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Paul Pierce Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 2, 2012|

Paul Pierce met with the media post-loss tonight at the Garden

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Almost half. If it comes to our room. -- -- things royalties income I think it's so cool. Even when that happens you know we -- Rumors that. It wasn't me -- -- our team played tonight was this morning -- its. And on defense you know most of the vote -- -- play well. It was the children develop some chemistry and another. Offense and defense -- -- -- we needed to use the system. To take some time Sloan. In the first appearance. So we've got on the news. -- It. Well you know even though we we had a mission changes you know we left the dorm and we are doing the right way ripped through it together homeland defense is really about. Effort and communication and tonight we just being on them and millions of times. You know we -- there -- we can communicate in mind and that's best things -- called defense of partners. Starts. -- a little they did a good job it low until the pain you know Gaza trying to be aggressive enough and thus what happens when. Officer struggling. Tennessee loses to try to you know try to man or do some aggressive. You know without a -- had a -- -- offensive -- here. How we implement a new system offensively through so you know I was controller -- Quick vote earnings. Yeah but. Yeah. -- You sometimes they're not with the music. You know right now -- sat quietly. Remember both sides actually here you are not displayed and there's so much noise it.

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