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Mustard and Johnson Run Down the List of MLB Free Agents

Nov 3, 2012|

Some callers don't agree with the resigning of David Ortiz so Craig and Larry go down the list of other options ... and there aren't many. The boys think maybe the Sox will target Adam LaRoche going forward.

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You know long -- that trade there is an understanding that winning wasn't going to be. Priority you know that we have had to go through. They don't just go through this thing and CEO we have so. I just about then did it was. The message was given us at least to Mateen you know David came back -- Ortiz stayed there -- came back Esther in a spent about six weeks. And disable us we thought it was going to be only it week. And you get two hits for -- two times up drove it a couple of runs we're off to the races and then he realized that it you know this trade meant that we are not gonna. Run this race we're -- gonna finish the race properly and then he decided not play anymore and they get that time you know loose. It was all downhill. A class act even at the very bad Bobby Valentine always take the Cairo to. Translate David Ortiz. Paris on the suggest that maybe. Bench Harrington and others in the office just have not experienced and they want to big happy Jenna and things -- -- about well they left early that's right as soon as the cells are down double digits it was all over David Ortiz big poppy was minister resign in the Red Sox up. Organization to warriors -- 26. Bit too dark rivers were Chicago up early column. It's 17 sevenths of -- 0851. -- I gave it gave the 0617779793. Have been looking it's not imprinted. In my consciousness yet. 617 sevenths throughout the place RCA's jingle ball in his right is he -- he doesn't say right so you don't even need to play mentally says it right. We don't play at 617779. 7937. Meanwhile we have a new tax line. It's. 379. -- 37 text in the ninth symphony says. Larry -- -- working with your partner he views making it the same way he views politics he doesn't care what you pay. As if the money just columns -- -- but we have. Someone on the other side of the coin. In the 617. He says it's not your money so shore up. Now I know that's an ignorant comment to make when you're trying to debate this point. The only way you can debate it is you have to at the position that you while. The owner that you obvious general manager with the budget in place otherwise. -- let's signing Hamilton let's keep Ortiz. Let's get Cabrera -- -- to get everybody. So you have to if you've got to argue this point about whether you should sign some but he had not I think you have to preface it by a bite you know. Making an illustration. You're the one -- you make the illustrates Robert you after what do you agree that could if not just. They've -- get everybody well. Let me give you some of the names like I'm sure you're aware some of these names and you know Angelo on some of these people they're all upset -- the Red Sox -- shocked if they are. Re up -- Ortiz here's your list -- traces. Josh Hamilton. -- Josh Hamilton possibly. -- -- On a day to day basis. In Boston with the scrutiny of the media and the fans all the off the field alcohol issues you don't think you get warm atrocity in fact not a a he needs to be a place like Texas where. Baseball is like the 114. Priority on the list the all the first 113 of the Dallas Cowboys. Here's another option warrior. BJ -- The Red -- an attitude problem real -- when dom bit. They got on him a little bit men had to get on him in the past -- offering up to brawls in the outfield strikes out too much occasional power. -- sure. Who is now a free aging yankees and he's only changing -- funny yeah he he'll bring a little -- fun and frolic in the rights act of us that's just what they needed to get ticketed. Adult or -- like get players like the Washington Nationals first -- -- had some big big numbers. In the National League who knows maybe he's available let's see who else we have on this list. How about speaking why can't we give players like this. Marcos he's available port whether it brought us here that I think it should have been the MVP when an incredible. Series up timely hitting -- and and somebody didn't have much time we have the right about him I gotta get him credit markets program well when they brought him here we weren't that wild about it -- stood by him and it paid off -- -- right one guy didn't have much of -- World Series Delmon Young is also available. For the tigers and Russell Martin behind the plate. You're looking for some veteran leadership occasional but I really like -- if you -- a guy like Beltre was available or somebody like that then you'd say to yourself -- you kidding me. Nobody really jumps out at that list and and you got Michael Young as you said in again a lot of these guys at the not freeagent you've got to make it straight form. -- eleven people say all of that you just make some trades. On December prospects what'd they really have that they can trade and you don't want it to please don't tell me Daniel -- because one of the reasons I'm hoping the high and Farrell. Is that maybe he can do something to get this guy back I asked to read the other night you that it was the -- loading up with him and -- is definitely ahead. Don't you collage or show proud about Gary impeachment -- of that in a lot of talking Catholics. -- to read there was the -- next that's -- radio W good morning Dan how are you don't set them. I'm in particular color before they're they're at -- -- prepared more discipline it I mean people and they insert their side are open net -- And a good point there. They're out there first when guys that you looked back here whether you like Errol do you like -- you read soccer motto where they were here. You know but he did not admit it you're sort he's been great uncle Rick for arbitration a -- Ellen. Think Peter -- and so -- who fingered -- -- now the focus on you know it's. You know I do I don't think you bring up on a great point in terms of if you are gonna start over and you are gonna rebuild. You you gotta stop with the great with a normal quote unquote normal manager. That just has to be in place so then you don't have to worry about that. And I think I don't know who did it on how they did you know why they did it after spending -- after watching of the twenty minutes on Costas show yeah I I just cannot imagine why they hide. Ballantine but I think that's behind them how and I think that's what they're trying to do they're trying to turn the page and moving ahead. Right they're going to -- that it. The big vote as a -- go to the players that we but it went up probably in late -- -- letter saying that I mean -- you know they're they're right and it -- Yeah I agree with that that that is a perspective we did not have at this point last year. And then -- nice inning no. And and in the after that now -- you you know side really go back. And you're every bit of that. Whether -- -- -- -- -- and he was pulling everything that is the right side. It would really it will hit. -- sparkle back up. And it's really kind of revitalized and -- everything about. Overnight in 2000 and right are really. It is -- you know the it's reasonable deal but I think it's -- it will not that Christiane. Our great points and you know as we all know is we've seen a lot of very effective left handed power hitters in Fenway Park over the years the stereotype is you got to get the guy from the right side. Pull over the wall but we've seen left handers from the left side of the plate for years Ted Williams didn't do -- -- as certainly did. Freddy -- certainly did Boggs did it. That is the way to go if you can have power as David Ortiz did in his heyday. Out to the opposite field I think of a big home run and in game wore no game five excuse me of the Yankees AC LS against that Tom Ward then pitching for the Yankees. Opposite field in the scream back when they still have this grain. And I'm a -- the monster that are now but anyway when opposite field. And that's what David Ortiz did. And just look at those numbers the call damp from Worcester -- referring to. Two consecutive years Larry David Ortiz hit 264. In 23820082009. In nannies you thought the career was going down the slippery slope but man over the last three years he's brought the average up 278309318. Power numbers have been good. The only thing that you should be concerned about a value -- to a certain degree is he's going to be 3738. These last well the injury factor -- -- from a long time but again the only but he played ninety games last year yet 23 homers sixty RBIs. In 324. At bats the only struck out 51 times at 318 batting average show wasn't just. So going in for the current echo in here swearing in for the war all Melbourne it was just swinging for the wall it was he was hitting for average and right. Spring in the ball right down now I think it's a good signing I really do my only complaint with him I've been very consistent about it so. I'm -- when you look at the shopping list itself to -- I just Ahmad overwhelmed I have to get a get a lot of these guys you'd have to make it -- for -- after it twirled homers with the India. Lays out. A -- we've heard that rumor for years it's it's of the horse has been out of the barn for years for Travis Hafner. I look at it this way the only thing it's -- back is the injury I think they understood the bet they were going to re signed David Ortiz that's why they kept them out for those last. Six weeks of the season much to the chagrin. Of one Bobby V6 maybe seven lining though because Britain we're learning Ortiz because of that last shot. It or Valentine fired back at him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is the telephone number like -- write this -- in the text that is what I forgot which you can force certainly rule. 37937. 37937. That's. 37.

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