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Friday, November 2nd Whiner Line

Nov 2, 2012|

Long live the mayor!

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Abuse excuse music -- and breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. This -- discretion advised. And Morris and now you know you weren't here alive. Did you see the item in the globe and names and faces none you say you want to I would disrespect us. Do you know I'm feeling disrespect and and you should too and now on board where holly had dinner in the and Michael Schiavo is T go with the place it was Michael's how much also very famous -- around here obviously -- -- I don't know when you should ask WEEI. Laurel -- lives and that's when you know you're a stuffy restaurant when the chef's name is comes before they restaurant -- dial 6177793535. My chips yeah I don't know much cooks. Only when dishwashers yes we are yours you're Applebee's hometown hero but are rather limited English all right -- on my bus boys either what's the difference whiner line so anyway they had. Dinner and Michael shall house -- because they finally Mike and the mad scheme and Lou -- loaned me and before them in the the -- was picked up by attorney George to open. So -- dinner with their agent. Taking names and faces and now but how good we can get a call. Did you -- -- -- did not get -- -- middle like -- no no no WEEI. Ages -- listen whiner line. Good to hear from our sophisticated. And accurate public has issues with two are still. But it. Apparently Jerry's agent doesn't take -- -- I looked up -- now he's just it's just makes the commission webcaster. Does that make the paper that George -- -- picked up that. Since Oakland past chuckled as -- Pointed to the recognize. Are out there may want to. Is -- to -- rallies today they are all afternoon maybe don't show here. I'm an over the top of the -- joins us like an hour ago. Very site called Sally. That. Stuff. -- It. Could be a Christian legal expletive thing Q we real haven't but he's got him in here yeah. Hillary's. Should. Be right after this team. Of the week right now template to once we you know my -- Who is no -- of blow away a winner by texting your vote 28 we still. 85850. Years nominee. -- -- but the whole football. Depending on how we law and maybe a whole bunch. And I have to get -- -- -- -- Look like but I have. But I'm trying to make Bill Belichick. -- And here's these second nominee nobody would be. Get -- straight. Rob and rob controls. Gaza and impala I'm not practice got a house. No room or crackers do and that's starting again this guarantee that house there in the palace. Like -- answered those students these films pretty cool. If you can pick up speed up we were both of thick so it figured out quite -- god us through that. And -- I -- energy hunt him being in England textile -- into a 5850. To vote for Barack vs ought -- text -- -- To wait 5850 am until the end -- -- -- one -- Text your vote at 85850 choose your big winner received. -- 100 dollar American Express gift card also eligible. -- the one of the year grand prize -- -- iPad one year of AT&T service is included one of the weakest empowered. By AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. -- talking to somebody don't -- ten. He's drunk times faster is -- that's for ages of acreage of people from Miller until Eisner hooking them up. Eight. Rethink possible mix that Tuesday told us. Also it's time displayed despite ten times faster Q oh really so now if you. -- -- -- don't -- about right in my on top of sadistic taking a picture with a hot Miller Lite girl. What about the show. About the program in the last threat against our program. They get what part of New York City what's the net revenue per unit includes -- -- it's great we are what happened out on Sunday. Net revenue what's the matter with you get -- you put said that no commitment to get our vote. And that message I useless and I and bring me to this report on America everybody nose ring to it. -- But they -- The Korea should. What. -- people what they've read a book -- fuel -- that people. And message. -- have -- you know he's now with the city. Amazing that -- Michael Bloomberg's two hours ago he was adamant that the marathon who got a little Iran. And now they didn't impose -- they just -- it right on but you know what. New information at all and it's apparent that's -- now you know in this case it wasn't and he was old information. That was finally understood it. Paid big opera Seneca located. Yes they wanted to. I don't actually get -- for Barack. Now and then -- People look at keep watching it will be every Thursday night 8 o'clock you keep watching -- month. What a night last night. Oh certainly. Yeah. -- Have been worse -- isn't. -- terrible I mean once once they went down to six. Matt pick targets when the game and now there's no way. I was out there I'm giving this one ranked player. I. -- And opportunities. We we discussed what I mean. Like I said that on here just because you forgot to feel like your bracket for the record. Date later you put the charge auto opportunities to none and now now you did -- got a little bit changed none of them and and and I put it down he took the cheese I took its. Right but originally today when you -- it's like it I got nowhere it would take to start I would I would -- OK -- -- -- that's right. -- -- average everything's fine like with you know -- Accurate. Forty. Michael. Had -- and -- recruitment -- people but a good. -- And the majority of the -- at least eleven -- And regularly and Bartlett and deregulation. And it -- watching that whole game last night and watch the whole game there's all year can you blame me. But watching that game last night. -- stalks of worship to cut the worst the cardinals right there worsening jaguars. They are an awful football team the jets and it's scary because they actually have some -- -- -- think you don't have the matter is on the tell. Do you feel good and it is a little tip for you. I'm like sorry why why don't -- can -- indicated that it had. Why. Gamblers out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm giving you this one thank me later. And goal -- the chase this don't want that doubles in a game like that last night. I have no confidence in Philip Rivers none and less in north turn. And -- less. Remember except that -- -- about it and I'll have been brought up that. That they have not -- yes at all. Except that one when it. -- Gamblers out there and I dislike him so much. A lack of -- by the people. And so leanings are nicely organized isolated incident I got a good staff and there are good hearted well in -- football real well has -- -- -- nice -- it's. -- you know I can't aspect about NASCAR. Yes I've always thought about it at the -- between Danica Patrick did let. Good let's get bad habit thing but that's something else. I've ever had adopted that's part -- that you don't know any government that they are I don't know what happened Saturday. And they have never bought an apartment. It's okay. Back and think I had a bad but don't -- dot com Chevy on the fact that. That's what. And number candidate -- I'm very confident about them being added and a bucket bucket bucket half an hour and a no one will ever know that I have absolutely no clue about I have got. Can only do because I admitted I did not know and I mentioned both pronunciation as I said it's either conceal -- -- I didn't. Why didn't edit. And what was solid mind already headache I -- -- -- -- -- -- -- go back. And the message. -- Hey -- about what happened on. And management because about Bob Bob Bob Weiner and -- that secondary. -- Don't work don't have been great. I don't. Our -- on the -- Like I have a back. And. No anger on the field like that anger on the field but you don't wanna you know beat up your teammates and go after -- cab drivers. Go on a shooting spree which are mom and asked for questions you know you don't want that for your football players. Hey it's all good with -- -- and the only thing it does is take your element and up according up bad bad. Again. It better around on the body and don't have a bad car and I'd I'd have a total. -- -- -- but the part about 75. That the company. And -- But I got web -- to become a part of our -- -- -- -- probability of you. It's a -- show up. Just you double the money -- earlier it you know how bad it is when a guy who looks like -- -- done that you promoting a that your image that is now in front of the public -- Of the fractured and hurricane O'Reilly all right -- hurricane O'Reilly yes regular IG's chief. Medical marijuana. Pure market but had. Yes my question. I don't I approach that it ended message. Jack Gifford here. Aren't just found out that -- -- they had then and polls. Now what are gonna do it my time. We're I'm gonna. -- And it meant when -- guy started off. Actually some analysts alike seem deeper look all that and -- you're. At the. God blow. -- -- competitor and I did everything now and not an -- candidate. -- that brought you by you that the good war. That's an interesting point because there's each candidate known as the sketch released and they sit over Kabul over and over a -- glass aware of the little class travel at all probably use the same thing over and over. I will be happy when we get past Tuesday. They -- everybody and I don't want not what -- get any ideas because this is right up your Alley but I think everybody in the state is gonna do you vacation. After after the election because these ads are towards -- W it's got to do it again and the -- Michael mentioned the vacation. You can't host waves could you. All of the vertical well. Well I can think -- brick home opener and joining me in studio particular part in the debate former big shamrock Shaquille O'Neal like going to. So called oracle of Apollo era equipment and not being. It might crop. -- Celtics and the way it is critical book. Bobby enabled on your back guys -- I think that the -- one right now. This guy and everything for the Celtics ball in the actively. Recruit to -- -- back. To open. Ball and the ball. I want to point. Apple on actor -- accountable. Well -- whole idea -- what you. Hear -- and -- mind. I don't approve of the bunker corporate ethic he L -- -- -- at that yeah. At about. We'll have more coming right up there are a lot of them. And the message -- a puppet of well. I can't help. -- -- our Greg are quite popular. Record try to put its tax -- -- a -- beta Max Cabrera or not. Get out there like -- and paper you can go on February. I -- -- that drop brought back Arafat got. And -- he's started he's still one of our efforts to -- it's good to have them there I did you don't want of the Waco when here will vote. 55 to 45. To -- -- Hillary does. The product hundred dollar American Express gift -- from AT&T eligible for the wonder of the year comprised let me prize in the email. 21 of the week at W I dot can be -- you won a lot of brought to you by AT&T. Or GL TE was speeds up to him ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible.

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