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Rajon Rondo Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 2, 2012|

Rajon Rondo met with the media post-loss tonight at the Garden

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I was on what this team have to issue. Trust one another defensively. You know stars and -- for the job on the -- Governor Eunice Kennedy and leaving him. I mean we can say we do Wear on of course shows -- an affluent and weeks. You know there's a lot of things together and start from somewhere and hopefully. I noticed -- -- have that thing about -- to start tomorrow and feel that especially when. It's just. Mr. Bush is until you played together. Starwood IMAP and believers and Anglican church as they don't -- -- raised that question. Isn't. You. He says it's his opinion. Here. Right -- to approach the game to us. -- guys fire and okay. Well and it freezes over so. Of this country's justice. I know Miami right now and they're better team. Milwaukee played it and -- tonight you know and focuses floor. On the move the ball. The pain was collapsed. Today and they just a great player on. This really individuals in the -- Defensively and now in the offices struggles. And Alexander were turned the ball over -- then that. -- defense stars and a defense. You know I'm trying to command set the tone defensively you know it's a -- and to get a each took us up and burns China finally came down. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And loving Israelis have burden on the point -- to. On the first line of defense you know I initiate offense so. There's got to be better. Thank you and I think there's --

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