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Rick Stroud, Tampa Bay Times, provides some background to Aqib Talib's shady history

Nov 2, 2012|

John and Gerry talk with Tampa Bay Times Bucs writer Rick Stroud about newly-acquired cornerback Aqib Talib and his many black marks to his record that he's accumulated over his career. They also go into Talib's abilities as a defensive back and his legacy that he left behind with the Bucs.

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Yeah are -- to move you know what do we know by the pages or organization they're not afraid to take the chancellor got with a checkered past. A -- to -- talented player. And we bring a guy like that into that environment you hope that hope that he -- forms in falls in line with the rest of the players within that organization. If he does that could be a huge a redeployment -- -- it what are you talking about the patriots new acquisition Aqib Talib has put in and some kind of perspective. Man who covers. The bucks for the young beat writer for the Tampa Bay times Rick Stroud joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T. Or GLT -- good riddance John Jerry Boston thanks for taking a couple of minutes how aria. Good morning guys and do or are you how how. This guy. What it's equal parts -- actually I mean you know he -- he's a guy that can absolutely play. That you call on the shutdown corner is part of his career but he has. Taking an order receivers and in games before and and really you appeared to leave it on man they'll out who do some things dramatically. How we can roll coverages and protects from guys -- You know it's you get the whole package with the keep now our football -- that the easy part for -- the pack at football player he's not a guy. Takes plays off the bill is a good track where. You know he's -- -- -- -- from out. You -- -- get -- -- Victor Cruz's tourism and economic game or keep to -- but. Get short memories got to play hard. The thing about it is that really just waiting for the next time I think I -- -- -- you know maybe you guys to clean slate. Keep Nicholas day here either. He seemed to get troubling got back on the galaxy did everything right. And -- think -- proper idea at all pill and that before games I think -- -- talked about winning with bucket they're mad at coach George. At that point but to -- about without. Scioscia obviously feels the risk is not worth the reward with this guy he's had enough. Not now I I think that organization may think that because Greg have perhaps it's either. But he came in with a checkered past. Certainly it's unfortunate that situation in doubt the ballot down there it looked into it there there were some things that went on down there. Where you know I'd probably consider some really bad choices made. But he got out of and you know it and it has not an issue really since 2009. Lark thought -- guilt goes. Where -- was discredited game by. You know -- it you can look at the lottery Lister and you guys just -- a while ago. You know this is the guy -- to do that the volatile personality. Because manifest itself -- personal out he's he's not. You know -- gone after some officials both during and after games and so. I think I think Belichick confident that the -- away. The guys before. All of that is true -- in short term in this guy's gonna be creative this year so I don't know what they'll try to restart the Hillary side. But it keeps me motivated to try to plan out the remainder that he's ordered that much they could walk up to the Super Bowl. I we've been read and your stuff and read a lot of stuff above the key all morning. It may be cannot straighten one thing out for us were very confused -- list as a very confused. He beat the guy with his own pistol and then shot -- with his mother's -- that I went. -- -- capital outlook police say happened down there -- that you know they live -- boyfriend of his sister are sure. It is is that multiple sex offender -- -- -- to a domestic dispute twice once dead the second time. The -- Campbell -- note this guy very well -- go fight. The -- are actually had a which that your it was registered to a keep. And the hill and gently and because -- that keeps supposedly. Took it got away problem or go to the ground it didn't discharge. You know the guy ran up into the woods to keep. You know then sort of I guess. Ira looked with that kind of keep it moderate rolled up. Hiring or shots from the drives yeah and other which also -- to achieve and so all it is drawn down in a very nice suburban neighborhood. In Garland Texas and you can imagine that. Kind of like being out seeing it looked -- at that time. They're police say that at some point achieved. I took the -- from a lot -- -- down into the woods fired shots. Then Al kind of scramble that went away very quickly because they've it's supposed to felt like you know something that was -- -- -- the police and neighbors called -- not. But again it's you know those charges were dropped. And I think that's definitely because the lead witness in the case which was the board's current shift -- -- there has been elected two times -- -- first sex offender. Type issue that he's sitting in jail so however you got out of that there -- some bad decisions made it. And I was just you know probably the most potentially serious incident that he's. Well that clears it all up -- now makes a lot of sense now wrecked and I'm sure Belichick has no problem with the -- opposite Brady induced to sell all the yeah he has his gun play. Where where we're rated a -- Gary Shelton. And he is not surprised that the like you that the -- unloaded. Believe he's just surprised that found that acres that someone actually gave up a fourth round you surprised. That they got as much as they weren't. I think it's a good deal for the box in terms of you know they also give up -- router. But I think to get mid round pick for whose career and maybe this is the organization. That other circumstance you're gonna try to fit for the guys appreciate it I think what you make that decision if you can get. About stopping it -- the fourth round pick you give up Robert the bat pretty good compensation. In what's actually in the patriot -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it speaks maybe a little bit of desperation on the patriot park and they give up a lot plays in the secondary. Also maybe that Bill Belichick recognizes that. You know the if you write pieces -- this guy might be one. Odd that he's got a team that can not compete for their championship again. And so it makes. Well not make coaches I think probably without comparable. Sort of you know making it feel like -- -- -- -- by. Look again his talent is not the Bible that is not a guy who cannot play he's not old player. He's not a -- that's a long history of a debilitating result is missed two games. -- and I think you'll be very motivated and -- -- -- opera and you'll probably. Play very hard and you know a threat to back. It's very easy sometimes -- just say you got that guy and he's able to do that and in short periods so. I -- -- guilt from both teams if you put it in the right context a -- king sits right now. We're talking with -- Rick Stroud Bucs beat writer from the Tampa Bay times you sort -- my next question I'm wondering how Smart of a guy is he Rick does he get the fact that he needs to keep his nose clean he needs to play well as free agency. Arrives for him or is he just one of those guys can't help himself when things anger him. I think that he. History. Sort of making bad decisions that and you you know he's got a volatile personality at times. They're right it's that they you'll see that on and off the field by. Essentially he was very committed this year to approach you on or yogurt factory ship had a lot of demands that it allowed the mental error. Which was the day all that any little picture one spot where he poured everything into this either but then yeah you know here comes despite all its efforts. A decision particular matter Alltel which is the brits thought that can -- -- out of that Eric Wright could potentially be spent at the same period. Eric -- was created that came at the same same position you wonder you know who's who's responsible for a that decision in the first place that take -- now all but he gets somebody new mission and it can do any static ports so. Again despite all efforts to restore. Where they'll play as well you know thought should be enough -- good at football see it in the commitment to order vehicle on the field. It really should be an -- have a career and and pave the way but I mean he had a chance that he made bad choices and high school he made bad choices. You know I think it's a matter time I really do -- I think in the short term. He might you know especially this year being a free -- and -- in knowing what the problem be just fine for a couple weeks -- you just don't know that that's the whole problem with -- keep really. While the beating of the sister's boyfriend and shooting at him certainly is serious and that and very dangerous. I can at least understand the motivation if she was having a domestic as a disturbance with this guy what I don't get. Is assaulting the cab driver and the cab driver says for no apparent reason they didn't even speak. Did Aqib -- ever tell this side of the story as to why he was punching a cab driver who was taking him home. I -- there so you know there are some. Not not really any statement made about that he was also look a couple of teammates they questioned the wisdom -- moving -- To all the guys by the league's -- -- being driven all I'll -- but it was after I was after area. Sort of and night when guys go out when it at that at the break a training camp that rookie of the veterans out. Portrait to match what kind of evening that resolved through. But again. You know that. Here trigger sort of pepper Potts who knows what would that well what what would have to -- -- to make Iraq. -- well somebody who's behind the wheel car that you writing it I just you know especially a gene littler are part of itself. I can't talk about choices and end -- -- the lack of control at times and -- certainly want things where you know. You know fight escalated practiced worry Eric that belt would have another adult panelist on what he had ended up. You know letting that all of Torrie Cox medical or hospital so you know you have these action network. -- it sort of anger it's about double. Get out just another one that while -- getting an intricate. I I almost as tough as a pillow his teammates and I remember that he smashed one of his teammates face in with a helmet so. Is that a problem in the club -- in the locker room does he get along. We really get along. Actually not you know it bring it -- I think guys like like the way he plays that like his effort. He's he's he's Smart football player like that it doesn't get rid of me understand the entire -- that. Etiquette works very hard -- people that their point. He's a good teammate but if you can't if you get a lot to be there Sunday. They had figured out there that -- -- outside the builders this program here. Is that Uga Uga -- -- package -- media. You're out -- there are confident young players and there out there are either guy and he's the success he has not built. And and and illness installment by Jordan he viewed dynamic personality not shy guy who caught the little. But then they gravitate towards them they also also going to be outlawed by the other happened so that. That's sort is that fixable or better and teamwork they're already established. You know after all that work Abbott in the patriot way if you well culture -- -- -- -- bank on that you know at least outside of that it that it issued. -- final question here did you ever consider as part of a nice feature is to go interview the next door neighbors of this crazy to leave family can imagine the stuff that they must've seen and heard living next door to this the -- that the sisters woke up this. Well what you -- actually living next to order and it kind of looked -- -- -- summer. Pop guy next door that 45 year Boston policemen. And duke beat policemen a lot of it saying that things to say I couldn't tell you that. I wasn't happy about what happened that day it and what exactly does the neighbor they would form a doctorate are down this out. Heck yeah he was -- -- want to go and extort 4 o'clock in the morning it's taken to keep the music down a little bit of Toledo at the -- probably not a wise career move. Now. Rick Stroud Bucs beat writer from Tampa Bay times good information we appreciate take some time today to talk about key -- thanks your time. Rick -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up at ten times faster than three GAT and T. Rethink possible.

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