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Mustard and Johnson Address the New-Look Celtics and the Pats' Acquisition of Aquib Talib to Open "Thee Experience"

Nov 3, 2012|

Craig and Larry kick things off taking a look at the rough start for the C's after they were blown out by Milwaukee in the home opener last night. They discuss the Ray Allen drama earlier in the week. The boys then move on to the controversial Aqib Talib and the Patriots trading for him right before the deadline. It's tough to find too many saints in the NFL, but this guy's rap sheet is like an encyclopedia!

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And November is here Larry this is the very 1 November show of the monster today Johnson edition of sports Saturday. Right here on 93 point seven FM. Now I wanna get everything straight here because each and every week they bombard his. -- more information more new information that we have to pass along. To our listeners I've just started to. Get the phone number down. The last time I -- I don't think it's changed 617. 779. So you very much ground restoration has finally yeah thirty years that -- hypocrite now speaking of seven. There is a new number for those of you like to taxing gradually and as for the wonderful show that we. Present its every Saturday inserted them are our number lot of kudos congratulations. Tackle our -- compliments my comments about a -- -- exactly. They're big they're concerned that lineage. Anyway. That new text number is. I'm not sure how muscles the -- 37. 937. I believe absolutely recess and 937. Is the new text number you know the -- phone number report altogether. So we're gonna talk on the home and text on the text line. -- a little time until 1 o'clock this afternoon. Win not Kirk in L combine. You wouldn't Moody's sounds like somebody want to Celtics game last night I did not go to the Celtics game but I did watch at home. But I have to confess that. I was stolen that things got out of hand so quickly over there in the park in last again boards and girls. This is why -- a moment ago. Your current army at the beginning of the season lakers would be 013 this Celtics went through. And in the heat would lose to New York last night that was inevitable. Really believe Miami was gonna go into your -- with everything that's happened in the last week in New York in that area what would that affect the the next morning and am now because there's a -- so inspired and you know I I think that was slam dunk in favor of the neck and it was not a bad team -- wait two or early yeah. You form any real opinions except that basketball is the consummate team. Sport as well as football and you got to work as a unit you're gonna have great players you can put the you can put the bucks roster down next to the Celtics roster and it's a no contest -- it but it's all about being in sync and working together. Celtics have a deep bench we know that are ready but you know they got to play defense on a string and -- not -- yet. Not real concern all the time but you know much you just sit you you Tenet said it certainly. You know this is getting thirty and we are planned like just consistently that I would be word game thirty we've been planned well part I just want you -- -- You can drive you crazy that was Rondo. And I'm not talking about his play on the court but after the game you know dark Sandler you know that I don't sense that we're playing with that degree of urgency and in in in in really get in really realizing at -- we got to fix some things and play better. So to go around directorate and Potomac darts at -- says well that's his opinion. Meanwhile. This and you live with them and -- -- -- successful and unfortunately got to accept some of the things. On the other side of the point you know think about this though I note doesn't mean anything to urgently. Since they beat Miami. In game 5 in the Eastern Conference finals they -- game they lost through the heat and the Eastern Conference finals won it all of that big LeBron performance on the market in the course the loss. In the fourth quarter now Miami and now there owing to his starts right. When they head down to the DC area they lose to mark content yet you and it -- time to becoming concerned you should be concerned but they're going to be down in our nation's capital light finally got to look at that read this summer -- for -- right in the heart of downtown unlike -- place -- land over Maryland. And will be -- tonight and I guarantee. Reputation. On the line you know I eat -- Ontario -- you don't have any repeat -- that's right there I forgot about that Mike is still looking for that dinner. Rob that we have got to keep looking east thought it might like that. And that voice. Of -- Recollection I don't know what my desperate or army go out of your emblem and. But it is amazing how every week is tedious out artists that is that's an inning will not much can change from one week to the next but it. Things do change in stories -- jump out at you that that you are. Again I think people made a big deal out of the opener from Miami get in the rings and Ray Allen goes over they got that and it tries to you know. I'm on the shoulder -- shake his hand say it's great to see you let you know more boring guy that of course totally ignores him and people freak out over that but. And I don't know why. I think it's it's his that's the way he is that's the way he tries to motivate and psych himself up. Are short for element broken down on the side of the road I'd like to -- pull over and help from I just think that's his team that's that's his game face and it is funny I was discussing is whether an individual the other night. You know I'm guilty of at all so if people get mad they say to me because I -- company has some of these salaries these athlete to making and they say. You know that's not the real world you keep trying to compare these guys to the world that we live in and you can't. Do you that and I would agree with that assessment yet so I say exactly. And that's why when it comes to. Guy net went with Allen went back -- tell he bit the patriots picking this guy -- he seems to be very gifted shut down corner. But he also has quite a rap sheet to him and then -- dot. The the debate. Balls now you know why -- the patriots go out and sign a cart to play well we who's got issues in an important note to their British. But again we are trying to -- so I said this person last night about one of the reasons we're sports fans. Is because you know can do things that we can't do. They can vacated you know right in a game -- something -- -- Jersey over somebody's head or giving somebody a forearm shiver or whatever. In our life that I work in our places over whatever we do. Lot of times you'd like to tell somebody offer you'd like to do some of the things that these guys can doing get away with. And you can't it's a different world so I think when you try to do argue the point of whether or not you should sign a particular player. In his rap -- certainly I think I any offense against women is something that there are certain guidelines that you just say I'm sorry. I don't care what world you're playing and that's not acceptable. But there -- it's a reality of life that the that you don't like to deal with but they got two different worlds. I think we know that certainly in the Bill Belichick area of long banned in this it's very idealistic and naive notion that is that he tree made it there. You know Albert Schweitzer is down there in Foxboro all humanitarian looking to war make the world. Safe and has some sort of moral or ethical decisions that go into this. There you leaked performers they're part of a fraction of 1% they can do something. That none of us as you point out and do they are what they do we don't really care there are certain. A lines in the senior absolutely right you can't be murderers -- rapists you can't he can't be in jail and play in the national what -- can't run a fourth straight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I read some -- -- -- some -- -- -- on -- they'll have pounded in the back of our cab drivers had rally driver and actually. If I go back in my story career may be I have and we well while driving while we well know I mean it -- you don't like their fair. Any guys pulled all of -- night I can't justify that and the conditions and the other thing do you do you have to be able to put into this formula. Is that these if you aptly put it out these guys for the most -- -- so. Different. -- us not just put the athletic ability. I don't know lot of cases the families that they grew up in whether or not there was a dad at home. Whether or not they were hampered in given everything from my high school age and up so they never understood the word no. They never have the fear element of a father figure in their life. It's not to excuse. The things that were done but I think you should at least. Add that into the equation of how you're evaluating individuals. We grew up financially certainly different than how these guys who will exist but we all -- grew up put a different type household right but I think. In bill last decade or so when Cory Dylan comes in and rushes for 16100 yards and the enables. Certainly helps the patriots win a third Super Bowl championship. Or -- and a Randy Moss comes in and leads the patriots all kinds of offensive records and ball short of the Super Bowl in 20072008. I think we all understand it's about the talents about the product about the ability to perform. On Sunday afternoon. For three hours at a time that's all a matter as you. Coming to myopic though are we buying into the the rant that it's all about winning that's all that matters. Are we guilty of kinda turning our backs a little bit of a moral fiber of what the what you want your team -- Well you know what we've been bombarded. With this question Lance Armstrong all the David Ortiz we'll get to him and his second and now Rodriguez. -- and all the players that were -- that a list of using performance enhancing drugs in the steroid era Barry Bonds. The list goes on and on and on. And I think we've stopped becoming. Moralists and ethicists and just appreciate these guys they're highly competitive. They're going to do whatever it takes to win they may not have the most ingratiating personalities. Off the field of combat. We we just have to accept them for what they do -- we appreciate it obviously because we spend. Billions of dollars each year not to see them become humanitarian route to rest but to perform in the arena it's as simple as that. And I also look at the redemptive factor. Bet if you take care via a Ray Lewis if you take Roethlisberger. In May have had different incidents on the way. But if they learn from it. In if you see them. Com maturing to a -- being a productive. Not just football player but person. Well the keyword there is mature very few of them and I know that you. Entered your adulthood earlier than most. I was three -- well you're oh you're only eighteen when you and you had kids and your team got him so you had to become an adult got a look at these guys have been enabled they don't have to be adults for a long time they're not responsible some of them -- -- right exactly and I think sometimes I think it's it's bothersome for you disturbing for many. That they can't act. -- like adults that -- they're being paid millions of dollars in the certainly. Do not act commensurate with the ship with their money. I'm sure to leave -- all these other guys they're very mature. But I I guess the question I'm asking you into our listeners South Korea though. But I you contributing. When Mo Vaughn Scott tipped over on 95 and he crawls out of the side window in the state troopers there and he says. A you know -- like Superman and we can get away with what we can get out of anything. I you contributing to that ER yeah this some college player out there right now who who just living. A life of -- an accident looking for a place to happen. But he looks at these guys -- across the stage they still get drafted they still going to be well I think part of the problem but the story to everything else going on. And it's fortunate one wake -- you don't wanna see any tragedy with anybody's life but the fact is the bill has not been delivered a little while -- they don't for the most pot. They have not been that many horror stories with similar wrestlers and stuff so people feel like -- I'll take a hit for a couple of years sign a big contract amendment that I can benefit from it so I think some of these guys figure what the heck. Like you know we joke about Steve Nelson's comment about Jeffrey Dahmer are iffy runs a 435 he's got an eating disorder of the -- a heck of a player. Do are we sending this what people do by the way -- in you know better than I do -- your kids are playing. You know Little League in and hockey and soccer is on -- a game today. They equate it pricing right. Well I don't want any fighting out there on the ice -- right I don't want any of this of that you know these kids a robot. None of -- you have is the difference between being a child playing a I -- playing a game. And what adults are doing out there in the game is just like you know professional adult -- aren't exactly you know if a safety once -- across the middle and really. Pulverized somebody to the ground is not going after his -- or anything. That's Ebert you can't get is that -- -- violent IIQ I don't want kids doing that. That's where he's supposed to be teachers right you have to teach them the difference between gotta gotta be things people get away with. In professional sports that you can't get away with Tom -- bear on different levels there. They're there I hate to say this as simple fire at their -- for our entertainment pleasure and we are very happy to do our part -- Are a lot of money to watch them entertain us I have a package I don't pay money to go down at Gillette Stadium don't have season ticket package. But believe me spending upwards of 160 dollars a month so I can have red zone. Ought to check out every game of the national football -- on that your kids have Jersey. Absolutely do wife because they they buy into the product it is the National Football League -- the NBA. In the -- not status. Fiber just a regular. Fifteen is sixty dollar sneakers they got to have the official. Yeah they have they have you know in Albania like 200 dollars sneakers now in amana are you trying rationally explain it to him. And again the peer pressure of going to school. In if you don't have but everybody else has that you don't fit in so if I take it by your comments that you agree with -- You wish this person's at a better degree of judgment and his life. But however. When you look at the games in in the way the -- there where the patriots are playing in the need help in the secondary let's put this way I Bill Belichick deck of the Wii has some some Jersey background he used to work there if you remember. Back in the eighties and early ninety's. I don't think he's a hiring -- to lead to do relief work. In on the Jersey -- he's activity we are leading the chapel services but I'm Claudio -- raising and everybody if you're watching that game last week in the oil well in the opening operatives series with the rams a fifty -- unharmed and Chris giving -- -- you'd had set -- -- and while Robert dissect it we need to get to bottom line. Bottom line. We know there are limits to it but generally patriot fans are going to be. Very flexible. When it comes. To a quarterback they can go out there and just look at box out we out guilty because it's far I'll watch teen -- The philosophical was more because eight because I I hear both sides of the argument numbers listening to shells the last two days -- -- to the rap sheet and every of accountant but obviously -- guys made some. It was less than you chase somebody through the were doing while they had put words in your mother with Brit Hume 61777. Not usually my mother doing it facing with -- guy got losers like -- other currencies today its exactly.

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