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Dale and Kirk Kick Things Off with the News of David Ortiz Coming Back to Boston

Nov 3, 2012|

Dale Arnold and Kirk Minihane get things going giving their thoughts on the Sox bringing Ortiz back on a 2-year deal. The guys don't think they overpaid and agree that the Sox didn't have many options. They talk about how the huge blockbuster trade with the Dodgers was so important to how the team will shape up next season.

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Frankly somewhat surprised you found time to work me into your schedule. I -- -- is that warnings York Thursday nine eighths year here ears. Yeah well feeling and I mean I mean yeah you know I'm I'm frankly surprised to work me and -- -- I'm. -- into it but I am surprised that Mexican television that's fine no big deal watch a lot of Comcast and pull. Off topic it's. It's and I you know like a work that other guy I strive. Well dale I'm happy to -- for a couple hours. I appreciate that -- -- it's gotten -- -- it'll help liking it was nice to see again as always I'm not that there's much talk about our ire when you're on with with John Jerry this week. And and very good job bank angle to that that debt -- a nice job I appreciated. On and I I will say this I heard. You Lynn and Jerry pitch in the moment about the contract possibilities for David Ortiz so I'm worried about both of last. It was word came out right two year deal and 26 million possibility of getting to thirty -- panel. Boy are they going to be passed -- it's a lot of money but you know as we said that they too I guess my question would be if you're against the signing. Which is money legal anyways -- spent sorting and do it. Mean it was a four year deal you save it's it's not a confront -- two years 39 is a lot for again you know all the negatives well we see actually. The 26 million -- fine. Yeah I'll be even more fine if it gets to Marty I mean just because -- -- he -- right at thirty he's hit the heck out of it and and you gonna be thrilled to pay thirty -- -- Overall again if the Red Sox are really bailed them out here that trade. You electric dodge journey tougher situations sorties out of a yes or freedom out and it did not I'm. You know it's a lot of money -- designated hitter at that age and give the somebody. If you give him that track record. I have no problems with this -- we talked about this -- and I talked about it as well and I heard you guys talking about it. The idea that you should that you should you know offer a mom a one year deal at seven million a year because you can is a dumb way to approach it from. The idea why don't have to pay more right yeah I don't have to give him a two year. Quite -- I I actually think Texas was very very real possibility try -- and and may be that was what pushed this thing over the edge for. Bench Harrington in the Red Sox brain trust. I think they had to. If if they wanted to keep now if you didn't care if you -- headed on down a highway then -- ya know. I totally agree I think Texas coming in the sort of a game changer. The Red Sox looked at and simply wanna keep this guy. We're gonna have to do this I think Texas is willing to spend it sounds like somewhere in that neighborhood it was close to figure -- and come back here they made enough. -- made the right deal and or -- back for two years I do think that there are a couple of reasons to sign David Ortiz and not the least of which is that he still a very productive hitter in this game. Now you can say well it's -- break down. He -- X number of games. You know he only played ninety games because of the Achilles problem that's going to be the future for for David Ortiz in the Red Sox you know what's ironic here. As as this thing has played out. Bobby Valentine was actually -- Well sure in the in the Bob Costas interview when Bobby Valentine said in LB probably could've played. Guy he'd he'd you know he didn't wanna play our board yet didn't want a chance at I don't know stated wanna play that's that's not right on my part didn't wanna take chance. He's probably right. I think that while Ortiz wanted to produce at a high level because he was playing for his next contract if he went out there and blew this thing up. And he was done -- and and he wasn't going to be able to get anything forget about -- on a good contract next contract year -- again anything. So I think keep intelligently said this is it worth it given our situation given where this team is. I'm not gonna take the physical chance that moment what -- blow this thing to pieces. They Bobby Valentine in a weird sort of way it was right. -- -- It's good friends I can't help myself why did converse and the Red Sox price looked at the same way. When they talked Ortiz about us and said you know we do we really want David Ortiz. We probably using valuable asset the next two years potentially. Blowing -- his -- in September 23 games out of first but now. We're bringing Benoit yeah to get -- air to win a game against Minnesota in September -- you oughta bring him back in -- healthy as can be. It's a risk obviously. 37 years old right two years that kind of money is -- -- -- calculated risk advocate does fall you know people say -- is the definition of discipline -- didn't. It was -- time tablet to your DeLia. I'm OK with three years for Ortiz for 45 million know the two years 39 of a lot of money to spend I'm okay. You're also and again I know you keep saying thirty million in and all that is actually that's the upside. What it is is two years for 26. You don't want to at it if he gets to thirty year thrill right. Europe you're happy as could be of BP gets there. I keep stressing that because people keep warning and -- in you've done it and attempting -- keeps in two years thirty million it's too much. It's thirty million great -- you know it's right to -- 269 actually be too much that's what it is because and you wouldn't money's work. If it turns annoyed I really thought this -- I'd definitely gets long ago but yet it's it's up I'm fine you know I'm fine with the deal and you know I'm sure at some point -- During the year somehow Ortiz was still find a way to -- -- here's the other problem with this whole thing is that unfortunately for the Red Sox. It is a horrible freeagent. A terrible Maria age girl. I mean look at the options look at who's available at their look at you -- bring yen and and you know maybe you wanna hitch your year. Wagon to the Josh Hamilton star I'm not thrilled to go there let's just say you did. Okay you're bringing a guy like that in any era in which the the options to bring guys in -- terrible. I'm OK with bringing god back who I know can produce here and has produced here sharp and by the way. Didn't produce here five years ago produced last year until he got hurt. Produced a year before -- -- more productive and Josh Hamilton last -- happening is helping guide that's yet that that I think helps for -- a lot in the situation you're right there's no guy out there. Major Gonzales -- a two years ago the Red Sox who jumped into their -- -- got we got to go right back we're gonna starter Miguel Cabrera or try outs you know when these guys and they get a 160 million Beck does exist for them this offseason. You're right and I I think that's that would that was a big reason -- again. They gave up so much cash and a trade to Dodgers they can afford to do something like this they have that flexibility. Well they're gonna spend money now they're they're not gonna go above the luxury tax threshold just like the Yankees are desperately trying to get under. The luxury tax threshold because if you do that this year you go back and reset the clock you reset the the salary thresholds and it's a Smart business move the ball the Red Sox and yankees to do that. Those people who Italian I got money spent. It's Saturday night I asked about it. It would be stupid. But the Red Sox to do incredibly stupid it would be stupid for the Yankees to do. They're both Smart enough. Not only in the baseball ops department but in the business end of things. To know that it is in their best interest and by the weight as you view was a man it's in your best interest that they reset this -- What's also stupid. Nuts -- -- business perspective but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- all sign -- -- -- I'm not our act. Get -- give Hamilton. It and he wanted Greinke and he won all these guys in there and you can get 290 million gas -- good. It'd be pretty idiotic thing to do both in terms of the salary situation but in terms of of just baseball production Seattle and that's that I suspect an architecture for -- On the way out and say that's probably true since he's a 140 some million dollar -- right now. Demi and it was a nice player and I don't think they're going away I think I have to believe. If they're going to you know practices to support -- -- -- the recent test here along the line but this offseason. -- test for them everything's pretty obvious. There's a Carl Crawford out there we thought we would you talk harper was two years ago. No doubt Campbell thing huge baggage -- big baggage in the big market. Losses there -- up that he'd say OK it's -- we can give 120 million bucks to. -- you'd be it would be hard to spend that kind of money you -- you want to get Napoli if you want sure you lot re signed Kevin Youkilis if you want your bench Harrington on your show the other night did not close the door on that possibility at all now -- yes of course. And her if -- when does that golf they get out nobody. Holds a man's feet to the fire more than Alex because I've overstepped itself. Got it back just a quick plug for my body Alex -- -- -- WEEI dot com and read Alex's take on this Ortiz. And look at his take on how guys have reduced. At the similar ages of 37 and 38 yen and Alex -- overall point help -- bumper sticker for is that this a good move by the Red Sox. Pop I actually thought that before they did it's like felt better when Alex could be yet because I think that the other some validity to. -- if it's a thing where it's close in it's it's a thing where Ortiz dip -- last year. We still good but -- You start to say well maybe it's heading now when Ortiz is healthy last year it is not a stretch to say he was as good as a hitter in the American League yes -- -- triple cry out. As good as any of those guys now will have to I expect over the next two years at some point is give you some -- -- -- -- yes I don't. But be -- good productive hitter and it's a disaster to decent deal. I was happy about it I know some people aren't I understand that that argument I'd I'm not sitting here telling you you're an idiot if it there's are a lot of guided. -- get a lot records of people like Jerry thinks it's a terrible idea I'll get you don't have to given two years don't give them two years. Well I'm gonna tell you right now if you had held fast to the one year contract 78911. Million dollars he was gone I mean Texas for. PB he'd they'd be hold a press conference in Arlington Texas today and he -- put that new Rangers hat on and Nolan Ryan and have his arm around the shoulder may be smile on. He -- on today if you if you decided that was the way you wanna -- right. I'd rather not do I'd rather bring him back both for baseball reasons and for non baseball -- if ever there was an organization. -- needed a little a little good karma. To settle in here and I think they've begun that process I think the hiring of John Ferrell was a good movement I I I think that bringing back David Ortiz is a good move. Yeah now I'm not to -- wondering what I I don't wanna bring the whole band back together -- I wanna clear out a bunch it is that would -- fine with that. This is one of the guys that wanna bring back another guy who I think they're gonna lose to I want them to bring back is Cody Ross. Yet and so on that's gonna happen you know it's asking three years point seven you're seeing stuff like that stuff. It's tough on from the Red Sox I'm -- I did pass on that but now it starts you've got to figure that bring Ortiz back. You -- -- -- gonna fire Valentine to kind of figure was going to be fair to sort of the obvious stuff is being -- now the offseason where unions. You know the test and it starts now from -- and but now the freeagent what Justine can look like you because you're gonna have to be changes made it interesting to see which -- ago. We'll take a very quick break out we'll open up the lines bring you guys in as well we'll talk about the Celtics off to know when to start in the NBA. Lost their home opener last night's shock to me to be honest way to I did not think they would -- I thought they'd lose opening night Miami. Didn't think they'd -- last nine home opener. -- -- -- throw that in the patriots are on their bye week this week but we can -- look at the halfway point of the season they did. Makes news this week lord knows they made some news and this faults in the line with things that Bill Belichick has done in the past he has been willing to take chances on character questions in the past from Corey Dylan to Albert -- worth that Chad Ochocinco to Randy Moss. He's been willing to do this. It might be a little further up that. That pendulum than we're used to but yeah you know he's been willing to take these chances and I don't have an issue with that by. Focus truly this is one of those screw up one time underdog out to -- easy. Easy as and the ball by the way they're not in keeping guys who can cover anybody also back in the defensive secondary.

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