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Mike Reiss, ESPNBoston.com, on the Patriots new CB Aqib Talib

Nov 2, 2012|

Mike Reiss joins Mut and Lou to talk about the Patriots much needed new cornerback Aqib Talib and what the trade with Tampa Bay offers the Patriots fraught secondary. Reiss believes that Belichick must have confidence in Talib’s capabilities in order to commit to him given Talib’s run-ins with the law. Reiss also gets into what the Patriots need to focus on during the bye week and what improvements need to be made in order to make a run for the AFC championship.

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Well it's I think a lot of teams -- on the -- here on phone though because if he truly truly is one of the more talented defensive backs in this league he's a ball -- what they. Patriots when they miss and missed them all off with a they have at Thai law when they won't even Asante Samuel and they're having that. Almost perfect season guys that ball skills that he believes that he is a guy who's been in trouble they get one game up on suspension to serve. And so. I think for fourth round pick what that's where Bill Belichick collects these extra pit seed and it did me break this down. Fourth rounder in 2013 now the key to leave the fifth -- owners Robert gains were in the sixth rounder is Ted Johnson. So it's just rent a player right now but it is pretty good player to rent. That is Chris -- earlier today on ESPN breaking down the patriots acquisition of a qui Aqib Talib a the -- other big chill this afternoon -- Crist wants to make sure you're locked in and patriots try to get down Mort take on that joining us. On the eighteenth the hotline as Mike Reese our conversation -- Mike is brought to you by KM. The official Franken sausage all of the England patriots to read Mike's working the FBM boston.com. Well let's face yesterday Michael it's like to be in the baseball beat with -- trading deadline deal for the patriots. -- that -- good stuff Lou you know I just that. -- -- -- about that people were saying with the patriots make a deal but the deadline in and the answer was you never say never but usually it doesn't happen. You know in the NFL. It's not like baseball but. There's one thing we've come to learn about Bill Belichick and his thirteen years as coaches to expect the unexpected just when you think you might have been pinned down he does something else and. It makes it's sort of exciting to follow doesn't. -- Mike -- the game but he thinks it's pastoral Revis but you know. He did upgrade and heard more instance in wrestle -- all on me how much better does this make distant. Well Lou the one thing that you look at over the first eighteen to this season that would crushing them whereas with the big play is going to in his. That the neatest thing breaks down pretty simply mean talent wise to check out there a better team with Aqib Talib. You know on the field compensation want it checked out I mean -- wringing your hands over giving up a fourth round draft choice I mean. To me you haven't really looked at the history book Belichick has done. Ted Washington in 2003 the big nose tackle one year rental for a fourth round draft choice Randy Moss report. Deion Branch for a for a couple years ago I mean that was -- since I think -- that compensation checks out. The big issue with the character of the player I mean if he's gonna come in and and it's just another Albert Haynesworth situation or to the come in and brought it up and give yet the -- a year or half. After year so that you got from Corey Dylan. In 2004 which was an unbelievable year -- so to me that's the only question mark here. You know these guys have panned out in the past toggle back years ago -- scored Domi Randy Moss for. Effective -- -- didn't ineffective Chad did was it just a case that the -- wasn't there anymore with those two wars the case of may be this roster doesn't have the type of leaders that can handle these personalities anymore. I think it's more the formerly Obama put my own twist on it here I mean Haynesworth thing and that and I hold myself accountable for this because when they made the trade I was out front saying -- -- low risk high reward why not give it a shot. And then when it didn't work out an -- with this you know it it looked good on paper but they didn't do enough. Due diligence somewhere within the player's heart. Albert Haynesworth didn't wanna play football Lou and what to think that Bill Belichick always says we talk among players they bring into the patriots. How important football for the player so that's the one thing he had a look at here would -- -- this. How much that they wanna play and then look at it one step further. I find it hard to believe -- would make the deal. You know if he didn't have some assurance that they believe. You know that football wasn't important to Tibet Nepal was important to to lead and that's the great Schiavo. Confectionery you know the duke coach about it he's very close I don't think she I was gonna try to sell Belichick you know -- off Paul. -- a good here I mean that they're good friends so I think that that's sort of how I piece that went together. We're talking -- Mike -- ESPN boston.com and taking your phone calls and texts and tweets throughout 61777979370. Join the conversation with us. On this trade obviously patriots first half. Do we have any idea you know who is the de facto leader I guess assume I assume it's Vince Wilfork and try to imagine Mike. When Talib comes in who's the veteran player on the patriots defense and is their veteran player that pulls him aside. -- sort of repels him that this is the way we do things as the patriot way or MIA. You know that's -- like a movie line vs what actually happens with this patriots team. So I think it's definitely will sport specific to the defense not but I think. You know it's gonna be more than him it's gonna start with Tom Brady and I can tell you this decisively from being around this team for the last. Thirteen years when Brady was here I mean he has. Roland stature within the locker room has obviously grown and when your quarterback is when your hardest workers when your quarterback set the -- Everyone else sort of falls in line until. If you wanna talk specifically defense it's definitely Vince Wilfork and not put. That all the young defensive players say it's start Wilfork in -- to a from yesterday said that to -- specifically Chandler Jones and Justin Francis two rookies. You know basically it starts with Vince Wilfork but I think it's even bigger than that it's Belichick it's Brady and that sort of trickled down from there. The only thick of the signing easier to leave meet the needs are describing him you know 61 big corner. I can't help but think Ras I Dowling and again. -- missing in the in the draft in the past caused you to court and get a guy like this is diplomats at the are hoping to get out of Roz I don't Brigham credit for at least recognized at that point. Is much don't want to give crush them for not. Drafting potential now starting corners. Yeah I feel the same exactly move reminiscent not the type of -- you wanna have to and they can mean if you're drafting your evaluation. Was on the market then that no one's perfect let's say that but this is the Ras I Dowling spot. I mean this is like you drafted him 33 overall last year and it hasn't worked out with him but. I'm with you that okay Bill Belichick. He's not gonna say he's not gonna try to force that he's not going to be afraid to admit that I was wrong I made a mistake. And I think that's what this is he's he's the team that. I'm had a chance to contend for a Super Bowl in a wide open AFC you know wide open NFL in my opinion he says. Why -- on it let's go let it interfere in the appear follower of the patriots. That's the type of approach that I would want my team to have instead of sitting back and -- you know what. Fourth rounder next year you know that I'd like to keep that that that could be you -- expect to be a player that could help us I think given where this -- -- Right now this is exactly the way to go in the one point I'd make it they drafted forty players over the last four years. I don't think they need another young player per say this stocked up pretty good here and they have the ability the flexibility to make this type of move. That's the fourth round tight end they -- drafted their phenomena for those were talking -- Mike -- is PM boston.com the addition of delete the secondary Mike. I ask you put your your Belichick at all for a second. -- -- right away in that quarter and specifically what does this mean for -- according. Going forward is he now a safety in this Patriots defense. So much I think I think he believed it definitely when your top corners I would put that down and and the question is how fast can get there and I I don't think it'll take too long so. I lock him -- that one cornerback spot and then the question is really. Will you go with McCord and I personally think the best combination is to lead in the court yet corner and then you go. For a combination of probably Gregory and -- at safety. And what that does. Is it gives you either standard or Arrington as here. Slot corner and get his take on the world and has your dime back plan in the linebacker role in the dime package and when I look at the different combinations that they can come up with -- I think. That's probably the one that that they hope works out for them and then the question becomes is what Patrick Chung. Are you getting because he's been a little bit of a disappointment this year. Bill they released. Sterling Moore. The other day and he brought in mark and you -- OK maybe that's the move but was this really them over me with -- future mark and the Reno I think about this guy. We have I think -- I wouldn't be surprised if he's not around here that much longer I'm not really sure where that came from the guy that the government street anyone could have done if anything. He's a special -- type guy that putt. The move with sterling Moore. Now that we have more context the fact that they waived him and no other team. Around the -- it -- a nickel cornerback that played 43% of the -- Tell us that even -- he was on the field he's not viewed as AM -- player with high up side this is a fourth if maybe six cornerback adept guy that could get it through May be a game -- two and certainly they've upgraded now that they brought in to leave practice squad. Her firm was arguably I think he'll be back -- because we were in the locker room yesterday and his you know his locker -- still sit up and you still -- eligibility and that's. The other factor on you if he played one more regular season game this year. He would have forfeited his eligibility for the practice courts so this is the way the patriot you keep from around on the practice. Now we're talking -- Mike recent ESPN boston.com. Will talk to Fletcher in New Hampshire get all your phone calls and year. At 6177797937. We talked to Mike on -- would take your calls. As part of -- -- conversation 61777979837. One update not a huge surprise but ESPN's Pierre LeBron there. NHL. Go to guy. Reporting sources telling him indeed later on today the legal announced the canceling. -- winter classic that was set for Detroit between the Maple Leafs and the red wings on ESPN reporting that to happen. Later on today warrior phone calls like Greece next. Back get a Butler not a three point seven WEEI we talked to Mike Greece every single Friday ESPN boston.com of the patriots beat when we do. We take your calls at 617779793. Several get some thoughts. On the second half of Mike here just a couple of minutes but what is in New Hampshire. Talking about this coaching staff what troubled lot -- like Greece today. And I know Mike. Hey Mike day -- one time Polly your blog on. ESPN now live back to the days of when you -- the globe but. And I know you're a big supporter of Josh -- And the coaching staff and he guy's not there have been talking all morning about. There -- risks and those are the obvious things but my big question is. I think the biggest risk -- to the coaching. Could get this guy who by everybody's account is a great defense to back if he -- in any start stinking up the place. He's not turn into the ball we're getting beat led by the long ball I think. You know all about band they're going to be playing. What's going on what what's gone with a coach. Such a result and for the top -- -- -- in and on the blog and what not much. Think that's very you know and a the question has always been -- talent vs the coaching and I lean more toward the personnel side and and say look they've had. A bunch of coaches come through here you know Corwin brown. Was a former player who is coaching the defense to back here a couple years ago. And take -- look too good then you know Dom Capers was here one of the most respected. Veteran coaches in the league in in human culture in the secondary in 2008 and I didn't think it looked too good then I think what you're going to get going to bring him up. A talented player like different if the results continue to be the same and may do you have even stronger evidence that it's. It's not the players may be the coaching that -- right now I just don't don't see that it did in the -- You know Mike one of the things to return with the MLB trade deadline and now actively can be at times you know and it's easy rice you acquire pitcher go all the baseball that you have another city go to baseball acumen of the city. The difference in football right is this team so I'm just wondered as far as. What's what's position on the football field in my would be the easiest -- be defensive -- is -- go get the football it is our transition into a new team. And that's that's actually -- really good point and that's something Belichick made Lou earlier this year when he was talking about the difference. Between Donta hightower and Chandler Jones in which rookie was able to make you know may be a quicker impact his point being that. Not that defensive end isn't easy position but it's a little bit easier than linebacker because at linebacker -- involved. You know in the run in the passing game and in terms the different concepts whereas Jim Jones at defense have been yes he's playing the run and the pass but. It's a little bit more straightforward in terms of what he's doing so I think that's -- good point in terms of police bill I mean look. Cover guys on the -- into the ground c'mon -- you know like this isn't rocket science. And I think he should be able to help pretty technical cover that guy Brandon is an am Reynolds school comment. And I got a different. It's really aren't. -- -- -- I think acutely be shut down or I'm not actually box and first and watch and -- for years now. And I'm when he on the field -- have to quarter -- down you know he's not wearing any pants this go through. He might allow a couple people every year it's not speedy they're a I also think he will be shut down corner so I tenure at supermarket. Or. I think speaker it's and but no break defense. Just got a meet -- prepare it and also want to say earlier your part in our house. Tony Gonzales got I wanna say about Peter King Peter -- all pro tight and yeah first half of the year at their products that that's. Coincidence blocking skills as well as since receiving -- easily the best football. Yet I didn't get an added degree going to be so that might were to start picking at his all pro team he would Tony Gonzales mr. blowing up. -- cup receptions behind him a more yards a more touchdowns register I think Tony Gonzales been a surprise this year but I still think crooks steal pro tenant. -- the thing with ground to me that I just you have to have so much respect for is you know he's not a 100% and he's probably not even close to 80% and the you watch him. You walk through the locker room and it looks like it's painful to walk can you total up you know not just the catches and the yards and a touchdown but. 94% of the snaps and he's just so tough. -- have a lot of respect for what he's battling through to put up those numbers and just to follow up -- -- and so on to -- look I am definitely get the optimism. I do think maybe just a tempered a little bit there was a game earlier this year against the giants. We're two -- struggled quite a bit with Hakeem Nicks so I think it's the balance without a little bit. Very talented corner but shut down the -- little to generate that for my liking. A block he's in a car Bucky you're up with the -- Lou migrates. Pocket rocket but. I'll. -- -- -- Is it at that well now look at it and by the end of the year catapult which got just went into a -- and hatred and LaMont would play out. And I think that would be I think that would be great. It wouldn't surprise me because that's sort of like. When you look at Iraqi the same thing you know Mitch Daniels with a unique situation where he had knowledge of the system. And that I think it it could only help you put an end I wouldn't rule it out. He talked about the second half fear for second Michael lot of guys miss that game in London guys are banged up other player to three the fake. With the bye week now and as the next game come up against buffalo they've been hurt the expected to be back in the lineup if things progress the way they are right now. I just focus on the key guys you know the Mankins. Hernandez. You know Gregory looks like he's close to its safety so that's another piece you know when it did talking about to -- then and how it all fits together. So those would be that they took a couple I would focus on but you know in terms says of getting guys back but I think that's the the main part of this -- weakest. They need fifteen banged up and I think just having the one practiced really helped them because it gets some of these guys closer to get back. Sneak in Matt in Providence here Matt what's going on. Well you won't vote. And that's a quick question -- A few questions about the technical. Auto the -- offering as it relates to a -- No opportunity that I should say that the it is a one -- radioed about how correct yes. -- a difference when your bonus conscious. I'm thrilled that there and help control. The signal to the quarterback. It in terms of control in what way like you can only have one helmet right with the communication is eagle here or there and roll -- long has that. Line of communication open. Cut shot fifteen seconds left with the play with fifteen seconds left in the play clock if I have my and so. Are and how well eat. That these parts of the government adopted some of these are bail out at the same exact content. Pull out of Canada also I'm pretty sure it's the same thing I'll check it and I'll get back to mutton Lou after we get after years to make sure I'm not give it the wrong information. It -- let me ask you this because you know Aqib -- we don't know sales last year his rookie deal and and who knows you know will find a lot more in seven weeks or were -- headache or not. Questionable Patrick Chung a season that same similar situation in the amount of games that you play what what's the future do you think in European Patrick -- here in this organization. So I had to play an illusion of the questions coming in from you this year for -- were two things it was. Number one couldn't stay healthy and played sixteen games which obviously did you know it hasn't happened and and and that he's on the field could play at a high level and I think. That hasn't really happened yet either so I think. Right now they don't you know the only way really -- the patriots investing in that long term is that it's. It's in the deal that sort of friendly to them and and and sort of protects them. And you know they're not gonna pay big money is basically what I'm saying -- I could envision -- where he goes to the market. And patriots sort of you don't -- communicating with and see where the market goes and they'll bring him back call only if the deal is done on terms that are good for them. I'm Mike craziest PM boston.com joins us every single patriots Friday as always -- tremendous insight enjoy the why we couple of days and the -- -- next week. I think guys have a great weekend. Mike joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Was speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T rethink possible. Let's do this it's clear that the fault lines here -- because Michael -- beyond it was coming up the great Michael -- beyond NFL network nfl.com. He covers fantasy football he gives out really good fantasy football advice. I lost to Michael Holly's. Pissed off for groceries by less than a point last week gosh darn it isn't obvious football league. So I may sneak in a question about my own team you'll know it's coming but I might sneak in a question with -- on -- but really it's about your questions for your team we're getting towards the couple weeks to go to play -- not playoff time the playoff seeding. At Fabiano is gonna help 61777979837. Your phone number. Load up all your fantasy football call 61777979. -- 37. Michael -- got a with the next.

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