Nov 1, 2012|

Listen to the very crafty way that Kirk Minihane goes for the morning job with Dennis and Callahan.

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Third minute his craft the becomes in the auditions for a job but says he doesn't want it don't want the job what can happen that's fine before. She says he's not a word -- you're not good enough. What we've got an eighty part of the re are not Smart enough. Sure that's farther east and told people like you know they don't so that we haven't previously he says is the bosses don't want him I was told that you know and I'm coming in here familiar -- they don't even think it is it is possible Kirk knows there's competition for the Asia royal Shepard Adams Murphy when he uses differences in disguise to engage his competition and -- the candidates so -- and so far. Org rank and Mikey Adams we would love Mike guy a break okay probably rushed we'll I would like pretty. Yeah general oil. Here for three days. I would say something -- here that they reserve weird cause after -- in general -- So let's just get back -- I've been told by people and higher up -- -- that that I'm not in the he's very crafty they don't want here and he's also. Very -- that you continue to blow people away with -- sports acumen and witty -- you would you tell -- more accurate -- I think -- have to change their mind so much other flash candidates and its other vehicles let me just say right now for the record I think my finance -- delta broadcaster -- perfect job and you'll be crazy to make them. And and offered a command repugnant.

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