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NYC Mayor finally cancels NYC Marathon... what took so long?

Nov 2, 2012|

We listen in to a classic rant by Chris 'Mad Dog' Russo about the marathon not being cancelled, and then give the updates as finally Mayor Bloomberg did the right thing and put a stop to a useless event during a tough time for the greater NYC area.

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Back -- a big shelf final hour Harare Friday which means you'll love the competition of the best do winds of the wake. We are also one of the whiner line it would get into more about the patriots straight. And the the New York marathon. Amazing to me that Michael Bloomberg wants this thing to go on it and and the fact is that. Even though he's claiming. That they are not going to. Take any police officers that are working on the the the recovery. In in Manhattan they're not gonna use any of them. For the race. Look at -- obviously Huckabee not package and I have a huge police presence out there when you can use these guys right now for the recovery exactly prop. I'd like say I mean and why would you say that even if even if that's if that's true and structure. If that's true where would you say we -- not have. An additional police presence at the New York City Marathon. Okay. Well we will ever say that Boston without. Without the loss of power without you know people being. A displaced from their homes what will we -- -- the Boston Marathon is going to be run on Monday and there will not be additional. Police in place and that's that's a stupid thing mysterious. Yes and in this is what any circumstances what makes no sense and good portion of Manhattan still goes on of -- right or proportion. Some of the subway stops and the the subway transit authority is not operating right now. They are limiting it vehicles that are coming in to the city right now that there have to be at least three people in the vehicle. The hotels are completely booked up with people. Who have been forced to move out of their house is because of the storm or that lost their house's. And now you're gonna have major battles of trying to get those people to move out so they can move people into the American League -- have trouble moving people -- And the right people out right now. Before you hear this. This outstanding red dog groups out there before it without any risk from mad dog recently that two. With eight caller. To -- five seasons ago. They want to talk about. Hurricanes and the caller. -- talk about something. But as long as they make -- I think was the right decision prudent I don't care how long it takes to get there as long as they get to it. And the big story you know. Yeah I think you're right -- -- -- -- situation the jets. I think that we actually are brewer Tebow some of the jets fan but I. -- -- -- -- -- with all due respect. And this is what I love about this plays more than any out you know we have serious crap going on right now -- familiar things that we can get you. And you drop the good stuff early. But he can help his -- you've got to get applauded not that we are why not that's what it's all about we are sporadic alteration. Fella was all there -- -- -- a -- -- your team today. How things right now. The date. Maybe get a 3040 got. How about that over card or -- arcade and I would talk about a hurricane doesn't want you guys. -- -- Want to Tebow -- all always that -- even if I gotta you gotta have some restrictions okay yard -- used to war it is unbelievable. Mad dog Russo he has taken America. But she won't -- or his cabinet Knick games. What could be that much governing our third and I can read a son and what is camping nick nick had a net Knick games. He's done everybody can't come to New York under any circumstances -- and you come of the group of people. Yet hit comes 47000. And about a road race that I don't know right now most fans can care less about. The idea that the demand people watched the race they want to put thirty seconds. Why not I'd -- -- they're big so what are you know what I don't I don't give a I didn't actually put that years. Why did and it blocks about fifty ninth street bridge how much help I know what he's gonna be god look at the dopey dot idiot -- -- up first. Well encrypted minute miles won't have to -- bank. I'll talk about dot dot because Bob they've got laid -- about. -- -- Not what did -- it sort of went regular crop may stoppage she'd stick skies over the fact that aren't they. They are not athletes. Out of the robotic about it -- Friday. Why don't panic. I've got today when US stock and passion I mean some. Traffic jams. Not to. Not some traffic jams are proof that getting an undercutting public because they realize about beat. Our -- rule -- really afford tickets slip by what I am I noticing what might -- It's a New York. You could go to do your job -- -- -- -- -- below average 47 that the people in this week and do that. And you know what I'm not that this opinion I am here to reductions. You know -- get hitched -- -- with what I should check up MacBook operated -- -- group -- New York -- attacked apartment that taxation department. Got to write them checked every six weeks without infecting that ridiculous. I can't tell you I try to build project awards not a whole grew bigger but can't actually doesn't -- -- The Porsche that's what we go to spring training. And where they got money in the end matters and I know. -- -- -- -- It got let us taxation thanks double up that they don't let this -- -- again there isn't and about. And they're not the budget -- that's another six people from Kenya that nobody cares about. Tried to jump to jab -- Obama had a minute Obama. But most of all there's the idea this is on a man that New York City galvanizes you didn't and I have a new Yorker for. Think five years or 53 -- isn't. It's now back -- the -- for the -- morning that I have your round first avenue awards odds road route you might stop a couple of sexist about. He wins the US I want a parking lot stock market an -- on. I don't know what that a lot of people lining the streets you know why did you run by the thousands quick about the playbook and -- -- -- -- -- when that dog and a lot back side right. A mega sporting event. That she -- -- might not admit it models. Well. Or freeze government interest Ruth and serious. I went to -- items checked and they're playing tonight. At Madison Square Garden against the knicks and Dwyane Wade believes that team should not be. I just feel that there are bigger things to be concerned about the us being here to play a basketball game. Obviously sports takes people mind people's minds away from things but I think there are bigger things that need to be done. Here in the city it was just like c'mon man. We shouldn't be here to play a basketball game if anything we should be here to do something to help the city -- I know most people here are not big fans of Dwyane Wade. He has taken his game check. This game tonight 209536. Dollars and 59 cents and he has given it to the relief. Now we all want him for that he's right. Right now I get bigger issues not now Bloomberg's line is well you know Giuliani. Had the marathon. After nine elevenths 2001. Two months later -- 67 page either. And in the -- -- New York is still -- a complete mess right now or disaster new Jersey's a mess a disaster. -- -- On Maddox. And new -- for 55 years 53 what changed. Think 55. Some people do -- practice trip to operate some people. That you're talking about his eight I think he suggests some sort of an audio is at first you thought it was 55 and he might. And then he became 53000 people think he has. What happened IDs from Arnold and those two years in a matter engines are -- so people are gonna have some people out of the Dominican little driver's license in each a couple of years. While there are entitled it's some people do that is great now -- got to start that your going to deter future -- -- -- A bit careful about that trying to get around paying taxes and doing it. We're reporters of the Indians and mariners. Religion is a spring training -- Astros actually shows. All over the border Connecticut so that he doesn't pay taxes in index -- I here's a market itself on a marked. Remark. About the marathon are listening to DNC morning and that -- caller called in and edit -- While driving or on -- normal or does it. -- 400 million dollars meant to you that the that he wouldn't answer fond. I'm not data out this thing and my argument would be the other that is ordinary solid and Robert. Pitched all of them are that tore all the -- And all and what should have happened -- the larger but you know what we wanted to thing -- an RBs. And garden -- that truly aren't that that should happen number one. -- -- And although we're not talking about canceling this thing we're talking about postponing it. Leader -- that's what they do when you have sporting events or or any event that you have bad -- you postponement they can't postpone. Not really template and I I think it. In this situation. Why why cancel it like the whole filling out while white when you don't have to do that all you have to do is move the date further away. After -- they go through the recovery in the. I don't know how large going to be there really about it at this point the other thing is what 11 during that. Is that people who scheduled it already have fixed schedule they've got to do what they've got to do if I -- planned on running Ameristar -- or control this thing. It's not gonna talk to Barbara brought -- a marathon but what are. Pre you know I was planning on running our farm and and I had to make everything our markets opened in advance by our own -- just. Are you ready that I just -- -- for this guy's like the the criticism and the pressure thank god has worked NBC is now reporting that New York City has just canceled the email clients on. Are. All because of -- And if you would not call mark if you had not made this uncle. We would still be talking about a for the next what fun. Yeah I'm glad they did -- glad -- did you talk about the schedules you know people from all over the country they have these schedules so. Are are we talking about are we weighing inconvenience. Of somebody from out of town. Or somebody. Who was a little more than inconvenience -- in their life has changed it's not like a little annoyance where you know. I wish that always the plane had taken off on time but we're 45 minutes late or. Guys who wish I had a king sized room but I just have these double bed now this is real stuff is real life -- people. Who live in New York, New York residents. Who have to who have to truly think about some profound changes in their lives because of hurricane sandy she does care about somebody's. Inconvenience with the marathon they did the right thing I'm glad it's been. While fighting out of Bloomberg came to his senses here because some of the -- he had earlier today. Has the show that we are here and were going to recover give people something which Europe out. In which have been a very dismal week for a lot of people -- the but the the -- week continues on to those people you can't do breast couldn't tell you that you could you could expect. The morale booster is if your team is playing and they are on the road you get to watch it on Sunday you get power back so everybody's able to watch their team play. On a Sunday afternoon. Not disrupting the entire city and taking away. You know important to -- service people policemen and firemen and everybody else. Away from the recovery so you can run out a stupid a sporting event I don't see where that a boost for for anybody. But they've come to their senses and New York City. Has canceled the marathon for Sunday we get back to your phone calls coming up next you're an election.

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