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Patriots LB Jerod Mayo with the Big Show

Nov 2, 2012|

We talk to Jerod Mayo on his bye week and get his take on the newest addition to his defensive unit, former Tampa Bay cornerback Aqib Talib.

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Time for our weekly get together even though it is the bye week which drug they brought coupon came franks and sausages and Adams Boston blogger and Boston laser. How we enjoyed the week so far. I'm -- it. Love majors. Hang around Charlotte paper so that I hear if he anyway and by I'm enjoyment out. So how long how long does that downtime last -- do you what went on at a bar we use refused to watch NFL games refuse to watch film for a couple of days of how that -- The only thing I'm dark chocolate Mumbai in my mind you can work yourself a job like damn leak in spreading from now. Where you know advantage that we have you know perhaps you can go you can't that he can't figure also. Among them in the beyond you before my book. You know I like I loved the game of -- in around the -- and I enjoyed you like those guys. -- -- Cuba you do teammates here Aqib Talib I haven't I haven't made you do have a new team deal. Operate. In a lot of eBay and he's a live action. Had gotten bit up and no you didn't. Did you did they give up a fourth round. 42 lead in in Tampa that you're familiar with a obviously. You tell us now. This is it now I'm. In -- with a little same draft class agent addressed. -- -- -- a 140. And a first round. Unarmed Barbara you went ahead of them org when. I player. He's had some issues you tell us the make up the personality the structure of your team and -- defense. How do you deal with a guy that comes in Mets had a little bit of history but man you know. If he's right he comply does everybody deal with that is is at least internally. Is that above you -- network. Loaded none -- -- I'm not unfamiliar to witness history you know I like them -- Number -- and -- used -- all the time not hand issues Yahoo! doesn't have issues that. You can count a player and coast Mexican need help without. I assure. You just opening doors and yet -- -- -- not exactly. What do you do you hide what issues. -- -- Republican we've been I don't know I'll Barack Obama on that topic or. That is an issue that's this year you've got to deal with -- tell everyone not about you about signature out. Don't know I. That's gone out and not do it. So what do you know the -- doesn't affect you get away from that you gotta gotta practice and get away from. What I'm. Just I'm just in the atmosphere there is. It's a business this is all business and you know you probably don't have a lot of of free time at least when you're in the facility to be this. Hang in Iraq hanging out lounging around you down there you gotta be doing something right. Exactly you know you come to work every day age is there and how much free time not like I'm trying to camp we have a couple outbreak. Note I'll work and we spend a lot out here where he -- -- -- -- and the ultimate goal. Are we -- with this were you happy with what. The defense did especially. After the first series obviously we you happy with what the defense did that game. -- -- What would summer and not that I think we're we're still -- you know we have a lot of bad -- you know under the terms -- beyond that situation. We have a lot of data to -- Who we need to continue to improve record macho. And -- up and took a step in the right direction that sent some have a lot of work to do and -- to town of buffalo hosting. We had some problems with the first the first -- We're to the supercomputer built on that. You said you have guys have to improve including yourself what are what are you looking to improve. Individually what what's one thing that stands out to you say I got a really got to get better this. Or all of my -- and -- and didn't shorten -- same page. There's going out there you know making checks understand the game plan understand how they're check mark and -- talent. Out there the main thing. I -- you'd better. I know you don't know the history of the stuff that. Talib has been involved in but one of the stories was that he got into a fight. -- his own teammate at the rookie symposium the orientation you probably at that same orientation. Yeah I think he can -- no way out that there aren't -- and I -- memory -- Just a way to do not I would have mutual agreement lets me. They after -- -- -- -- -- figured out you have figured out I didn't credit you figured out the page anyway you've got it down. Am I listen I don't remember I don't know boy are you now have a global I have -- approved -- new equipment and out. I concluded. And you'll wait -- -- Playboy and that as well in or out. Of my when you're saying. I get well. Now. I'm Mike Edmund W complete. I have no doubt we're looking forward to -- that a couple of years ago you know and I want you know I'm -- you -- you can -- ought to think about the bells that another half. Parise and I'm just impressed you're paying attention at that rookie. Orientations and whatever we're. And work and weren't blocking out until the crowd of I listen you have the W free it's done. And and we'll talk to you next week have a good parent or your Jerod Mayo the patriots right here in the village.

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