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Doc Rivers Postgame Presser RAW

Nov 2, 2012|

Doc Rivers Postgame Presser RAW Doc Rivers met with the media post-loss tonight at the Garden

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There was snow wasn't terrible. Yeah you have -- openoffice two probably fumble I thought we had no rhythm. And we haven't graduated to the point where you can play bad offenses that he. Defensively. You know remained. So I thought it was both -- -- of -- is -- all night. But I thought our offense you know that. I think we're -- -- our struggle and often she did down in the and you start not planned defense. -- -- a lot of total amount we got open shots. And that I thought we pressed. And we played a little every man for himself. And that's obviously at our guys are trying to win the game for us. But there was very little ball movement. Picture passes. -- each guy when he tried to make -- arm. But there was -- frustration. And I really thought their press. Yeah yeah that as a byproduct of that you know. Trying to journal through people and -- we Bobble things all by himself so each one of those nights. But I still don't like our urgency yet emerge obviously and that's on overall just the game when you watch -- play. I don't like Karl. We're. Approaching the gains and until we do there. We're gonna stroke. Concern all the time you know my aegis. And it's certainly. You know this is getting thirty and we are planned like this consistently and word -- thirty and we -- plan well it is one. That. Yeah yeah. What word about a score. I was coach and a lot of things I was trying to get us to be consistent so our coverages defensively which really never did. Was. And time -- -- three passes to have had to say that in five years probably. You know just make three passes please. And then -- start to look at minutes. As you know coach. For the world where tomorrow. In Milwaukee. Well. -- they're good team has said that for the during in this lesson they're good the way we play. They spread the Florida attacked off the dribble they stretched this out. And then on defense they decide to paint and -- to us she you. Or dared us to make an extra pass and we decide the issue. There we missed a lot of shots I mean listen arm. We missed a lot of open three's open jump shots. I can live when all the shots. But then I thought we pressed. And that that's that's tough stuff to do. Just got to stay here and trust what would do. The com newsroom though from -- -- concern -- those probably. You know. We just I don't see urgency yet. At times than we thought we were. Sure because we have a lot of players on the team that would mean we would win. Them when you make this really changes I think our guys that Dennis and you have to invest invested into the team of incumbency. And I don't think we've done that yet I think we will I think guys they're the minds of Spears' right. We got to get the -- right you. Are we done. Thank you.

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