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Rob Ninkovich on welcoming a new player to the 'Patriot Way'

Nov 2, 2012|

The Patriots defensive end/linebacker talks to John and Gerry to discuss how the Pats are operating during their bye week and how newly-acquired cornerback Aqib Talib will adjust to the Patriots locker room and gel with his new teammates.

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Our patriot Friday continues our conversation with Rob Ninkovich has brought you by all the devil and buy lunch dates rob has always joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT TE good morning rob how aria. What do you think about the acquisition of what he believed to your defense. Arctic it. Everything. Well you can really -- on their room and others so. On. The SEC won't build their own rules or so. -- People or animals. Little. When he walks into the facility how is the patriot way explained to him how does he get the message that needs to be sent. -- -- world. War and of Rome. Burns. -- and so on. Won't take it. Strong so -- in walled old. A little of the woodwork irritating ones were called a home loan losses. On. What a newcomer arrives Weathers the sky or some other guy gives every conversation do you do you go before the master and he says this is what to expect out of you this is the way we do things around here. How does how does that information get relate to a new guy. Also explore all of them to -- it or at least. Or just lone wolf or wrong. Or on the moon and you. Or will or -- -- there -- also carrying ensemble. And when you're sitting. Alone in their power. We're working -- ball. Well successfully. Sold on an income -- -- electoral. Well you know the patriots. Won't -- or pollution. A home or -- just won't always winning a lot of gains equal. -- members. Engaged in exit before. And or technical and. -- I -- on a corner back but how hard will it be for him to learn the defense and be ready to play you know once he can't play the buffalo game right after that when he shows up will he have trouble though figuring things out. Also think that it won't soon. It's. Still -- acting. As well. What are you personally will accomplish. In the bye week and what does bill have in mind the entire team. All your personal goals and all addictions and grow. Older word stick around just -- collection. And recover. Very orders were. When you go your separate ways does bill have a date at a meeting and it's just don't do anything stupid in the bye week. -- that just understood. Or won't almost. All there are all girl -- Are no rules the writing all. So. I -- pretty well. -- -- -- -- -- Art rubble tucked -- next week enjoy your bye week we'll stalked down the road. Conversational Rob Ninkovich is brought to you by alters dental and -- lunch -- he joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Forgy LP EP.

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