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Kevin Garnett Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 2, 2012|

Kevin Garnett met with the media post-loss tonight at the Garden

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Thank you talk about the lack of. Communication is everything people to see is. We're still work in progress closely. The lack -- of communication on the court makes it even more difficult. I don't belong Ramon. My interest we're still working. Some work to do some consistency which to plan to chemistry -- different lineups which you doctors playing worth. Simultaneously. And go to work and once it is going to be easy process. Progress is everything you -- -- gets them the good thing about. The only good thing about tonight instantly to play tomorrow. Urgency for more perspective that we -- to. We're assuming from two games it's easier to them about it though overreact to games. More importantly you know consistency. Footballers this is -- -- coach knows. Loan terms to us from this podium please note in the game and just because. Very very tough to -- parents. But -- it was an external people used to estimate to -- work. Compliance -- I think we're in the process right now. I mean this was -- limited. It really impacts and that we we we help each other. Since I've been here we've built a coat of course this this Credo musicians have been built on their history and -- -- an individual -- team. And I just spoke on that with everybody thought coaches and their. And just that don't move just knowing what we're doing this abuse Busey. And the really afraid that. And let them understand that spirit we've put mr. isn't going to. And everything that comes right so let us know we're going to. And prisons but. And other don't have to -- that's -- -- -- ultimate -- that to do that. -- To practice. Things have been around 2001 so. Tomorrow off the court chemistry is very very very. We've -- read the Florio's. Alike in some ways no longer so it seems to. Cano and get to know one another -- You know simultaneously makes it look easy on one you know when it comes to basketball. Knowing the different things -- -- likes to do. -- Susan and other things home justice and playing each other containers products is in this. Home. And do many other teams on the production Chicago woman's. Post season. Do you know.

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