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Peter King, SI, on the Patriots new CB Aqib Talib

Nov 2, 2012|

Peter King joins Mut and Lou to talk about the upcoming Giants game in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. He also shares his thoughts on the Patriots recent trade with Tampa Bay involving CB Aqib Talib in exchange for a fourth round draft pick. King explains what Talib will contribute to a struggling Patriots secondary. King also gets into what happened to Matt Cassel, who has proved to be a big disappointment this season.

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Butler -- three point seven. WEEI. Go -- the NFL leaving during -- patriots finally with Peter King Sports Illustrated NBC's joining us. As always brought to you by town fair tire voted tractor corporation. And by -- hill Ford. Peter joins us on the eighteenth the hot line and you made the move for the Boston the New York area -- everything okay with the after effects where you are from hurricane sandy. Well I mean -- I feel really guilty nothing happens to me I live in midtown Manhattan and you know it didn't even lose power. -- you know with a well. 35 blocks north of where here. Curse word. Basically like submarines in the streets -- Manhattan and you know it's it's it's tragic on so many levels but you know like I hit. He feels incredibly fortunate on the one hand but nothing happened and then incredibly guilty. Because. So many people suffered so much and I'm just sit here just like normal so anyway. Obviously outside of the city. Peter guessing defected -- the gonna run the New York marathon so. Probably wasn't any talk of canceling this Pittsburgh giants team and open its first flying in that morning to play the games that -- Yet they. They they had they at a -- -- Jersey -- -- -- a challenger at eight it because at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon it couldn't be truer. There -- going to be any electricity at a hotel on the -- So. And he basically said there's a sense for the continental plates that. You know cancer so -- got permission for the NFL and the Hawaii and on Sunday and look it's for our team. You know that idiot at about 11151130. And -- I don't think it's that big deal. You know as far as competitive balance or anything. And you know -- play in the game. If Roger Goodell spoke with Chris Christie beat governor enters the yesterday and the just -- to talk about. Whether the you know liberty in this state of security at any objections to playing any game whether. Any resource is used for hurricane relief. What I have to use state and -- -- that Knoll. You know I told Kristi said it's it's fine though that with the game so. I don't really seen much of a purpose. There's no. You know I'd like basically can't beat double -- So postponing it particularly one. The Steelers have parties at their body. -- it would be pretty two. You know to try to. Ask one team has to play three games -- a week or so and so it. Not really a lot that can be that. Peter the patriots make -- one of the few big moves of the trading deadline yesterday acquiring a -- key to leave from Tampa Bay. Your assessment on the patriots acquisition. -- Well I think it all depends. Long term. You know given up before you can only get sent back. Think long term I think a lot of it depends on whether they -- at the end of the year but. Clearly what this says to me a couple of two interest in transactions by the patriots this week. You don't Bill Belichick is is apparently so. Unhappy with the speed of its secondary. Handle is the play of a lot of these young kids that. You know he ended up cutting -- guy who you know you remember he had the last -- sterling Moore was. -- work for them. I mean he's he's. -- in in some ways he's the reason that that -- Baltimore because he chopped a ball a lot of and eat you know I. Out of it into the ravens receiver. Losing my mind very go blank -- Yet the evidence -- you know -- too late next game that obviously what the patriots to win that game. And so that you know he's fallen. Far and fast in the same week they don't treat her guy who really attacked almost nothing but trouble in his NFL career and what he's an above average court he's not a great -- he's an upgrade for the patriots over what they had now. But. The folks -- pro football focus to church such things. You know basically throughout the -- today that that so far this year that. After reading when he between me and cover so far this year over a hundred. And an eagle at 66%. Of the the balls to be complete instant so. In the this is not your honor it should help or very wounded part of a contending team I understand -- Bill Belichick did it. But. I think unless he plays well. And they're able to keep up after this year you'll you'll question the acquisition on -- -- to be sure because. Now the patriots are without third fourth and fifth -- sixth district. And edit the question for me is they do they have the the locker room to a -- somebody like Aqib Talib I mean. They record deal is different team back then meet you Randy Moss refer showed up but recently. It would be Ochocinco Haynesworth do they have that type of leadership on this patriot team. That's a great question Lou and I look. He you know a team to -- to. Let me just explain a couple of things about this skirt so. You know he's he had a lot of trouble whenever he would go home to -- And he was involved shooting incident. Two lost seasons ago. And so we're basically. The bar were so concerned. About out. In some ways you left. Can't. That they basically told him an 88 you know that you see at Indy is the -- Well we want you believe that if you have to live in itself. He was not planning and in this policy is lit up. And he was not planning to go back to Dallas. An end you know he made that agreement. You know with the book. That you live in it for the stay -- -- you know all all the trouble he would give it. When he go back home. And and that's that's -- one part of that and I think. The other part is that is that Ian Ritchie are now. Really liked this guy and when I was in training camp this year. There are no question. At great Schiavo got liberated some guys who aren't buying into the program. -- -- -- had become a spokesman for the program. If you look Schiavo you love the rules well the discipline told means can't that thing -- -- sure and now repeat -- deal with the rule it out you know he'll he'll he'll let you go. If you wanna be here so we're all -- And here it is no problem whatsoever. Until he tested positive for at all. You know a lot of people. Don't think you're I think you're going to be serious discussion in the NFL. -- talks heated up out at all and eating at the stimulant there's no question about it is geared performance enhancing and stimulant. But I think they're going to be that I can interpret scripture right now. You know further hurt her various ailments mostly. You know attention deficit disorder thing right there. But I I honestly think that this is not a guy. Who years. You know every day you're gonna apt BP saying okay what's the -- to -- -- it today and say you know -- -- we we keep a -- on them. At all times not that kinda guy so I don't think it's gonna be I think for the next two months. He could it be basically pretty quiet you can try to fall in line and I if I am. Knowing him he's a good football player he's gonna say it -- chance. Picture of the -- -- to the generations that he should use music cornerstone player for the future. Is a significantly upgrade Peter in your mind the chance the patriots have to win a Super Bowl this one acquisition yesterday. I don't know. I mean significantly upgrade I mean it's an upgrade over what yet but what they -- Was not very good so I. Look I'd seen everything -- about our great leader you not agree corner. You know he's -- he could go to our he's our every and a -- order. He's gonna get -- You know the epic TV at the beginning of the country safe and true that. You know he's at them that from rob a gun and quarterbacks have come after. So to me I kinda look at him and say you know what good reputation. Any better at what they and maybe. Who knows how bill. You know plays it now at -- He has -- quality and safety and and -- it that way but. It'll be like compared to provide. You know it's just I'm watching that game last night and just. -- -- about Kansas City Chiefs and trying to figure out who's in more trouble here Romeo Cornell or Scott Pioli. Well. Well if pioli goes. Awake now. And -- I still think -- at the -- state because -- like it bother you don't let the public fighter here in here. However. It maybe to -- for. Clark and keep appeal at the end of the year because of the minute you would cry right now. It is this is the wave of fear its workers you know the guy in 1978. Hurting your ticket and White Plains over the media. You know. In all fired coat it reviewed it accurately the call at. So you know I think right now that. I think he agreed with probably after LE years. -- any indication that they will. But they probably have to LE four you know -- -- cut -- pioli but look nobody knows what is going to. But I think it'd be for him bring pioli back. Under current circumstances. That they have a significant -- And a follow up on the chiefs Peter what's the consensus on what happened to Matt Cassel -- a guy that we saw here lead the patriots to eleven wins in Brady's -- -- had a good first year. -- shell shocked the market really likes -- shell I think he shell shocked and EE. EE obviously I mean look I saw -- at last night there I think. That looked all at our light off cluster. And it the Demorrio Williams in the great respect for touchdown that looked at six interceptions he's -- their -- -- been. By his own lawyer first. And so you know look you know Dexter McCluster. Or has been make colossal. Disappointment. -- that guy into the trees caught with Darren Sproles who. OK and you know and and Matt Cassel. You know -- he's. I thought. When Scott Pioli got him from the from the patriots rank first what they're 2009. I thought it was the perfect acquisition trigger. You -- eagle there. I. You know of an -- Extremely well liked guy in the locker room. And I thought he was gonna be good enough to win I didn't know how good the people respect because of the -- He's been tremendous inaccurate number one and number two. -- you know early eighties the offensive line in front of him. As the picture AT. And you know they haven't -- any defense that. Please me if they'd been a year ago Abu Ali has not been as effective that he was a year ago. -- You know again. I -- think the capsule look at -- real capital right now and you see it demoralize shell shocked I think. Who is gonna have to be a backup somewhere else in the early next year and he is no way back into it. Peter last wants me to Sunday night game Atlanta and Dallas football coach is on the hot seat. -- is Jason Garrett on that hot -- right now do you believe in Dallas. I think he's hot seat. But I do know this. Do you -- your own. Truly. You know he -- so -- -- a look at your -- roll their eyes and say really. Don't think it's I -- -- I know for a fact hearing it will decent -- I didn't say that -- quite an eleven or exit and the rocket fire. But this isn't a situation like for her in San Diego at you know 88807. -- unity neat and -- make the play out or gone. Everybody knows that the -- say that last year. 88 that it probably gone to. Well I I think it's different. In Dallas in that. I think Jerry Jones would be low right now partly to complete collapse fired feet and Garrett now. It could happen weird things happen there's two months left in the season but as of now the I don't believe that your ego even the I think you're electorate he can fire. Peter is always appreciate the insight enjoy the week at the -- talking X Friday. One of the best Peter King joining us on the -- hotline AT&T forgy LTE -- speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible a conversation with Peter spots -- by countered -- -- voter. -- -- The voted tractor corporation and like from bill Ford. 92 break a look at some of the gains this week in the National Football League with the patriots awful will be watching Mike Reese joins us bottom of the hour we'll talk to him.

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