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Rob Bradford on the Ortiz signing and where the Sox offseason

Nov 3, 2012|

WEEI.com's Rob Bradford joins John Ryder on a Saturday to discuss the newly-inked 2-year contract between David Ortiz and the Red Sox. They also go into the Sox's targets for first base and shortstop as well as their pitching prospects.

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Rob Bradford who always brings the pain always brings the substance. Joins me now as a go rob thanks for the next for joining me on a Saturday. I -- -- same in the membrane. It's a -- no reference. Excellent work by you there's always ways Renaissance man rob Bradford. Speaking a Renaissance man that David Ortiz. Two year 26 million dollar deal. Good move for the red size good move for David Ortiz probably admit in my mind it is what it was -- does. -- caveat I have. All blog I've -- -- it would be very very difficult to replace. What you -- and I think the -- like that I think that -- that. If he'd alternatives. It or weren't that great if especially in the market in and and also saying all along that the fact is that this offseason would've been different last offseason because of the dark and of -- Power bat Libya after Josh Hamilton -- -- with the guys in that's exactly why attack -- was impressive they have been and I think there's that kind of put the Red Sox along I think the Red Sox also were probably willing to maybe -- a little bit in their -- for the short term. In order to get that two years instead of instead of -- -- turbulence of -- -- This isn't the case but do you think if they still had say still had some of these contract Gonzalez Crawford -- -- at this would have happened. They might have been more reluctant might address Pedroia got a little bit more but. And a little bit more difficult with the artists but I think that probably gave they would probably try to find a way it meant I had to sacrifice. Something else on the roster. But a good question got bit because it's your week week -- a doubt that we you forget that sometimes is that. We're it was say okay they should do this or do that if they have those contract all the books were talking about what we saw last year which who has. Trading your starting shortstop because the three million dollar a outfielder. So yeah I think this makes sense and a number of areas and I I think you really nail it was the middle of the lord you can't just look at them well it's a DH. You've got to and did you also brought up before which I agree with that. It's not like he used to be I mean there's there's not that many middle of the order guys. I mean there's some out there there's some top ones out there like Miguel Cabrera we know the names but. It's not like it once was. They've isn't you know -- have already heard some people dropped the always but they're going to be responsible. Financially and every B well in my mind to this since being responsible financially because you talked about it -- you're deal. And if if if if you're not quite good responsible financially bet you do. Up or five a six year deal that's what you're talking about. Doing something that you shoot and that's what you might have to get -- to in most cases to get that kind of power that bet a power bat. The middle of the order bat and and it is there really aren't a lot of options to the debt that is so like yeah I hope. I don't have a problem whether the ball in and I think it was an important piece the offseason puzzle to them. Do you think there's any concern -- that Achilles injury. -- -- Well Eric -- have an injury is that there's some concern but by all accounts in the pocket David in in. And talk to other people I don't think is the concern right now I think he's worked out I think -- the last. Is the last thing he. He did was which is shockwave treatment right after the season was strictly for the car she married. He yeah I think that I -- think I don't buy into the Bobby Valentine -- that. A you know -- He was 75%. You wanted to play in. It was that it was real prize so I think it that was still affected then. By the time off I think did it to the world -- duty. He took good care of it like if that would shock wave treatment right after the -- -- this cautionary thing and as we -- here right now I don't think the concern. It is that a concern -- the Red Sox have a negotiated a deal with Cody Ross and you surprised that they didn't tender a qualifying offer just kind of let him hit free agency. -- I could talk to Tony about an hour ago and in you with you surprised. How kind of methodical. The red sox' negotiating has been. They have been negotiating had been negotiating -- or talking in July and and and there has been. The numbers exchanged and -- change. But they've been and never get to the point -- agreement could be made in. I I do think that the qualifying offer wasn't play up until the end because the thinking there is okay. We're a long lines of Ortiz we're gonna pay you extra we're gonna pay you maybe a little bit more what you -- you work with a short term. In order to not block anything ago like 234 years. So. So I figured that -- play at the end there but it is. Steroid it is now it's a whole different ballgame right on me now you have other team involved he's already gotten calls from multiple schemes. Pomp and at Walt Dixon once you become and give him what he's looking for in and the Red Sox will be you know that you they responded are they ago. We're talking with a great rob Bradford of WEEI dot com you can moment Twitter as well let Brad -- up. Cody Ross this is at his age to rob and now 31 years old he's probably looking at this that. That is his bio may be my last chance possibly my last chance to really cash in here on a solid three year deal I'm sure. Yeah you know I think is the -- this is certainly good opportunity for him because he's coming off a pretty good year in and in but it did -- -- -- even -- that a team comes in and says there is two years but. -- is significant amount of money and they wouldn't be the worst thing in the world because you know you go as you went out. -- still -- always get another contract but. You always pick the security you can't I think that that's probably what you put in force so yeah it's. If he he is not every time you get free -- coming -- a good year like you had so I think that certain that this the other night that. That you've earned the right to do it so he's probably gonna take advantage. Yeah you and it's just seems like a perfect fit though with a red sex and always a very streaky player he can be streaky but. Looking -- splits and how well he did at Fenway Park and in that swing suited for Fenway plus the Red Sox need of a right handed bat in that lineup. A lot of people bring up ball so he you know Nick Swisher is a switch hitter and and to me. Somewhat similar players that they can be streaky but I see Ross is more of a fit here than swisher deal. Well yeah I mean I think everyone because seduced by the Nick Swisher -- activists and in everything else but. It was beyond a lot Nick Swisher is asking for. You know that yeah and you're right and I think that with Cody rock you know what you're gonna get -- I didn't think that they have to. I know they prioritize the the club out stopped and them being able handle everything in Boston and I know they've done that in the past but they've missed got a couple guys here. Who haven't been able to handle it felt. You know what you're having Cody Ross and does that mean that you. You want to overpay for my -- I -- I -- -- -- -- -- the short term long term thing the other thing you have to factor and it is there anybody he's going to be blocking. In terms of position by if you say hey you know like. You know Cody would we don't want side you to do. It long contract because you'll be blocking someone right now in my mind the only guy really bright Bryant's been. And I'll take what you have a Cody Iraq over what I've seen from bright bright and so far I mean maybe price Brent. By the Q your next year in the minors and and become something and -- special but again you know being in in those other complementary guy you know on a good team. Like the Red Sox in Boston go to Iraq to me advocate that. And brace Prez you mention whatsoever happened I'd always been hurt so much but. Ryan Cahill which. Yeah I mean that's another guy that for you guys that you mention when it comes to what the Red Sox top season. That'll I mean I am sorry what threat does I'll feel good a look like going forward. Is Brian. Kayla and Jackie Bradley junior there's an assumption Jackie -- to -- probably will be ready fly -- felt -- if you leave and then you we talked about Bryant and his potential. And rights go to kind of a wild card is that you don't know what you gonna be able to do when healthy because the last couple years you just haven't been healthy he showed a lot of promise. When he was healthy is two years ago by you just can't you really. And back on that right now so I guess this goes back the rock I guess I mean you want some sort of certainty is that the say that you have Cody -- third or what he was in September. But audit team in the line up with other guys around them he did it seems like a really good fit for I'd put me -- you know the next few years. Another potential fit that's been mentioned in this outfield before did you see the right size going out there and potentially signing. Torii Hunter up there -- age 37 -- coming up good year for maybe a one year deal with an option something like that. Also very very very good friend -- favorites yeah. You know should be back there as well. I think it it it comes down to where it lands in in terms of the years in the money and Paula that we certainly I'll take that one team. The blow it you know -- become mandatory -- it as a three year deal and I don't know the reds start to do that by. If if Torre under really want to play in Boston wants to play with a -- because -- -- that and he that I you know our ultimate two year deal that whatever and they've viewed as a better option and then. And what Cody rot in Burlington yeah I think it's. That's a legitimate alternative -- I just don't know where Torii hunter's gonna kind of fall. In the offseason beat especially considering it looks like the Yankees might involved so. That's -- simple tricky but I like Torii -- as a player he had a good year this year so -- if you get him at a reasonable -- signal. Yet text messages come and in a lawsuit against -- untoward you know name they'd ever runs fast there what's gonna happen with first base with a Steve rob. In and -- name that's been brought up he's not a free agent till the year after next -- Kendry Morales but on the spot there as some say would with the Angels. And then the you've got the free agents Adam LaRoche who -- beginning of payday considering the season he had. What do you think and and Mike Napoli constantly brought up what do you think happens that that first base well what Napoli slash catcher position. Well I think -- they like the catcher position right now with the lives of our way in Saltalamacchia. You -- to get blown away I think they can live with that situation so happily. Big factors in more first -- I know everyone -- Mike Napoli because what he does he did against -- side and -- thermostat -- you got to be unbelievable Napoli has the best so yes of any opposing player against the reds back in history. Second only to Babe -- So -- that sort that three of everyone loves Mike Napoli. I always think of those two in the -- I got it the but the other part yet the fact there and as well Mike Napoli didn't have a good year this year. And though it's I'll say it again I mean if you fault the yet have met reasonable follows regional years I would say hey you know a lot put him at first base that would be signed. More -- might get a little too pricey because he's one of the few guys -- Who -- -- had a decent year and played first base. And in the wild card in this right -- you quit. Could that you could make a return right now I don't think so but because he's still a decent player and and you know you never say never. But other than that it's. I think -- it's it's all it's a wide open and I do think to a certain extent do they probably have a list options there and it is in the cut the other things take so. Yet you know -- the Youkilis thing if it really is -- and I don't think it happens you never rule anything out I don't think sports nowadays but. The I could see him rob I was saying on the year the other night with some was as -- I could see him on a team like Tampa Bay eventually someone like that. You know on his other two year deal they need a punch right. Our new your daughter says he's gonna try out -- -- team must be without Mike you. Might Emerson who's gonna trial experts like you. Try out. Not a I don't have veteran free agent players trying out of tryouts up. Right it is drying out the high school gym for the legion team then that now. Who looked like -- league they're out. And -- with the but he had no it's it's it yet. Try outs I would think I would be brilliant and a -- try outs. -- that that. I would I would agree with -- -- there seemed to be some -- for Youkilis. And that is just the contrasting to see how you view them because we talked about. Contract and and like Cody roughly how old years in the in what his contract means to them going forward well. You know every -- that's easy to say that say you want to do one year contract and see where it goes from there but he does after that will be 35 years old so. If he has the option of yet and something along the lines of a four year deal he's he's got to grab it and that's certainly I don't think -- in the red sort. I'll tell you -- your very popular is always on the new text board. People urgently. Names that have sprouted up. Jerry sands Justin -- Yes they've they've they've both our baseball. They are they are well I know sands has some pop in his -- what is there. What are they looking that was him he was also part of the Dodgers trade. I don't think Billick he had much program leave. It that the pollution from that trade is that that we've got our web development. Of those with a guy. And it's amazing that the beyond that they actually got those and that got those guys -- that trade but. They do we built together and I'm Micah if there is Stanton and excuse. We have this five era in the trade as well and they might contribute at some point. But really you look at those two pitchers and their game changes in the sense that if you wanted to make a trade in this Nazis and almost signed. You can leverage. -- -- -- Or one of those two guys whereas before you wanna do that because. All he had -- bonds and so I think they've they've become important if you do want it if you identify got a trademark you really wanna go out. Right. And in terms of pitching and looking at his rotation. They've got to add another guy to the rotation you would think. You wonder if -- -- their creative through trade whether they sign a guy like Edwin Jackson it's been around bounced around to a one year deal they go that type route. -- or you know -- know what type of for instance Annabel Sanchez is out there Dan Haren is out series had some back issues. Really interesting I guess they go a number difference on this. Yeah and in your character and resolve this the other day he said that he lifted off the fourth -- that are perceived to be taken. And made that you know we probably go outside the organization that fifth spot will be along those lines are. On the great hot stove show some place at 7 o'clock. On Thursday nights from the Bradford -- and spear. And they ego and got bored and venture -- -- last week but they A alum. Yeah I mean I think he -- he's got the piece of the puzzle that I think that they're looking at maybe gets summoned controllable on the trade. In a perfect world that's that's not an easy thing because we know that that's what most valuable things in baseball. Get a guy like that but I -- -- time and time again that they got it probably looking yet. Is what they thought being -- part. Was going to be -- could be. Which is controllable pitcher may -- -- or a patient guy that potentially top of the rotation guy and -- is this -- -- they can't find someone like that that you get a one year solution. So they can get the web design tolerances for the bonds in the world and then back to that meant so. I didn't think fit that pitchers that one pitcher in the rotation is going to be a priority with them when they hit the it elegant it's GM meetings next week in and get the win means first we them. -- how far along is I know Webster was at double A -- -- is pitched in the big leagues how far away of those two guys and I know that don't they think highly more highly or at least some people do anyway of the of Webster. Well I mean. It at all or you're a part -- I think they'll wrote -- a little bit of a wild card because he had the injury it by you with a guy who was basically targeted for the may -- before that injury. He's on. He. Yeah this is the guy he is probably a little bit ahead of the curve but people really like web service they compare a harder throwing Derek Lowe and so forth so we just don't know I mean he gets after it. Improved his command in that his biggest problem right now if it in you know a pitcher his age you have that. -- precedent for him to be able to do that so. I think that they they are high and all those guys and still high and Matt Barnes and it always an interesting another guy who is kind of interesting to me -- top seed in -- a good year was hurt. He would fit in or out or down in enough Puerto Rica. They actually pitch an exhibition game today. And if -- beat out Williams -- to deceive -- a -- -- back because. This guy throwing 97 spring training last year and then by the end of it before they get -- balance throwing night I think it was injury related. By it would be really really. Really got to watch I think if he kind of bounced back and get back in the conversation as a prospect. I'll lastly rob I think it's gonna be really fascinating I am you probably agree I would guess in -- -- the most fascinating free agent as the top free agent out their Josh Hamilton for a number of different reasons. It could Jews seem. Potentially I guess you see anything but. The yankees getting involved. Making some sort of I've mentioned earlier in the show a potential panic move they'd they'd do hit a lot of home runs but there's some up its problems in the post season there. See them maybe night Cashman but the ownership or or maybe even the Dodgers who have played a money to spend go -- out there in San -- -- -- take that risk will give him a four year deal for tons of money. Yeah I'm thinking probably more of the Dodgers and the Yankees for the reason that. The Yankees that we we've talked a lot about the community nine million dollar threshold that it become an up on they don't wanna go over. And they have so many of those big contract there aren't going anywhere so. Both probably spent some money by the Yankees get have been good. Have been really because of those big investments to the to a large degree student beat because of the hit on some other guys weathered that. That gardeners the Kuroda is the -- granderson that you know the guys who aren't paid like that this terrorist or -- or the east side of the cheers. You know I I lol I think that there -- very wary of that threshold though I don't know that's gonna happen. And we also I think we're probably in the same line of thinking that. If I'm not signing Josh Hamilton is there anything more out and maybe these three year. It is just too many red flag. You know there is. No red flags you rob always enjoyed. Well I would disagree -- that I appreciate that anyway so. -- a great night another great show for -- -- are you as well rob thanks -- rob Bradford WEEI dot com check yet.

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