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Hot Stove Show: Ben Cherington and Scott Boras

Nov 1, 2012|

Kirk Minihane, Rob Bradford and Alex Speier are back once again with the Hot Stove Show, this week they talk to Red Sox GM Ben Cherington about offseason negotiations with players like David Ortiz and Cody Ross. They also talk with Scott Boras about the other side of free agency negotiations.

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As a hot stove show. -- and rob Bradford Alex -- all of WEEI dot com here until 8 o'clock. -- -- Red Sox general manager would join us around 715. And after last week's pilot episode guys it tested pretty well the audiences knowing they wanted was there romantic love interest for rob Bradford. -- -- -- -- Our chemistry so important -- complaints Boris and penalties so it coincidence super agent Scott course at 740 talk Ellsbury. Now represents you know much relief pitchers here Madson. Soria the other guys will talk him about that Sheraton and Boris here in Nextel all -- with David Ortiz. The big story today rob. You wrote the other source telling you -- source familiar with negotiations. That appears like -- David Ortiz Red Sox won't reach an agreement on a two year deal before the DH. Reaches the open market two days we -- here a week ago on the first episode seemed at the time. A certainty that he was going decided we all probably thought by next time here tonight as it were you'd be tied up with the Red Sox -- -- Why we tempered a little bit some people I was more certainty and others but. I think what happened is it you've got the two years and you've got probably more money that he did last year but you can get the money that they wanted. And that remains the sticking point in now this could get settled in next what are we yet twenty hours or something until. The exclusive period runs out. But you know as of this afternoon that was the case that it didn't look like Ortiz was gonna probably be testing the free agent market in. And I think it all comes down money. So just to clarify. What you say not get more money than last year you mean more in the -- the reds are on the right yeah yeah I don't know knocking him out too well I think that's the problem is that is the fact is. They're probably looking -- say hey you know we made fourteen last year around fourteen. And 1457. -- exactly. And and so they say OK we made that last year. And so you can pay guess around that for two years in in the coming contract. Red Sox probably are viewing the same way -- last year why it was a two year deal was you know it was nowhere near probably one were talking about this year. Yeah one of the fascinating wild cards to negotiating with their own free agents that we had kind of seen this coming maybe a little bit in the middle of the summer. Was the fact that arbitration is gone he used to be that a guy like Ortiz would have been able to say OK I made 14575. Last year. I'll make that or more with a one year deal in a worst case scenario. The next year but now. Our our I didn't have confidence going like now there's over what you're qualifying a thirteen point 313 point three million dollars is what you put on the table for a one year offer. Insert David Ortiz is looking at this and saying. I had a better year when I was healthy -- that I did last year. And so if what if it's a one year deal -- -- -- -- -- -- a pay cut and as a as a timetable he has to accept or did decline. That offer thirteen point three if we get to that point. Basically a week from now leads is 1201. On Friday more next Friday more in November and because really affect his veterans day we can plan it. Begs the question when you look at his Ortiz think I'm like last year's day. On May be that there's a two year deal with their for him somewhere else it's close to what -- Game and I've said this a bunch at times I think that the market is different and it probably is. -- -- -- adjusting to talk to bench -- -- about it a few minutes do they view it that way do they view this market this situation. Differently than last year because that was Darius in the hall. That they felt they could offer of arbitration because -- feel like there was not a team is gonna come in. When we can go through some teams we can go through the lack of players in the market really. If you don't get Josh Hamilton if you don't want you are champ and you wanna get a free agent guy with power. The big drop off there right it's you know Napoli maybe the next guy and a list so. So people screaming yell a blow. -- financial problems and not to get too heavily invested well some teams could view it as hey you know what. Economically this is a good play because instead of investing long term for a guy it would power you're investing two years on. -- twenty million -- 120 million and it's thirty. Particularly as a 37 year old November who played ninety games with the you know not in significant injury I mean that's. To me when you talk what discipline maturity did time timing and a press conference. Something that's a really screened us. But I don't I don't then I don't think that the discipline really falls under this whether you're saving four million dollars over a couple of years. Discipline is not giving a guy a four year deal when you should give me two year deals six year deal he should give -- a three year deal. That's -- to me that's what he's talking about. If the same way that they were willing to assume that they're willing to assume risks that are associated with one and two year deals we've seen that in the past when guys like. For and some that didn't work out John Smoltz Brad Penny Mike Cameron out we've seen some of the work out very well with the likes of Adrian Beltre and you know like Marco Scutaro. It's just that it's -- -- a curious thing -- does it mean obviously it seem I guess and a week ago things have changed I just wonder we'll talk of church and about it a way made. Specific he'll be answering it. What is change because. It just seems like eight different situation than last year to surprise because Ortiz was so good last year. And I don't feel there was out there closers out there but now this happens this year you'd say he's probably more likely that inaugural world -- older. The injury to take it it'd be more of a team friendly deal right now is not gonna be. If if it were if it were David Ortiz market -- vacuum he'd waited. It would perhaps be around the same even though we had a better year while he was healthy right -- -- around the same because he you know he put them and it's nine games but. In a world which the alternatives. Are less attractive and that's where you didn't do. It changing certain with with him when you look at the teams that are possibilities you can eliminate. Half for this in the National League teams decide if Ortiz to a two year 25. It's easy it's three yes three quarters of team right at least right. So when you when you look at that mean. You -- priestly circled three or 45 that are going to be in the -- -- injures. Yeah role whereas on Monday -- today they ask that question and indeed names acumen minded team to came to mind taxes. The Yankees might be stretched just because they want -- the gonna have the A-Rod from the to have the -- the -- Jeter and everything out but you know knows. -- -- -- one name a wildcard this situation is Cleveland I think and I know that there are smaller market team. But after seems to be out the door right and in in Francona might be. Going to march a par on Chris Cincinnati and you know what. This transcends Ortiz presents transcends. What we're talked about the DH position or all the negatives. And maybe there's some value here beyond that except that Ortiz doesn't seem like you were monitored or teams it's going to be I don't know but if they're willing to pay and play for Terry Francona I'm not saying this is the likely scenario -- but we're bringing up scenario alternative like the Orioles were Poland's Robert well how close do you think right now and I understand you you. Source -- and you don't execute them next couple days. A close do you feel that these two sides are I think their I think their -- guessing -- their relatively close but relatively close -- Might be. He might want fourteen year and they might be offering eleven year. Mean it sounds fair right I found that -- you know like it -- -- ballparks and last year they were kind of in the eighteen to 22 range of the Red Sox were offering him and this coming off of fourteen this is where it gets so tree it was the same reason why that arbitration case last it would have been fascinating. Because. There's so many arguments to be made for both sides is that not a cut and dried situation and and so when the reds are certain to saying eleven. And that and Ortiz might be saying fourteen there's no like hey you know what we see your way I don't think they're gonna get to that point. Well we have phone number here you want it right now as you know screw your shirt forever and I mean all calls after that. Jerry to Red Sox general manager would join -- here after this break from talk about the Ortiz. Cody Ross may -- the bullpen budget question press after a manager Ben Sheraton next on the hot stove stove show. Rob Bradford Turkmen hand Alex -- Joining us now in the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- the general manager of the Boston Red Sox. And charge and van Kirk Robin out howry to see. Not too bad I guess first up is a story everyone around here's been talked about -- David Ortiz you have until 1201 AM Saturday. Talked him exclusively. Your thoughts on whether on a deal would get down with him before and. Well we'll work. The thought about it since the end of the -- Good conversation there. Everyone knows that we let's keep them like I think is mutual interest there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're working our. You know it you get past. Mare. You know and tour card. Remain hopeful that -- it's -- reform. Then if I can follow up I'm curious what's different about talks with him this year you know in terms of the variables going into. What kind of deal you guys might be seeking both from your vantage point in his. Well you know what is it a little bit in terms of the salute the rules as you know. Arbitration. Process the rules there is Alex's differently this year or last year so all the little assuredly you'll be -- sure. World traditional arbitration process -- Darnell was last corner. Essentially. Getting close to here and make it last four -- I think. Eric you know. -- really -- Went. You know that that's different. Yeah and that is. Yeah we have a guy that they're wrong on the important. Old war and more important -- Yeah walking. Like -- and cynicism matters. Trying to find you know it -- In which were awesome. You know the war and hopefully it's. Does the amount of money that you're able to clearing the in the Dodgers trade permit you greater latitude to pursue a multi year deal -- might have been the case last year. Look at -- you know that that plays or do you are the picture to the you know. Offseason move forward. Well -- open there's. The -- player. You change the rule for what is. If the look at the whole thing. We have flexibility that we did her role as well it. Well you -- earlier this year. You know we got to use -- only lightly at all not the prince's status but -- as well so. I get the answer is yes but the sex. Sex -- the effect the entire -- picture of -- are sister are. -- Then the other guy -- keeping an eye on as Cody Ross. What's your take on where things stand -- that is that is the some -- QB I guess regarded as we head into tomorrow night. Well that. Our -- Whose agent. Where Estes last year last quarter. And that Cody -- quarterback -- ball -- off. For. Emery. There. Are. Eventually later that you know actually earlier this year. Real strict you know there are things we talked about that are. Or has put him in a situation. Where he is. In a better position a -- last year on hitters of all last year are more assists. For us to work with England and or there. I was there or little so. It couldn't or we wouldn't doubt that's -- days. -- it worked out for error in -- year and at the end. And the right place for him -- all our race environment -- that. The leaders that are there. This year or last year and that's good for him. You know make create a bigger challenge for us and try to silence. Deal that works for him work for us so we have talked about a lot. Arnold felt it go out you know you get -- Mark I. Certainly a lot of options. That we got away. What they decide -- person. -- the market. The. It is dark about environment with Cody in order of things that people -- when they're talking about his value the Red Sox is how well he. Was in this environment. Up and even in your time with the Red Sox may be is this last year may be is years beyond that have you guys changed how you view. How guys handle Boston -- You know it in the in the clubhouse media Excedrin. Yeah it felt that we talked about but certainly we're. When things don't go well. And you're trying to return. They'll seeing them. It back to where we wore these. And -- in the house organist is. Two hours days or. That is. Does become important when you're trying to get through. Is that they really get Red Sox are about. It's going to be. Processes as -- -- -- get their talent. Couldn't have great players are -- -- succeed. So long or longer otherwise you know we're gonna have. You know we're in these -- adversity. It would be obviously. Yeah -- build something it's not a straight line so there -- reporters there. Yeah two. Who -- here. And -- or anywhere. That in that environment. You know it's. There's something there's something to that in terms of guys like that -- help us get through. The talent here. -- -- still in this series getting actors or be. So you know it is something we talked about. You know Cody. You know comparable here. -- -- there are guys that we. Will be a voters there is the matter. Returns -- You know what. -- -- You know we America assert -- sisco we will let you earned. Or -- he's put himself in -- position is. Certainly matters worse infielder. Red Sox general manager Ben Chara -- -- on the hot stove show in 937. Ban on Tuesday the White Sox declined their 2013 option -- Kevin Youkilis I was wondering if you could envision a scenario where you -- comes back to Boston you have an opening potentially I guess at first base. Or there's any reason why he wouldn't be -- reserve potential roadblock -- Well Miller. Shut out in order talent. An absolutely. Great streak in here in the open minded -- -- How to put it back together. He's. Let him. Part of the Nazis Atlantic it and you're considering all sorts of ulcers. At first isn't there another this. So you know no matter. But we're not. And I -- that shut the door. Any potential players as soon as that there. But I guess just a quick fault but when you goes left. There's not a situation where the BDB no problem bring him back you know attitude wise personality wise you're on -- with him and that's. -- is your player so long term well play our. Respect other than the southern. You know create the first -- and so a lot of options. This is the first. His career. You know since your college. Or that his first -- It easier -- choice about. Where he plays and you know it. That's and earned the right term they'll go in that it will come along very often so. I think I think you know he's he's got more control a situation that grass or. But you know leaders are Everton where he plays and you know certainly on a personal level. You know certainly. Certainly nothing happened that was you know. -- there was no great relationship. But he Garrett. You know people have choices. And look sources and you know to lose curiosity -- Then I am curious about one phrase that you've been using an awful lot which is the next great Red Sox team and what does that mean what do you envision when you refer to that is that you know in -- just promote from the standpoint of time frame both how near it is in what what that means in terms of sustainability. And what it might mean for this offseason. Oh yeah get on base more -- -- in order sort of little. Glued all of here. The -- Was pitching. Is aggressive. -- the strikes. And yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. You know over the course of the six of the crisis period. -- all year here. -- -- -- Along those. Qualities that and then it -- Those who is still -- -- overnight yeah -- and we moved here a ways away from from that so. We feel like we have. Some of the pieces. It was necessary. -- the -- -- orbital we have our our way. Our systems appear here these protective. Regardless our system that we believe the most. We got to selectively as against you bring him. Try to do all those -- You know really moved. -- over six. We don't know exactly. Where that next greatness that crystallized. We -- go over or are not square foot that you're as good theater arts or film or lose. Creative director. Portland series. I think that's -- terms. -- Boston right now you know. November now what their food. Let it will turn services is power -- there. I think you know and the Boston personality. Understand that. The very little in the if I happen overnight if that happens. There common culture you know the two horses -- development. A little that a lot earlier and consultations. With regards to building to building for the 2013 season. How do you approach the rotation differently this year than last last year you mentioned at the start of the offseason you had three pieces. That you were able to rely upon you know that you do you -- this kind of foundational and then it was a matter of rounding it out. This year you've identified four guys in Lester Buchholz and Lackey to bronze who can work going forward. How do you approach the rotation for 2013 and then towards that end of the next great Red Sox team effort. Oh and would like at the rotation. To create your tree you know explore both options. You know. You know it might look like at some of our external. Factors you mentioned. And like the fact. If at all possible. The younger our system you may not be. A book -- they're going to easily. The -- literally get your attention goes forward. So. It's a little bit of a little bit out -- -- side salute that is the -- the result. The younger core that we have. And then the bigger than the ball physically their food is to work that are supposed. Lester vocal in -- In the best possible witnesses succeed. These. It's those guys -- secure. A two are close to their ability. And that that can make a bigger difference in our rotation next year so -- -- starters. Likely true. And -- makes so. Every all the or earlier certainly focus on opening atmosphere here is better. You'd talked about potentially outing from outside your position for the rotation. Are you how are you viewing the ball and heading into the offseason and do you are you prioritizing at all. Batting may be something someone who might be in days potentially even in ninth inning guy already having obviously to -- Bailey annoyance in there. -- -- -- in areas -- we have got some options. Some. Different look coming -- -- the bullpen ultimately left side. And the fairly. Fairly. Glances as. Would not rule out adding that next. We feel like. You know that says that's essential in this string -- and be. Will be more selective hitters how. Well about it this policy there -- so we'll wait for. Literate you know there is the right positions as well. Well -- But there's there's some that they're in the air and the amount is now -- There -- other. Certainly come on the Brewers triple. -- importantly there as well. We also have the the GM meetings coming up next week and root route beginning roughing in Palm Springs. And numb. This serious looking back at last year's GM meetings didn't typically not a lot happens in terms of transactions but what do you remember about. Last year's GM meetings in terms of how it affected that team going forward. Virus that first -- -- ever remembers sort of perimeter that are so tour. A lot of time. Or Milwaukee or -- there. I think it is for us is that there. And so you focus more attention on. Exploring. You know congress it and an agent. And something where he's started -- certainly in your hands. Revealed you know -- whoever has not earlier. In the business last buses that are of course who got. We've got. You know Aurilia. Are more holes -- -- this offseason or to do certain that an awful lot of those. Was -- conversation besides the managerial search last year. Was -- conversation that you had a conversations that you had in Milwaukee last year that you remember kind of paved the way to doing something. Player -- yeah. Yeah you know -- -- if there was direct. You know Cabrera can't remember exactly all the conversations -- -- or any of the talking that. Not every team like out there on the same place. He is that he has not you know what happens actually -- -- but. You -- -- those conversations sit there and other. There bruiser cook a little bit between those who -- me. That's on it that way. But the -- that started the year side in order. Cooking oil is there more optimism and you know come together as it. An Election Day party is going on at the win at the GM meetings. -- No player but I remember remember the last several years ago I -- remember that met -- you know he. That election also. I hope we're looking for a -- that -- either so what we were able. -- -- are so rather returns slow or self injury that is around him he'll probably use as a. Since since Halloween in and read -- GM's go so well together what was the cost him last night. Uproot her you know -- -- They're not relate relate not. Yet three envelopes to beat you want to ground and we didn't put our. But it was. I think your time and we appreciated apparently spent. They get the envelopes in regards to that it doesn't Red Sox general manager bench turned and kind of join us here. A quick break and we'll have Scott -- joining us after the break I'm not. Hot stove show Kirk Manningham out spear rob Bradford here in 937 W yeah I've been injured in Red Sox chairman just join us and other guests here right now in the eighteenth -- line. AT&T four GO to -- Stop Boris. Scott rob out to Kirk and Boston are you season. About. It's got Harry's got. Guys are my our first question would be the L feel mark how you look at obviously with. Ellsbury is a -- viewers how is it shaping up here next year to his Ellsbury -- heads in the free agency year potentially in the the year plus. Well I think here. You know you're chuckling about players you're gonna be in the market one there. You know. Fall league players that are played premium positions that are. There you're younger. There's not going to be many -- -- in this. This process where you and you've got a huge Steelers. Kicker available that are guys that are gonna give you. -- lead -- or some power there might be a couple up the board. All. -- as far as corner outfielders. I think that. The market I wouldn't say that they're useful in elite young player that's available all. Horse so. We're really over the next you know couple years eastern India and relatives small. Should be treated people. That are going to be -- election year. Let's just. For arguments sake sales -- a free agent heading this season's gone after last season was injured. And we came back -- as productive as he was the year before what what kind of ballpark -- would you be looking for for Ellsbury worry coming -- here's a free agent. I know a lot of guys I don't really talk about -- orders all. We talked a bit on Kirk and the other guys here so you we talk about privately if you. Well I don't do that I reserve that the general managers myself. Yeah I'd rather extensive dialogue about it it's those kind of things or done. Negotiating player major doubt for the whole I'll let everybody up that's. Scott you're obviously based in Southern California that being the case you're very close to it when the Dodgers and Red Sox. Such enacted that huge trade during the middle of this year. I'm curious from your vantage point what your thoughts when you saw that trade going down to the Red Sox were. You know were making this huge trade in order to achieve financial flexibility into. Really changed drastically the complexion of their team. And as a as a corollary to that. You know that trade was made with the idea of by the Red Sox of achieving. Financial flexibility both they and the Yankees have talked about that as well as getting under the luxury tax threshold what are your thoughts on you know kind of as big northeast. Financial heavyweights wanting to get under the luxury tax threshold. -- -- McGwire should argue. We're gonna be having each team get 25 million dollar more double what they got this sport and the national package. Having increase. In the billions of franchise. You know under eighteens what little -- the markets. Allies and Chicago's. We have. We carry this with the Red Sox a -- work their early 2000 (%expletive) you know Parker to forego what. We've just seen a rapid growth economically and I think -- the markets goal. -- in those that support the team that level while waiting television ratings. Regional networks. With attendance at the ballpark that you're talking about. Evaluations and go on 750 million to. Two point try -- to rebuild and so. Wish and increase in revenues. Both annually and franchise. I think the standard serving. -- the commitment on the part of those teams to feel all perennial. Competitive clubs. And the chances. You want to -- and so. Any. I think any reference to what I call the Goliath act strictly. The bitterness -- and when it comes to what. Revenues which franchise that I go to each day. And that it is expected that part of the system that that there are teams that are making four 6700. -- already eight. Hours that they would be spending having a role that. You know we'd be in the 202. Allowed to have the appropriate number superstars that increased ratings bit. Productive for them to grow their cheap as they have the 2000 they would. In the trees in the deck of the 2010. That being the case where you surprised when. When the Red Sox enacted that trade to essentially. Remove some of their their three biggest salaries are on the books. You know -- what was what was your initial reaction to that or were you surprised that they didn't just take the approach. Are we should we should answer are are our roster problems by spending more. Well I think that there are you know a lot of that what the steps out and discussions. The benefit -- detriment should trade. A bit harder aren't going to be a bit. I think the red trucks that are very good job and they they. Policies are very valued player. That exceeded that -- certainly sure sure the Dodgers. And I bet you know his value in. We go forward and the production he's had particularly in the NL west. You know he is is going to be considered a player whose value compensation consultants. -- -- and the truth to achieve. All as to do. You know the -- side and any field there's always packaging war. Other parts of the traitor a little bit more. All the concern but that's -- trades are made picture and when you look at -- shut shot at the Red Sox the hard part is the and going out and getting. Not a lineup backs that give you both power and on base percentage. And run production. Border cabin and the Chiefs for Boston's success and hope for. And 071. You control those deficiencies with the talent available it's great to be at the cultural. These guys you have some new represents -- -- entrusting our relief pitchers on the market right now Ryan Madson been one of them. How do you view the relief market. Heading into this offseason and is it any different. That that -- has been the last couple years. Well I think when you go down and keep looking at -- all of there's always -- -- history particularly a lot of literature at all badgers about. No word we're going to. Not invest. Heavily in the back in the bullpen. And -- got to ride which side with. Our younger consciously -- -- people along those lines and our strength and the and the dynamic. Are things that are you know you know our extract from the minor leagues. Let the human dynamic that psychology aspect of the you don't know -- players or rather the major. And one UCL you'll understand that. In not a war for the ball Canada whatever -- -- look at the human dynamic is not brought to light in any of those. And I'm I'm not a big. Believer in war and because of that because it has been innings component which keeps. You know obviously the -- last three outs and a -- acutely. We can sit there and watched the Giants win because the blue cub. Or a guy who's been around a very effective closer Romo. And income level and -- earns his way in the big leagues get some experience he committed. And war and close again it all out -- all on the other side of the game was there. -- you can look at me AL east of the was -- rocket Soriano I don't I don't mean any team that leads. The league in blown shape as you look at do workshops this year in -- early age poster just got to have a difficult time when. And so. To suggest that our strength which measured the minor leagues argued that. The other aspect of the -- durability. When you have guys that can close and very durable enough clothes. Yeah -- really got Oswalt achieved what did you may have fifteen if you -- save opportunity. Ad in the post nasal. I think there and we're rarity of having people that can. Put together seasons with 35 saves and an -- post season. They are so important we -- necessary experience there and it you don't have that I believe you're running a wrist that will. Make a very very good she is a either a non playoff team or a team that doesn't allow you -- actually your expectancy while. Another position question going for the gala tonight both talked to you about this in the past as the second base market. You have to know obviously is a unique player around here you Pedroia who was up in a couple years and offer a little bit. How do you view the second base market. In terms of how teams are going to be value in the next couple years. -- -- wanted action saying it when you have duality or you can get. Gold glove defense and then game. Middle of the lineup performance out of the second baseman. It puts you at a place where. Earlier. You know when you look at. You know players like Joseph Torre arc though -- -- well they perform at those levels should there achieved so they bite. Both ends of the -- for me it's just. It just gives you a real advantage. It could almost. On average when you when you look at the performance second base -- the disparity between. -- -- ninety to hundred RB -- a hundred runs scored. What elements loop but what those few second base in the game due to provide that they're just you know you get out of the numbers double. -- three. As opposed to the corner outfielder as it may be seventeen of them while so it's that. -- it's something that really really -- DoubleTree chamber rare commodity. It's certainly a core lineup when you have one like. Scott -- a crusher for me. I -- 5% of a lot is but it's a lot I you have to be giving out full candy bars Halloween your full -- board. You know -- -- -- what we do out -- the way it goes in. The first thing we do in. Yeah you kind of -- always does -- it's got -- big. -- the first thing you have to do that. The kids kind of checked out what -- are going to -- -- app -- ago. If you don't if you don't get into that you -- I -- it -- -- lead in the neighborhood. You'd better -- you're doing it right because the kids already know where not to go slow reply to me and him. So it's it's -- pretty much. Well. Full -- for a good. Hi Scott thanks your time they Scott you about. Scott Boras. Venture into our guest tonight guys a couple minutes here anything jump out. Usually notable. Me one of those guys from the -- and I think addressing. Starting pitching seeing these can potentially go external -- starting pitchers sorted the headlines. Yeah I guess that that kind of rules out the idea of where at least it -- the idea of a sentence -- -- is -- perhaps filling that doubt that fifth starter spot. I'm so certainly a topic of Ellis that was interest in problem. The edge of it done if the Red Sox wouldn't rule out adding to the bullpen and it is. It is an interesting dynamic when you look at the final four teams in the playoffs they're closers where who. Romo and -- Coke by the end for the Tigers. Jason Mott who became a closer last year in the middle of the playoffs on the fly well. You know and we talked about we had that conversation before the show little bit. And both you led right into what Boris are saying which we say oh well look at who you end up -- World Series he would Romo united -- well. You know Scott Boris is saying well now it doesn't work that way right right that's not a blueprint pits that's for people which arguably is. Is true no team is giving Soriano fifteen I can't believe that some teams -- fits if we don't believe that the Yankees were given three years and whatever 39 last time for a presuming yankees -- exposed they gonna give him and another fifteen million dollar contract. Mean we didn't think the Phillies were going to give it all. Yet all this look at this this juxtapose it against Pavel bond contract -- and at first of all we have to ask yourself who'd you rather happy -- have around Soriano palpable. I mean I almost I think I'd rather. Apple -- to speak as -- rather. He had over over it's it's -- now -- it's close it's real all right so if it's close then you're talking four years fifty. But the rules of the -- there their rules of free agency changed after Papelbon signed contract yeah like within a week we had in -- TBA. It kind of almost made it is if the Phillies said whoops and he for -- -- Jumbo. Well I mean he went when he started it it's obviously a lot of its agenda driven in that's understands and -- as an agent. But it's interesting in terms of how he. -- surface is the the issues of the relief pitching for the second baseman nor to my mind like the scarcity of the center field market -- right. You know there's a real dearth of those guys available if you look even over time he's he's right when he talks about. -- and Upton being the only guys out there who qualifies as being you know real legitimate -- -- few options on the free agent market. That drives the supply demand -- and it is -- the first law we want football these guys for coming on in Boris doesn't do a lot of radio interviews but what he does that the GM meetings in the winter meetings. Case you haven't go YouTube. Boris winter meetings and it's the phenomenon of him at both these meetings is unbelievable. Because this is what the report -- look at all week or all week all couple days long. For him to make it apparent he stands in front of everybody in the lobby for as long as it takes this one time with this amassed report -- to heparin with a walk and the question. It's it's a very very strained. Phenomenon you know is that it be we area obviously you're talking guys salesman. I mean well obviously we go and that's -- -- our -- why don't I know that I'm Xavier you know. -- -- with him I guess that right ever have -- -- -- as an agenda to put clearly has guys. -- -- -- and -- I think the thing that jumped out overall for me Sheraton starting pitching. And a ball and I'm trying to -- -- said is a real -- Army with the -- -- and -- situation I think it's clear that probably Cody Ross is gonna head to the to the to take offers in the free agent market just by him setting an -- saying hey you know what he's earned this right so forth and so on and I like the fact Scott -- -- in one way acknowledged -- -- -- -- and also that he gives -- full meal is definitely sure it's if it's offered a plea agreement that. And makes their bench Chargers job force our guests up had a date tremendous producer mysteries in the big jump out. Alex fear rob Bradford -- and signing off rob Bradford will be at the GM meetings next week. Yes is that correct yes that -- it right there at some point with the Alex now beer they -- to be. Determine what it is going to be Morse and who knows maybe stick around we'll find out and I felt Thursday night football Kansas City San Diego.

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