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Patrick Chung, Patriots safety, on new teammate Aqib Talib

Nov 2, 2012|

Patrick Chung joins Mut and Lou to talk about his new defensive back teammate Aqib Talib and how to integrate him into the defense mid season. Talib’s worrisome rapsheet doesn’t bother Chung as long as he proves he’s serious about contributing to the Patriots Superbowl chase.

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It's our you're not -- not to three point seven WEP guys are a lot of football conversation patriots. New acquisition yesterday Aqib Talib quarterback from Tampa Bay. All of seven round pick for a fourth round pick one of his new teammates Patrick Chung joining us on the AT&T hotline every time we talked to Patrick. Are patriots -- it's brought to you by quick lane higher. You told a single practice last week and then you know maybe play in London all the so we find you to make the trip you lied to us Patrick chart. And lack of control a lot harder -- out here. Well who work in the Portland look better. What's it like for you when you -- your home I mean obviously you know you deal with American issues but you're watching your team. It all out in London sit on your couch and what's it like for you. -- -- Levine is not having nobody -- just got to keep working as -- got their. I guess acquire a key to leave now from Tampa Bay. But -- off the milieu war with him. Looking disabled him as a as a quarterback. -- hurt me please play America -- -- -- big -- -- recorder and he beat he has you know I think as long as burn the -- Your physical safety you appreciate appreciate a quarterback like it to leave whose real physical Patrick you watch him and he just jams guys up front you. You have a similar physical style. The object of an airport you presently have a good group critical quarterly. No doubt they'll track goes yeah you we're though officials throughout the that was gonna Ortiz. Here he comes with I guess -- -- some baggage is no question about it the bill has shown before these are afraid to bring some guys if they can help the team win. What is it like what someone like this comes in with that kind of history on your team is there. Is there that leaders say that boy -- get some say listen this is this is our goal this is our mission to -- sit down and talked him. Are in the -- them are only cricket. In my game that. It is here where you play ball there -- played a part in bill and bringing different our -- for no reason so. In Egypt will blow it off. We talk a lot with you about communication Patrick when you when you put a new player in that secondary -- -- the team. -- speed up the communication process you've talked about how important that is what the new guy in the mix do you do a different terms of talking about the defense how to communicate on the field. Article and look at the directly explain it and how -- you that the room or a lot faster -- Know -- I don't think could be a problem that these companies coming in right place and ready to learn the guilt to a couple. Don't want they think he does do is up that versatility unit and a defensive back here to get a -- them -- that seems very natural that safety position and now you can either leave on their due to some injuries maybe you know even though you Greg grew up there working get a feel maybe can stay back they maybe can slide back to corner. How valuable is it just to have a guy like that -- that can do either. -- -- debt that is very good Bert Bert stern -- -- also also furcal -- to do man whatever whatever he doesn't separate that a special team in order. It can help teens went so what is it where a lot of situation where it is what it is all of spurred the oak lawn you know -- and their. There's very few trades made it to the football deadline and baseball players talk about Patrick wouldn't trade is made that the clubhouse excited about it that shows that. The ownership -- is invested in this team they wanna win this year. Have you talked to your teammates that excitement about adding a player with this sort of talent to that group. Actually just sort of by -- -- so mean. We don't pay attention that that Larry you're -- from him sort of play it well obviously it's very simple we're not covering your career here all. Whatever network has gone too -- and -- applicable. It's seen as always Sunday with Saint Louis and maybe you know they were taken shots deep tomatoes because guys were all covered up but that was the one issue with the group the -- -- defense is. The long ball didn't beat by the deep ball is Chris -- early on Tebow Wilson gets burned but. And sit down watch film whether adjustments that were made or did you see them just not taking shots. I mean the ability extra things I mean to not take sides or we're probably cover the big and the ball every every. And the situations. I can't just say one thing it's a mixture of work. You saw again on Sunday Chandler Jones had a sack a seventeen yard loss you've got a chance that. This got out perhaps the season. As a rookie what are you seeing from him up front this patriot defense. He's good he's good feel out there Abbott park is plentiful whatever -- -- -- -- now. He -- their that we're Lebanese -- pretty easily replace. How you planned for I don't there's you try to get back in the field what's the schedule here during the -- we you travel you stay around this area what he and it. On the -- hanging out their -- will then. -- out the Gingrich did Garrett Gomez. You can say you get ready for organ USA. The same. Who you already know maybe it. Got that -- probably -- clearly we all want. That's it that is a huge game from BCS they apply a lot of people want your team to lose on Saturday Rick you realize Barack. I don't. You know a member of that you know when you can't he can't be the best auditors are all good. All right -- we appreciate the time enjoy the -- Patrick will talk to you next week. -- -- your Patrick Chung joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times fast and three G. It's AT&T rethink possible.

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