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Mike Lombardi, NFL Network, tells D&C what the Pats just paid for in Talib trade

Nov 2, 2012|

Lombardi joins Dennis and Callahan to discuss the Patriots trading for Bucaneers CB Aqib Talib at the trade deadline. He goes into the risk involved with the player, but also the exceptional skillset he provides at the outside corner spot. They also discuss the QBs in the hot seat across the NFL.

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It is Friday and you know what that means our conversation with Mike Lombardi it is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA. Insurance Mike joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LTE good morning mr. La -- or use our. I am doing good morning we have given chapter and verse and detail upon detail of Aqib Talib rap sheet is it worth it is his talent. Worth the headache of potential here. Well you know look I think every trade you make -- risk reward and and you have to evaluate that. Clearly. Clearly with will be you've got some issues that have to be ambled off the field and his rap sheet. Is long in and it becomes effective but I think -- ask the question. Does that affect him on the field and and what about endorsing anything he's done off the field by no means. But I think you have to ask the fundamental question does he likes football football port to him. And if you can get to that answer correctly and I'm not sure that anybody has. I think there's times in Tampa that he did well clearly Monte Kiffin when he was there thought that that could be Campbell and he played really well from Monty. Obviously Raheem Morris. Thought he could handle but he couldn't and by the greater -- really felt like. This is a good move for him in terms of he thought he had a kid turned around. I think the decision was made that they were criticized him for next season and they metal liquidate now get some draft choices and some assets. As opposed to waiting for that's for technical. I I think the risk the risk is there but I think the reward far outweighs that. When he's playing well what the Sebring what skill set to Sebring at the patriots need. When he walks to new when he finally shows up in Foxborough he will be by far and I'd say that's by far the best defensive back on the pitchers teams and now if he also has great -- he played the style of football that Belichick wants he's very physical line of scrimmage he can he can jam people. He can tackle. He could play big receiver so let's just. Project itself the got to play Denver again got to play Houston maybe twice in a player wants the regular season got to play Houston got to play. Denver may have to put all mortgage you can match this player up on the best receiver for any of those teams and feel like. He can take them out of the game. And win that match up and so I think that certainly is why his talent level is. Is needed into it. Is a fourth round pick about right TU my idea. Was -- much of -- demand for Hammel was just. The deal between channel and Belichick tool France. Well I think you know obviously the relationship helped and Ford camp they've worked up perfectly that that bill and Greg have a relationship but also that there AFC NFC teams so. You don't have to compete against the but I I think that's I think if you have to give them something that was gone and make them make the move and not wait for the compensatory pick -- that's ultimately what you're competing against. Was the compensatory pick and he we all know that that fourth round pick which airport -- now if the chiefs would have given up before -- that would probably be in the top five the fourth round. The patriots give up afford proper kind of food that's going to be the bottom -- of the -- of the fourth round so essentially you're giving up. Based on the content -- -- that get added in the next you're strapped in the bottom of the third. They've given up -- fifth round pick I think that the. There are real do you think Belichick is looking at him as it is it seven week rental or do you think there is some thought of you know we'll we'll we'll keep you here will will sign them and we'll keep -- works on the next two months. I don't think based on the rap sheet you can make that conclusion today I think you have to live with on the you have to experience it as a football player as a person. You've got to get to know before you can make long ranging decisions I think -- walked in to begin with the other miners say. You know -- -- for seven weeks go ahead. And then you might miss something that they -- to be objective and you've got to be willing to -- to see really what kind of person he is good or bad and then make the decision at the end of the season. Away from it as you really -- -- -- level and you really note character without hearing about just -- level without hearing about an hour. How does that conversation go when he first walks in that facility and goes to see Bill Belichick what is said how is that relate to him to other people talk to -- is all from builds he talked to the -- out of that worked down there. While -- to -- talked Robert Kraft I'm sure you know everybody that comes in the organization talks to mister Kraft that I -- obviously and have a competition. Conversation with Belichick it. One -- takes great strides since then he doesn't like confrontation you know. Often times and make coaches one avoid competition it's no different than in the business for all the means sometimes you don't know who worked at five focal yet to return. You that the one you don't really wanna make -- for the fifth when you make -- and Belichick is you know he enjoyed complications so loving soul laid out very clearly told. Who put it right on the table -- we'll tell him what he expects. Without any reservation. And hill until told what he wants the kid to do move -- forward and I think if we can accept that listens to it. Then that obviously will be good situation I've read the quotes that the kids made. After you know he was suspended and I've seen his work ethic this year on the field -- he was a disaster with remarks. This year he looked like he played like like -- -- all important -- so what player or are they getting you'd like to think you're getting a guy who wants to prove everybody can cover. Mike talk about the challenges of assimilating himself into this patriot defensive scheme how Long Will that growth period. It. I don't think it'll be very difficult loft where he played on either side you know they played the giants he matched up on the Kenexa leash so he matches up with receivers in Tampa. We can play right or left corner he plays out like quarter and he placed cam corder so that fits perfectly into what they do and doing what he's gonna get up there with that would better. And he had outside quarters now you got two -- the hope would be physical at the line of scrimmage disrupt the passing game. And perhaps be able to pick out one of the better receivers whether it's Denver Houston or whomever they have deployed so. But the going to be a fairly easy scheme for the adaptive. Well came excellent for us and catches and 200 yards and Manning threw for five and that day. What now happen that did you look at that game and all my. I've watched the game you know I mean there's there's there's times where -- will -- he beat them on an inside route for a touchdown. Down the field I remember this is the replacement games. So there was some there was some interesting calls in terms -- physically you can play with the receivers and what you could or not but. You know you know I think in that gave mayor Tampa had no pass rush whatsoever. I think that became an issue too with the game long and as the game became more passing game. It became much more difficult but I would you watch this player play I think anybody would tell it. That he can flat out cover and he's really good cover -- even though he gave up a lot of please and it gave muscle the -- cover. And you tell us. From your experience has Belichick's general rule on on bad guys who sit go to the whole rap sheet and say. And I can live with that that's a problem in own guns are involved drugs are involved I wanna stay away or does. To seek to set that aside cell based my own judgments on when I meet the guy. Well I think you know they do a lot of research there and I'm sure they've heard talk to people that remember they practiced against the bucks they had first and acknowledge that this player watching them on tape so they've seen this player. So they have a pretty good idea they watched them and I'm sure they talked of some of the Tampa players. Our coaches I'm sure they talked to other people they also know that that Monte Kiffin was really high on the kid and as a player. So there's obviously some when you can talk to and I think with bill. You know -- never begins would be undermined stability usually when he collects that data he makes his own decision and then ultimately. You know he evaluates the player based on what he has -- what he sees and if the player fulfilled is up expectations he states whether it's Corey Dylan. He can move on yeah yeah. You know like to like what happened with pain to get out there so what I think he makes their own mind up and it's based on the situation and environment that he's created a new England and how those players adapt to that environment. Was there anyone in Cleveland was too bad to better guy to scarier got off the field where you've got to touch. All you know what. -- so often times that happens in the draft -- sometimes you get bad information and -- yet to evaluate the -- later in the draft and we would certainly move got to realize you don't want your -- to Chester McLaughlin draft. With the complicating draft because there was so many conflicting reports about just dirty walked off the field. -- it in a bowl game and why did he not like football I think the core element we were trying to figure out was how much was of football port to the player. And that he loved football now that being said that the community go to behave off the field in a reckless manner we don't want that either but football had to be important. And and being in -- structured program could help a player that puff football support and so yeah it did but we also took got off the board for. Mike to the patriots opponents look at this acquisition and say well. Problems for us. While I think everybody does -- take if they imported you guys are today is is. What is his character -- behave in the right matter and will this work I mean you know for every Corey Dylan for every Randy monsters. There's there's about -- -- for the -- right ankle so you know that this is kind of one of those for everybody takes an evaluation as they go but I think as a cool as a player. But the football player most people in the league realized this is a talented player. And typically -- as a way of getting talent out of the player if -- guy like football clearly came toward that like football. You know -- for a money sport of football I think ultimately here with a player being in the context season it helped because he's got to prove that he's gonna get its money. You know the Bucs decided that Eric Wright they gave the money to actor -- had some off field issues as well. You know they gave and the money and that it would tie all the money up in the quarters so they're gonna let him walk it -- go to pay police. So now I think the opportunity -- to -- gets played it's based on the back 918 domestically for the patriots. Historically speaking Mike what are bill's goals and aspirations and intent for the bye week what does he want to accomplish for his team. I think every year it's different I think some years you've got to look at your team and you've got to work on some self scouting you've got to fix. Problems that you see that's one of the things that that most. Great coaches do as they're able to anticipate problems. And six of them by which allows you to do that. But I think this -- bye week is different because there's so many players that are beat up but not help the other get the patriots. To full strength it's going to be the main objective curable by wood which is probably what they only practiced just a very lightly. So they've got to get the team helping if they can get their court came back if they get all their players but it's Gregory Sean. You know everyone back and healthy Hernandez. And I think they have a chance to really make a run at this and move forward and fix some of the issues. That have come up whether it's. You know late in the game wider wire they've not been able to block the power play correctly at certain points of the game why -- -- not runners don't stretch outside very well why are they not doing some things. Defensively were they giving up plays and get to analyze that and then make those adjustments. Lot of give and ID column Mike on how the Wes Welker thing will play out will he be back here next year will he -- Franchise -- again will will -- pay him eleven million bucks next year what's gonna happen when Wes. Well I think again you have to wait to see the end of the season find out where well -- is at the end of the season and certainly he -- He has a good football player for the Lebanese and -- player within their system but then. -- often the case is doing when they're made the other players have become available free agent market that you look at and you compare west what I. In my better off paying -- back but what I'd be better off signing that player for -- walk. And both situations can't really be answered correctly that you get somewhere out there in January. So I think you just keep moving forward keep going. And then you make the decision and I never say you were not we're doing this we're not doing that I think you have to just keep an open mind and keep each game and mine and at the end of the season. Really make the right decision and that's the challenge to the league. Is that not jump to conclusions it's to make the right decision at the right time and know what the right decisions to make. And you can only really do that in January. Speaking of making decisions what's the thought process. Process in both the heads of Rex Ryan and Andy -- to stick with Vick and Sanchez what does it is as simple as if we go to the back -- that's signals the divorce with our starter. Well I think each case is different -- -- let's take the jets you know they've had great weeks of practices so that's always important and they practiced well every -- -- since training camp they've had great practices so. That's according to wreck that is you know -- would drive me crazy when I was in Los Angeles also amber and I listen every morning -- express craft itself about the greatest practice. The history of football. But I think -- Sanchez. You know the -- realize they're not. That talent that I think they realize when they have become the Jesus meeting with themselves and amateur record is capable of that but. When you sit a room if you look at your team is that look we're not as talented as we think we are on defense we don't have -- We can't really cover that don't play much man to man anymore I mean they've they've become a different style of defense because the personnel won't allow to. So they realize that I could hold teams to ten points to thirteen points so if they go to -- well how many points can explore that don't have receivers so. Where they go if they go Tebow yeah okay that might make it's tougher we might be able to run the ball a little bit better but. We're gonna get -- hiding games about the for the -- people really throw the ball well I think the answer that's not so that's probably not the right move we must live and die with Sanchez. And see where we go maybe we can he gets hot what you did against doing and make some plays for that that the that that's that's that's the question and answer for Philadelphia. You know I think any Reid is in a really tough spot but he put himself in because he desperately wants to get more production of -- quarterback position. But he's not sure nick -- can do and we don't know what -- false is look like a practice. That's the one element we can't determine we think the polls look good against New England of the pre season he looked good against the jets the pre season he looked good against Cleveland -- pre season. What does he look at a practice and when the game starts to go -- definitely look as good. Only read in the team know that I can't tell that from my chair here. So it's very difficult to make the move would suggest the move because what happens DiPietro practiced well we got the stand in front of the team and say look this player is of the best chance to win. If he principles of the game without having enough support data he loses this team if he loses he's the public is ready to make that move. Aren't what's the one game you watch if you're only watching what which one fascination Mike. Well. -- -- to include the Cleveland Baltimore game and I know that sounds strange but I'm really fascinated to see where Baltimore. Defense is -- bitten ten Baltimore go on the road and can they change this football team they're five and they're five and two. But are they really a five win team they really that political football team I think that's the game. That's going to be fascinating for me to watch it and obviously. Denver Cincinnati another woman I wanna look at because Cincinnati. -- may not know Marvin Lewis has come out Fidel Eddie don't have to be a jerk he's got to be better but I think that's the game that really -- if -- -- doesn't play well we'll get beat by two touchdown -- -- the couple at that I really wanna see -- See that's still a giants game and the -- fly in on the day of the game and be ready to play and how and how the giants keep playing these cookies to keep winning to me is remarkable tribute. The mental problems with Tom Coughlin. As always Mike Lombardi good stuff we appreciated enjoy your weekend will talk -- Friday. It Mike Lombardi and AT&T outline our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and buy HSA insurance.

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