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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, Week 9 in Fantasy Football

Nov 2, 2012|

Micahel Fabiano makes his weekly appearance with Mut and Lou to answer callers’ questions about fantasy football during week 9. He goes around the league and gives advice on whom to start and sit during the Patriots bye week. Players of interest include Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White, Mike Vick, and Calvin Johnson.

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1 o'clock hour Ronnie patriots Friday not -- ID three point seven WEEI means one thing and one thing only. Yankee fan Michael savvy -- joins us to break down all things fantasy football. Heading into a bye week for the patriots still plenty of fantasy questions. Michael how Rio. And I love I get introduced as the Yankees and lack of savvy now I like that. We have another Michael's -- outcomes on Mondays to talk weather and. There -- -- there's actually another Michael -- and up there somewhere who is in opera singer. And so a lot of times they get confused for him going we -- camp next week somewhere opera singers and get a better fancy advice I don't know where that guys -- tweets about start and in a Darren McFadden and -- right exactly. I like a lawyer started sit a popular singer what they held the problem that we have quoted a week nine year end and I think. 75% of the country probably hates their team you know could tell us about what their record is that -- and unhappy about -- to negate some guys now that bigger. You know people's -- I mentioned McFadden last night we start couple of them and Ryan Mathews and and Philip Rivers when you -- cut bait with these guys. Well. I don't think I'm cutting -- with these guys but. Rivers is certainly a guy we can't trust right now he's more more lesson number two in fantasy football at this point. If you drafted big name guys like this Calvin Johnson and he has he -- the biggest bust in Tennessee publishers is a far. Some people would probably say he has by the way he missed practice today you know Hutton meg trying. -- probably have to play him it's basically one of those things where future after these guys unfortunately they're not putting up the numbers that you were hoping. And at this point he kind of take your medicine I don't think anyone's really going to offer you a trade. Where the value is that good when a player struggling as badly as for example a mega shark. A lot of our our listeners plane keeper leagues and -- do you have a breaking point when you decide okay. A bullet -- all stars through the draft pick next year or guys that I can build what might help you win but can help mediate better team next year. Sure. Look at the points right now I -- rolling in week nine remember most fantasy season's regular season's last. Thirteen fourteen weeks for free in the postseason so. I am I mean I have teams around three and five one or 2 teams and I am still trying to make to the playoffs I'm not giving up on the right now. Soon there will come a time when you can maybe draft I'm sorry trade a couple of players who were bigger names to get draft picks or on the flip side. Do something like my beloved yankees do right. When you get towards the trade deadline in your fantasy league he shares are trading guys to get stars to help you and champions. A -- takes their effect. -- -- -- -- That's David Ortiz Ortiz have a -- annoyed Joshua I don't know -- -- -- ask you this because this is one of the strangest things I've seen you look at the Atlanta Falcons. And Matt Ryan's been outstanding at Jones at right like. You should play with these two duo because unless you have them you don't realize that that Roddy White does goes off at home yeah. Anything on the road and it's vice Versa for Julio Jones -- on the road Eagles crazy. -- how do you explain that. You know what I have no idea just one of those strange trends in the NFL and fantasy football basically. Roddy is a must start at home. And Julio as a guy you have to play week in and week out he probably cost -- a second or third round pick but the fact of the matter is he's too good to bench. This week now and I'm not telling people to sit Julio Jones but as you just mentioned. He is only had a 107 yards and no touchdowns in three home games and the only wide receiver to score double digit fantasy points against the cowboys this year. Is let's see if you guys can -- Kamal. Law school recruits. Brandon Marshall Victor Cruz had -- awful games against the cowboys this year so again I'm not telling you that you sit Roddy said Julio -- after playing to stick with your studs. But if Julio Jones doesn't produce at a high level on -- on Sunday night it would not be surprised. The cowboys defense from the jokes you make about that team with Romo in the turn -- and Jerry Jones and everything else. That pass defense is wicked. -- your phone calls -- Michael Fabiano at 617779793. Seve can also ticket through. Koppel lied to keep texting your question we'll try to get to as many as possible at 85850. Chuck is in Melrose leads us off hey chuck. They are going on guys. I so I mean one of those keeper league that you just mentioned I have spot there will be a second round pick me Bancshares. A battle for -- years I was offered gronkowski which -- fourteenth round pick next year and Alfred more encouraged to both of which would be eight compact and also I would throw and you know but he's kind of it the other got to have a good. And I can't trade area in Foster. I is -- it is the closest thing to Marshall -- that we have a National Football League right now and actually costing you a second round pick is that daddy's. Probably top three pick next year or -- he gets hurt. The one issue I would have a Foster is if he does see. That 307%. And Kerry mark remember that. Is it one of those marks where running backs to at least sort of fall off the next season because of an overworked. For a big workload. But. I can't. Hatred Foster I just came to I like Morse Bernie Gradkowski for fourteen is an absolute steal. Richardson definitely has major upside because Steven Jackson won't be there for the rams next season. I just I can't trade area Foster managed just too good Jason itself boss who wanted to question -- start this week -- They I adored it. I got a question I gamut of standard week and I got I have or are four wide receivers -- need to start really. Abruptly starring Eric Decker but then I have Larry FitzGerald. Josh Gordon Titus Young. We respect. -- -- It's the same situation as I talked to a little bit ago he is a guy who ejected in the second or third round he's not doing it right now. But you almost have to play him and in fact you know the one week where you sit Larry FitzGerald as the week where it's gonna go for a 120 yards two touchdowns. The Packers. Are not the best pass defense in the league had given up a fair amount of points a wide receivers. So I start FitzGerald and honestly I start Josh -- I don't study shows coming off a huge gain but if you look at the trend this year with wide receivers coming off a big games were picked up off the waiver wire. Nine times out of ten that next week they don't do -- anything. So I like that you picked up -- young he's well with the roster spot Josh Gordon is a guy who's been more more consistent no doubt about that and the ravens defense is now what used to -- -- let me ask your question is very interesting game on Monday night in Michael Vick this guy going up against -- -- -- can't just stop -- can't stop anybody. He's competing first job as bad as Michael Vick has been in real football terms and fantasy. Is bad games really aren't that bad what what's your view of Vick. He has Jackson's thinkers I mean there's no doubt about that but. He's playing the saints and he. -- if that's not enough reason to start Michael Vick I don't know what is they've given up more fantasy points to quarterbacks and any team in the National Football League. And an -- they're not playing the star quarterback every single week they've given up a lot of points -- even some mediocre quarterbacks Robert Josh Freeman a few weeks ago. Absolutely that that defense up. Vick will be fired to hopefully put some of this benching talk in their rear view -- Have a very solid game on Monday night you also start to char Jackson you also start Jeremy -- of course you're starting which on the Kuwait. But I like it this week a much stardom over Robert -- from the third for example but. I like unique feature after the -- -- -- -- number one and you don't have an elite guy behind him like -- Robert Griffin the third for example I'm playing Michael Vick James is a New Hampshire with a question I James. I don't. I can't integrate -- account Yuxi gronkowski up by the tweet. I'm really weak at running back expression -- come up with lynching mostly it was true. I try to do little actual and they looked and expects well. No doubt. I listen if you're not trade you're not trying and for me. The unless you can start both of these guys when it tight end when it -- for example why have they don't -- player on your bench every week. People had that sort of -- Niger with Aaron Rodgers and RG three or Tom Brady and RG three -- -- one of them. Why why are you gonna have a stud player on your bench every single week. These guys are great plays week in and week out regardless of the matchup and that's what happens with Graham and what happens -- housekeeper put them both out there on the way on the trade up. Market and she would offer you get and to be quite honest. I think you can get a very good running back for either one of these guys I'm not talking about -- Foster or Ray Rice but -- you get a LeSean McCoy and potentially could he -- Trent Richardson sure. Shoot for the stars I would never ever try to. Give a player away for less than what I think I can get for him and I -- get a very good running back in return for either one of these guys beacon of a great run back to the Buffalo Bills just killed in the owners projections -- defense. I mean. If you don't want to put. Yet if you put Fred on one team as a featured back and you put CJ and another team. Both guys are first is -- your picks and fantasy and we saw Fred last year was fantastic before he got hurt that Spiller came along he was great. Earlier this season Jackson went down with a knee injury against the jets. Spiller came in and it was gang -- he was fantastic. The fact of the matter is right now is that the committee situation. Makes this basically. A risk reward to slash off -- situation for -- as yours. Jackson neither one of these guys is good matchup this week she just goes the better and marks philosophy as you back. So -- please Spiller this week. For Jackson's more reflects again I don't -- the match up. But the fact of the matter is these are two talented running backs whose value is being decreased. Because they're sharing the workload and awful. Somebody -- question this week -- in -- needs one of these Michael -- screen Brian Hart lined Daniel Thomas who you know what. Go heartland. I have I have a feeling about heartland because the match of his good. The colts have not been good against the pass this year. And Alex green there's rumors that James Starks is gonna start. Put a dent his gears now Austrians are urgently 2.4 -- security even though he's getting almost all the -- for the Packers I don't trust him. -- a Thomas all electric bushel up to streaky in the -- its occult. -- Thomas. Had a good game last week but I don't know if you can count on that we can and week out I really think heartland to deep sleeper and I start heartland. Scott is at hand that deflects question go it's got. They -- they don't good or abortion up please like this week been Janet -- -- Steve enjoy what's in which George Gordon to EPO. I go Stevie Johnson typically like to go to running back but to offer -- nothing this year he had a one good game that was the beginning of the year two guys remembered as the -- Vincent people like all the -- going to be featured back in Cincinnati and this and that. This escort WP -- 2.2 once since that game the Broncos defense I mean there underrated they're pretty good so. I would go with Stevie Johnson. He is the guy there that I have the most trusting in and PP our -- elect to go to wide receiver when I can't. -- Willis in Rhode Island talking about wide receivers this week will what do you have. Yeah I -- all they get home I got Rodney ward. 80 laurel Christian problem I don't know who really put. We. -- for me -- target and it's close. And they have a really tough matchup this week in Seattle but -- has been the better for industry wide receiver this year a listen. I wish you could play both of them I don't know if you played in -- real small -- 1816 I and I would have. Rowdy right Percy. It would be Harvard because again matchup. Might he might very well have a great game the white but I've got to go by the numbers and the numbers say Harvard has a better matchup even though neither matchup is very good. Odds Diaw trade question to get out adamant cars get a trade question go had Adam. -- I don't get. -- -- a -- fired -- -- opportunity to get you know rewrites but Doug Martin that Martin just been. Coming out and shoot shell and Lehman Britain's -- right. And right to -- -- your weeks is short and bolt or 100 -- or which which you go or -- How I go for the stars Allan Ray Rice idealist and I I go after the big names and I try to make trades and Ray Rice I think it's gonna be fine he has had a couple of down wage -- Ray Rice and hopefully the ravens and came carriers in -- -- the best guy we have on our offense we should give the ball 25 times game. -- -- that's just me on the fantasy expert I don't know unpopular at but didn't -- it matter what it's funny because. You had that with Cornell to. -- your best offensive player Jamaal Charles and he sees what five carries and after the game Crennel goes yeah I'm not exactly sure what happened there. I'm only at -- -- you know what. I'm pretty sure should probably be playing Jamaal Charles again on twenty carries a game in the same thing -- Ray Rice. Doug Martin's been hot there's no doubt about it I love the matchup this week but if you can get Ray -- if someone's word of our Ray Rice out there and their role in the give you a good deal. I'd certainly go for the star there and Ray Rice. He's not an opera singer or offensive coordinator -- -- tell -- about that. Fantasy expert Michael -- got a NFL fantasy live weekdays -- Q and midnight visit nfl.com. Slash fantasy lighting to follow on Twitter saying how great -- -- -- that on our show and Michael underscore for Abby Ottawa -- harassment. I -- answer your question Michael enjoy the weekend the thought the next week thinks it's not that I don't get enough of that already. War think your guys -- Michael your -- about steroids and Iran to as many people that on the ATP text line. And 85850. Every single Friday 1 o'clock we answered many questions possible when Michael Fabiano here on this program in ninety seconds after that. We do all runners not Lou next.

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