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Dale and Kirk Give Us the Latest on the NHL Lockout

Nov 3, 2012|

While many NHL fans were discouraged this week with the cancellation of the "Winter Classic", Dale believes there is still hope that pro hockey will get going this season. No one cares how, JUST GET IT DONE!

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Let's dive into what would you guys 6177797937. That's the telephone number here. But it -- number is 37937. As you just -- during the flash while there aren't secret talks because we know they're talking but they are talking at a secret location. Good. I don't want no -- and and truthfully. The only way I think a deal gets done between the NHL on the NHL PA is for Bill -- and -- -- deal. Keep Gary Bettman Donald -- the hell out of it. Let them go wherever the ball on some super secret go to Niagara Falls get a honeymoon suite good do whatever you gotta deal. Tell me when you're done I don't wanna know I don't want people asking them debacle well medical poorly I don't want them stepping in front of microphones at the end of the day and screw things up. Go somewhere talk get this thing I will say this. I'm getting more and more word out of Detroit. It's the red wings who didn't want them to play the winner class -- the red wings went to the NHL instantly. Unless you think this thing is gonna happen here soon. They wanted to enough time to prepare and promote. And -- they didn't feel this was -- this was going to be done properly the way things were going here. And this was not just -- single game at the big house at Michigan and a 1151000. People this was a two weeks celebration of hockey somewhat like they did here at Fenway. Where he had college teams playing -- and high school teams playing there I mean they were building now one rank at the big house they were building a second downtown. They were bringing in you know minor teens and junior teams and American Hockey League teams and they didn't feel that they can do this properly given the amount of time that had transpired. With no real indication look if they thought this deal was going to be done in the next 678 days. They wouldn't have pressed for this to be called for sure but the red wings were saying we can't do this right unless you've got an idea this is going to be wrapped -- I had get what is zero hour here I mean. What do we stressing is knocking at least he's not for one -- months -- -- at least what they can't. The yeah I get wires that say they agree. December 1 Emeka and make it yesterday when the season's start December 15 it to be that fast. But -- organ when they were trying to right the 82 game schedule right they were gonna give each team all week for training camp basically. Roll the puck out let's go so yeah out you can -- people are thinking -- there seems to be sort of if your dog. Super turned into their thinking well there's no game generate once there's no games that that's not the case. But he said it's five million things going on that particular game up probably had to do that to understand that perspective there was a lot of stuff beyond just the game at the big house. Numbering in the may police bring in the red wings everybody's got their tickets here we go there was a lot more involved and I let's get to the cult that you guys 617779. 7937. Keeps in Natick you'll pick it off -- Iran's Sports Radio -- Yeah -- on brain area. Good good outlook and I am -- -- all our comrades while Obama ordered indirect or will middle books trade and open there's no room salute. And his -- excellent and comparing ugly or uncle. I have since I haven't seen which are talking about I haven't seen that. The rumor what you would not do it is that what you -- Yeah I'd say it was a roller nobody mlb.com. Yeah it's a runner on Google books but I I don't know why they treated well although he. You know they got a young side. Writes an eighteen year over six many years. I don't see the Red Sox. Making a commitment I think at. This point. And he's. Free agent -- ICE re right region for fourteen warmer apparently ameliorate. -- last year. Every year for him. Looking guys fifteen year or more probably he does have a good year next year. Oppose keeping -- Brooks who's under club control forever that that that and will Brooks is good players David -- -- like and what he be as good players David over the next 45 years for the for the dough rise much further. I can't manage in the situation which rents would. Feel compelled to make it cosmic laws. Now find -- after. I read a lot of stuff I haven't seen the news especially in. That probably -- and I think it's on Bleacher Report dot com but it's more hypothetical. It's those on wall -- -- slide show. Different people who could be traded for Damon -- -- after. About nine different possibilities. Which ever agree. With his appeal to different options. I'm thinking. That. Exactly against the race at the discipline that they're talking about and those who did the Ortiz. Plays into that disciplines -- -- either idea. Com. The mountain and dropping 1578. Million dollars a year. 67 years on David Wright does what it's gonna take -- sign. Yet human Brooks will be. It. Yeah because he's going to be is right well tell us that they can market trading third please be pretty good money for the next five years for third baseman. It for. The next 6177797937. -- in Boston -- They'll -- was gone out. That. Regard the last call let that you talk about Jim -- piece on ESPN. Odd dot com saying that if David -- be traded. And deal around well notebooks wouldn't make sense for the Mets got that at all the time yeah yeah yeah trade. But as regards this rock pop off season. I think you know. Bring -- Farrell. Is going to be obviously a big upgrade over Bobby. Just getting. Some of the addicts are the club house Bobby beat themselves. It's a kind of bring it. Outlook or next -- just -- in baseball and when it comes to the Red Sox shut the past few years there were so -- side stories but it. You know John -- in the beer and you know Terry Francona feel fortunate. Boston Globe article that you -- them Bobby he would tell them. We shall all year I'm looking forward to just watch baseball I hope that the Red Sox don't focus on getting name. And I hope it folk I'm getting in baseball when it because when we're at their each. That's what they went and got the Bill Miller on the Mark Bell or on the hot walkers and their adult kind of -- the guys that comedy to Cody Ross. You know competent plays hard and and played the game in the right way and if you take the -- bottoming and -- bringing -- spot but it is start winning game. That's debris and that you could doubt the experience now. You know about global microbial let -- that that letter that got sent out by. Definite bounce back year from which Colby out there are we desperately need started pitching depth and number intrigued by -- been pretty -- now. And now at what it would that they. Dan Haren is freeagent the the proposed deal out of the proposed deal with. All through yes Chicago right the cubs fell apart. It's a little iffy on why it fell apart -- strange it does seem a little little iffy on how things fell apart I mean your first instinct is a somebody -- a physical. I don't think that was yet I don't know -- and I don't know what happened there either I mean Dan Haren doesn't. Roommate. Is really. Or miss -- -- the -- -- that's the thing yet again -- panel thank him you know. A team from the contract okay. Mean to be surprised if they anchor Aaron came in it was bad. Wouldn't necessary yeah I'm not. Overwhelm a dinner and all well and and the the proposal Lysol bandied about this week trading John Lackey haren and Vernon Wells. -- -- -- Vernon Wells Null or not even a little bit I mean I'm sure that the angels wouldn't jump at the opportunity deltic Lackey back there -- no problem at all. They are desperately trying to unload one of the worst contract in Major League Baseball in Vernon Wells -- They'd be thrilled if you'd step in front of that bus for them. -- a guy obviously can -- right rotations not a virtue he's he's upgrade I think if you put him in irritation better pitcher than seeing Lackey I mean you just is his whips okay. His -- numbers are still OK he's a good solid that are middle of the rotation guy sure better than Daisuke is -- -- Daisuke. These things better and you brought right now on the east better than those guys up front got much more -- -- as he does letting her jumps and is -- third best pitcher probably right from the start. Back again you have to pay this and he's he starts thirty games a year if you areas -- -- his career is 366 Anaheim for three years -- three and a half. If the pay real money -- -- -- in the view. Is -- 31. And 32 -- is he now yeah there was a younger group. Lackey he's a distributor and a lot solace thicken up for a look at.

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