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ESPN's Chris Mortensen: If Talib straightens up, he could be the best cornerback on the Patriots

Nov 2, 2012|

We talk to Chris Mortensen of ESPN and ESPN NFL 32 and get his take on the newest Patriot, cornerback Aqib Talib. We also talk to Mort about a variety of topics affecting the NFL and Patriots.

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I've accurately -- show it's patriots Friday glad -- like Michael -- it's time for our. Weekly get together with more Chris mortenson brought to you by Sharon credit union. And by dragon speech recognition. Where support from ESPN. And we get a lot of in our Bible we hear more we get an opportunity to talk an awful lot of football because the patriots the only team that went up there are made deals to what's your -- I'm sorry yeah distracted -- -- the trade that the patriots made what is your take a look at the patriot. It's I mean you know what I would look back and see when the pages to better. Very best generally don't wanna have dialogue they had a along. -- who had great ball skills. You know on Sundays game obviously you know to a lesser extent. This guy is one most gifted. -- in the game obviously he's got a lot of trouble. But this is -- -- long physical we -- -- some ball skills we'll see if you can make that transition. But I would say give. Of them more recent trade. They know like this -- my best. We know what his troubles has he played up to that level level that you're talking about as he played up to a casual market. -- -- -- again it's it's all. Subject to two interpretation. Pro football focus on breaking some of these numbers down they're not great this year and mend America. It has heroes not this year is not a great year but he's army has put him in man coverage all the time. So I mean I do this is the guy who's. And got some great instincts ball skills that are important and it's -- I really think it's on the that the Patriots defense is messed. And so we at all in this in these guys -- over could be. That is a question about that but it's a not a matter of whether medal he can pick up exactly what they want to do and -- and then he's gonna create some place. Based on what you picked up from your sources Mort were there any trades that were close to happening that broke down in the end. Wired that would just note that no I mean base where it was chatter in an impact this one actually coming out Garland I knew there was some chatter that. So there was nothing that I think that it was any blockbuster we forget how many trader in the offseason now that actually a ball players. Much more so in the past -- -- a lot of teams you'd and it didn't help that the trade deadline was moved to a Thursday at any trade it was gonna happen I was actually surprised. Anything happen on Thursday what was gonna happen on that -- daily a Mike Thomas period from Jacksonville to Detroit that. In all it did -- should have moved the trade deadline back to this coming Tuesday. The move back or another week dispute -- another chance to assess where their. That there was nothing that's been significant that was about to happen. Do you look at. Any players on teams such as such as Carolina mean DeAngelo Williams is the name it comes to mind where you say. Obviously -- wasn't close to happening but this team should move this player -- picked on him -- just as an example is there anybody. Where you can see on teams right now he just is not really a good fit nation move the -- move that player at the deadline. While overrun indexer devalued. India and Overland absolutely legitimate player at the deadline -- it was gonna take them but take a contract on. So with the with the way the position is devalued. And that that's the that's up from the money to these old. -- doubt Stephen Jackson was one that I countless said. You know I'd keep an eye on that one because he's got going to be created at the end end of the year. Nobody's -- overpaid -- know that. Not have a little I kind of anticipated maybe get a chance to be moved that one made sense but I also realize that. You know for the rams to mean. They feel like they're not out of that so to speak and the other thing is to get enough but. Yong -- rookie -- young or running back. And you would that would have bad property line. Sam Bradford you know he'll take another beating if they don't protect them some -- Stephen Jackson for that matter -- -- the Sam Bradford and it was this. -- we get a sixth round -- receive in Jackson. What we have this whole conversation with Bill Belichick here earlier in the week about the whole -- deadline moving it from a six weeks eight weeks into the season and still malware activity. And his point was that. It's nearly impossible for an NFL team it's so different in baseball we can pick -- -- -- and say just go in and take four at bats tonight. When you try to integrate guy into your system. You have to do kind of evaluate what we really gonna get out of for the second half of the season he plays in my going to be able to use of how much is he gonna know about my system and it's too bad is that because. I think it would be great if halfway to the season you got a lot more chatter going especially with people and a football fantasy. You know if you trades -- names thrown out there be great for the sport. Well except they were given so much more that in the offseason that we ever going to be yeah there is no longer about Gavin we actually see. Real players traded in the offseason. Over the last couple years which had not happened and so. That part happened I just think concede tonight coach Belichick -- I mean you wanna make sure that somebody at least has. Some. Foundation that terminology of your system. And you know people doing just plug -- -- back him and you know you really can't because of the pass protection issues so. -- is more complicated I have to be out of it with the league's popularity. As it is in Tennessee football already has. -- movements that popularity I just don't. I just don't think. That is necessary. Meanwhile heat -- reasons why. It's never been pushed way back is there was this concept of us to protect teams that are desperate against themselves who run these races are decided that last. Four weeks and it. All the sudden you know you're you're -- future draft picks eating the Oakland Raiders. Don't regret some monetary they've made they had no graphics this past year. There are a lot of teams this year Mort who or who are struggling I think probably a little surprised that they are New Orleans comes to mind. Carolina there when -- six we saw another one last night. -- Kansas City oh my god I mean they are they are -- rudderless football team just a bad organization right now. Who pays the price if if anyone for this one -- seven start we know all the people there you know pioli was here -- knows your Mac -- who pays a price for this. One -- seven season. So probably all of them and now I don't I can't state -- her back but. No I -- the key to win the division and I certainly thought they'd be in it and I didn't think it would be just an app and I think you -- now trees in the back to. You know the defective Scott Pioli know really married himself does have to Matt -- and then. As they -- Todd -- out by the way who now he's certainly taught alias say you know what. Didn't out of the offensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals cardinals went to the Super Bowl. Yeah Kurt Warner was their video you have to worker would speak up for taught. If you CNET dot now doing things with Ben Roethlisberger like protect them so much better and -- -- protected. And then you CDT without Todd Haley. When they actually wanted to division two years ago and you have to sit there and say okay you know this is Scott Pioli regime. He's the guy who TARP capital as a guy and when he sort Brian Dave Ball to be up -- coordinator just hasn't come together. So. I don't really you just assume some -- paid -- price you don't think pioli will get a chance to fire 83 coach you don't have the fired three coaches are. Or two coaches and our third in three years I don't think. But you know Clark Hunt the owner of the -- you know he's he's very quiet reserved -- -- CRE react and the other finished -- season. Our Tony Gonzales has taken some shots at the national media Atlanta's seven and know what he said is the national media making a big deal about us like they would. If it was filling Green Bay or New England know there are not we played fairly and beat them and Philly was on TV all week more. Your national media. You given them. -- your credit on TV only because of the trouble. That's -- we have conceded. That cover is is that is that trouble compared guys to this ship to team has been thirteen -- -- after the bye week that. God doesn't it's it's I was surprised -- said that but it's kind of been the mantra meanwhile all my friends in Atlanta and yet the same thing. Well about respect which is so I just -- that when as a matter I mean it's not gonna -- -- better Bober. You know you get to go to the plea deal is a group where he could prove which -- power and why are you worried about respect. I mean. These companies that very impressive win on the road at Philadelphia okay I'll -- that -- -- obvious. That was an impressive joined by Atlanta. So what are. Right now valued is they're probably the best season -- a city. I -- that he held that the razors and -- it an edge there. I mean everybody knows there's not there's no perfect teams in the league a perfect record with an -- between. But it doesn't matter -- the quarterback spot probably the MVP of the league. They get a running -- second year I mean receiver in Julio Jones who has now come out ages now eight. True Pro Bowl caliber receiver not -- Roddy White Tony Gonzales is unbelievable they still playing at this level. And the dirt covered the office coordinator dial it up and they don't they got defense coordinator Mike Nolan does -- nice job. With -- today's. Averaged about every personnel that's a good football team. I didn't know people were not showing them respect I think it's the -- nature to gravitate towards a negative story. And and perhaps of the northeastern bias it is clearly. Yeah I think you're right but I think Gonzales is probably trying to use it as their motivation motivation right now you know it's us against the media. I didn't really need that apparently some teams just don't know sums up -- -- only can do that to mean you know. You know you mentioned that game that Atlanta played against Philadelphia and after the game. Michael Vick I guess he had some sources say he maybe was -- -- some your sources he's competing with you now as an NFL insider. And Michael Vick say hey I'm pretty unlikely gonna lose my job or headed that it -- a quarterback becoming. Was that just his paranoia or do you think it was actually discussed before Andy Reid said no Michael Roberts -- -- Well I think it was absolutely disgusting mean first -- -- he's obviously thinking about it. I believe that that's something Mike -- heard from a direct conversation with India Italy using any darkness some of the -- I think this is conversations of knowing Andy's. That was Michael which is basically and other players on the team it is -- You know everybody on the evaluating everybody everybody's jobs on the line you know playing better than the guy behind who's gonna play I believe that conversation took place that we that would help. Michael certainly infer that. One final question and that is how can you figure out this year Jennifer we just talked about Atlantic Green Bay has been strange New England has been strange. How the giants I mean that the giants the two Super Bowl years they were 10697. This looks like it might be a better giant team certainly earlier in the season can you get a handle. Well what we're looking at here. No on I tried not to until we get past Thanksgiving. And the -- the -- review our attempt to get a yeah. The said that you know that this league is gonna hit you it'll shape up post Thanksgiving. This is great. I had a -- you're outside I learned. To get together I don't know if you've got to get them for have a beer is open doesn't like it might agree with you more like mine -- -- right on. Crystal talking and actually -- -- -- on here Taylor and Chris mortenson from ESPN and NFL. And was when when. Real -- Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving Thanksgiving. And can't really. We can't have evaluated in -- ugly history. It got -- and eventually it trades well skin if you don't grow what we're all going all the teams. But he's he can -- is great but I don't think they're strange things going on right now do you get a personal that you thought we know who's going to be bad if that Green Bay would be better -- -- -- soulful. Or are -- Green Bay as legitimate when you look at you know I think it gets that -- -- -- and all I'm saying thinking Green Bay was going to be better it is legitimate and same thing we're going to put on. Green based -- and three in the patriot department right. So. I don't think that's. Those those -- are missing character we have at the Thanksgiving you know McCain New -- don't know what -- but I haven't really doesn't have a cup which can't say five and three is now what happened you think they should be six and -- But in the case of the world and to -- sixth. Carolina there one in six and that is that's real pre Thanksgiving. -- -- I would say that there are a lot of but nobody don't -- did you have great hopes for New Orleans when you take. The coach we dictionary out of the -- and even if you don't even have the the fill in coach I want you to enjoy it. Just a cold this week what can -- okay NC radio. Greg Norton. Got one and seven. But the real football office and start. It's the initiative and maybe you'll get a lead after Thanksgiving in a single game.

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