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CSNNE's Tom E. Curran: Talib acquisition is a low-risk, high-reward deal

Nov 2, 2012|

We speak to Tom E Curran of CSNNE's Quick Slants and talk to him primarily about the newest member of the Patriots defensive backfield, cornerback Aqib Talib

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I've back -- at a bank shot short wave holly it's time for our Friday get together with eco brought to you buy time on -- walkers or doctor. Doctor Robert let -- call 1800. -- Taylor so we ask you the question mr. card and ten went -- -- Is this worth -- for the patriots. No doubt at all I mean it is declaring. -- -- he wound on the entire. Otherwise. Beautifully constructed. Organization that as Super Bowl aspirations. You clan -- with something that might sting a little bit. But hopefully in the campaign work out for both sides I think it's low risk and it's our reward if you work so promote Ian Baker. There are sick about this you tell me -- when when it comes to the draft is not just the patriots a lot of teams. Talk about character and this guy he's not going to be our Borger. Will move home out of first round consideration. Why even talk about character. If you're gonna wind up signing guys anyway I mean the patriots in 2008 I'm short. Totally was not high on their board because of character concerns now 2012. We're talking about low risk high reward disturbed character out just go for the best players what the hell. Well there's a lot to be said to -- but I think erupted this is why why hired that he deleted. Well reason. Since that time got notified at the rookie symposium is just a tremendous. Back to have your back pocket due to the ticket to -- the -- with a -- police department had. He also had beat up a happy and not fire a gun dissident -- front. So posting the all -- and hit the patriots. Most likely wouldn't have taken to -- so what's -- -- -- they'll have to have -- -- -- as opposed to a park your contract. I don't know I don't know I don't know Thomas let us say if he -- at -- and high reward. I don't think high reward will translate to. Okay we'll see you later thank you for helping us out in 2012. Enjoy your next team that aren't you give a fourth round positive as high reward. That he's going to be around for a little longer than the rest of the season. Lot depends on how you define our award -- rewarding season but let me see that he's a great player. Ira what is getting you where you want to go which Hughes. Maybe he could actually cut some people that he would Ira would be immediate -- that addresses. Jimmy could be our reward is out -- at first -- or anywhere. It's not going to be the primary reason your non starter in the playoffs that to me I look at it we're we're quibbling because this is about not your statement ultimately -- -- -- matter bullet point fourteenth. But it Tom if you got a guy who is who you were terrible before he got there. And then. He gets there and you turn it around. Why would you say goodbye today guy after 2012 when you struggled to find players through the draft through free agency through trades. Can do what this guy is different so of course is not going to be a rental. -- -- -- -- -- I can't jump out there that -- know that communicate the way you jump off on saying Mike was. Why is it okay -- hire that guy in 2012. What he's only -- -- work guys. Since he -- -- -- problem 2008 I'd say because you have a short term lease here. It's a guy comes then is not as he played OK you don't think you can be able to look at -- -- -- get on any part of this system you watching it and -- got their quarterback. For seven games and and whatever you don't dispute. Comes into like that your want to stick around you decide not going to be -- Which a lot players' side can do for a little while Corey Dillon read must be two couples. That works out. I actually what you say it why is it okay to hire somebody who's been to check it out. In 2012. We've only done more things -- trying to have it both ways like countered that that is simply that. It's not that long commitment if you make would you draft. Yeah but if they do well then. The inclination is that you sign about and give a three year deal. And by the way that using when they revert to what they were before is that kind of feel good about life right now in -- they've had some success. And then. But the the question I -- askew is looking at -- So what's the deal if you are here parts. Assignment it's about Europe or -- he can't support or don't. Talk talk talk with you I do this -- on the patriots and the reason I do this of from the patriots and their very unique in a very unique situation first of all. Are there bad back there in the indeed the rear end of the of the defense which by the -- Tampa Bay Bucs worked at the rare it is -- it is the ascent of the defense. And Tampa Bay's been bad this year to. OK so he's not been great with the whip them down there and obviously spent the blustery and the other thing is. You don't have to wary. About -- shaking up the coaching staff for the the general manager or the organization. Because this is as secure as yet that's what Bill Belichick can make these both big deal doesn't work out he moves on. Nothing happens and they are desperate they are desperate right now back then they need. Well -- immediately answer to the questions that that I think we've been asking for a few weeks to is this team. That player is that the coaching you know if this Khamese says yes it was the players. That -- they're not doing well enough. And I don't care should skirt Kyle Arrington -- had indeed going to be out for awhile soared more so I was really get a step slower. The most tour or whatever it is -- say you know what screw it about these Bordeaux players that we spent so much time getting it should get a got to cover a wide receivers prolific. But here's something you need to get seven good games and playoff games out of -- wonder what's the incentive for him to straighten out his act right now. When he's in the fifth year of his rookie contract looking to go to free agency. And he's already been suspended for four games he got a guy like Ronde Barber down there seasoned veteran 3738. Years old that it could take him under his -- I'm not sure he has that. Right now with the youth that they have in that they're rare and that we were just talking about a the second. I think it looks the other way to meet like she if you agree I think that. You're a situation where Q2 we as pro quid more self motivated than ever because of things that you laid out -- that -- free agency. A 126 years old. It -- to appear. Discredit the organization. For five years. He can come in -- decent run go into the playoffs and upped its. Marketability -- -- New England or elsewhere. This -- shot to recap quickly. Is image in a different beautiful. Yeah if you if you -- -- like that's logical logic just as -- he figures it out yeah I think you're you're absolutely right let me ask you this. What's this mean for them according stay corner where. It's going to be a state. My initial inclination that he would stay at safety. And you just got to -- a -- Kyle Arrington a -- call on the other side. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tampa Bay has always embrace the challenge of covering in his division the Roddy White -- you know. In the NFC victory Calvin Johnson's players like that he wants that opportunity. So we'll immediately do. To one side or the other way to patriots to their cornerbacks will become the right side corner you're not sense looking at defense. We're different according is played at home port where in fact I think there. That would make the most sense to me. They're good recovered to -- recover one according in the back while they're actually quite not as much else does Aaron pin and mark he's coal and Alphonso battered white meat on the other side but it at least you have options. Put. Certainly -- according you're not the best cover corner the second he Aqib Talib what small locker room and it's such on. Tommy we gotta go I don't hang up -- because we're trying to show maturity here on the program today it's the thing today with this acquisition by the patriots. It's all premature. -- --

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