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Doc Rivers before Celtics + Bucks at the Garden

Nov 2, 2012|

Doc Rivers sat down with Sean Grande prior to the C's home opener

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Celtics are presented by Lexus continues from the garden home opener against the Milwaukee Bucks a final piece of business is always our favorite our conversation with the head coach Doc Rivers brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health -- Harvard pilgrim. Count us in. We're targeting of the night movement in our boxing analogies -- so much fun. Then when you learn how to fight you learn how to hit but it's also just important to warrant to get -- thought that's what we -- Penalties it. Yeah I don't know we -- Parts. That only problem with terminology. -- -- that all the time. Champions here. You know I think Ellis -- it that it now. They did it all the time to move forward we delivered -- governor. How does that too friendly we are talking about metaphorically. In two players who. Well I thought it was all over the place I thought Miami ran everything -- want to run I thought they took about a something you want to. A -- there the more physical pain. I'd -- they they just more resolved. And they aren't they cute they have a lot of guys back from last year that -- did you -- -- sure -- -- didn't take him a lot to get their rhythm and get back to me. We're took -- a lot there's the first I've been hit and we didn't responder or nine days too much in retrospect. It could bear. You know especially in that atmosphere. -- go go. One of things talked about was the fact that nobody was talking to each other -- that's a functional. Personally have everybody being knew what is that the kind of thing we talk about getting hit the office and when -- at a realized gains in the crowd and all of a sudden that's one of the things that this. Here you -- or trust argues that we trust. On our. Right when. You know they hit us we want change we -- and they -- these ones -- different. And I thought individually -- -- -- our -- thing you know we have -- guys that. Are part. We -- a different than what they at Dartmouth at but it felt like. -- property went on the outside -- it -- -- -- problem is not corrected transition wise there's a back -- on the -- so it's certainly did it maybe better some where extradition. Because that's only after the Miami can play multiple ways with their sides of our employees at the polls whatever. We have to be great if I'd united standalone game obviously on Tuesday vote to report. You seem to look at night or is this the end -- with a load of companies have in the First Act act. Now if remote because -- looks so even though he's a beauty please you know up behind the three point line and we Brandon out there with. -- Order tonight back in the good old days your first few years here we talked many many. Establishing home -- in the hall of fame players are probably the weakest ingredient -- doing but just trying to to track. Environment wise man wise. You feel you've created different apartment that was. Well we're definitely have done. There's no doubt you know people know when they're coming to the Boston Garden. And that's a good thing but we have to keep establishing the year. And -- you make it stronger in -- -- our guys that we lost. Some big games here last year and this year we want to turn it around. This is the first game in the first real game since game six with Miami last year what did those closing moments. In the fourth quarter on tight and compact for the first time at home won't. Ultimately again what knows closing moments of the six other than a closing moments of game six. In the final. That was my favorite moment. Since being here I just thought you know the fans were absolutely amazing one -- night. They kind of sense that we were down I really believe that didn't happen we would have been blown out games that. I thought that they say that was pretty cool. As that goes -- -- in -- home opener is next on the W yeah -- Celtics radio network.

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