be so I think. You know wolf and all that well. We knew that power forward spot where we're calling it is going to rotate the movement tonight injured soldier gets its first what you saw one of pre season a spot what you -- -- Well at soldier in earnest you know I was there there -- -- -- world. The last couple days but the has the chance to play better with starters and their second years and what we're trying to find. And the more we love that one -- what I'm trying to find is the best fit. And the best grouped together -- we have a lot of guys but what. Cured as a rebounder. He can score with his back and look for scoring. You can -- more physical so you know that's what I need him to do tonight. Isn't this tonight as Jennings -- were sort of uniquely suited to cause trouble last night. You know they've got Renee and John Wall is a significant injuries but. Seraphin Booker -- for these are big bodies which deal with Kevin the -- that's the one -- be part of it. Yeah and you know we don't know their names -- you -- -- mean you know their names but there in the names and that's been something -- short with over the last five years you know we've. We got to make sure we come around just focus on being the Celtics tonight -- Celtic basketball. People that knew you 2530 years -- claim they always New -- a coach and a BA. When you were in that rookie backcourt and a land that was Randy Wittman on the other side did you imagine in your wildest dreams that he was going to be a long term and she coached. Yeah I don't think I imagine myself I can but I think everyone are right. You know -- that Indiana is about him you know the basketball on his blood so there's no surprise that he's coaching. The new addition to the so the Stanley is not new addition to you or for gambling -- -- son Jeremiah drafted mind these Celtics affiliate in the league. And at the very least I imagine Jeff you. Are -- that's one little drive the mind for me now that's really nice speech it could be funny -- be a fun thing he's hurt now when he start point there will be far I think it's a great place for -- ago he knows the coaches in those people. I think of the -- her. As -- head coach -- Celtics and the wizards next on the W you guys Celtics radio network.

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