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Ben Cherington talks free agency

Nov 1, 2012|

The Hot Stove guys talk with Ben about the negotiations that have been going on with some of the Red Sox players that can hit the free agent market. Ben says they've had good talks with David Ortiz, are in talks with Cody Ross to bring him back and doesn't rule out the possibility of talking with Kevin Youkilis.

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Hot stove show rob Bradford Turkmen hand Alex -- Joining us now in the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT -- the general manager of the Boston Red Sox. And charge and then Kirk Robin out howry -- Not too bad I guess first up is a story everyone around here's documents needs David Ortiz you have until 1201 AM Saturday. Talked him exclusively. Your thoughts -- and the deal would get down with him before. Well it will work. The talk a bit since the end of the season and there is a good conversation there. -- knows that we would like to keep them like I think there's mutual interest there. He's you know I -- toxin and we lose. It's apparent that some ground some areas but. So lots of work to do so. You're working our. You know it -- get. Mare. You know I'm sure. Remain hopeful that oh yeah it -- reform. Then if I can follow up I'm curious what's different about talks with him this year you know in terms of the variables going into. What kind of deal you guys might be seeking both from your vantage point in his. Well -- -- -- it -- a little bit in terms of the salute the rules as you know the arbitration. Process and rules or is it different this year than last year so all the little assuredly you'll be going through us. More traditional arbitration process was -- Darnell was slot corner. Essentially. Getting close to hear it last where I think. I think you know. We view dollar. -- That we go out that there -- Yeah that's the masses. Yeah we have the guys that are wrong it's so important. Old war or importance of the yeah walking. Like -- Senses that matters. We're trying to find you know it looks senators who were awesome and you know the war hopefully it's a. Does the amount of money that you're able to clear in the in the Dodgers trade permit you greater latitude to pursue a multiyear deal that might have been the case last year. Welcome it you know that that plays or do you are are these picture that you know that -- Offseason move forward. I don't think I don't think there is. The one player. You change the rule for so it is. If the look at the whole thing. We have. All the bigger role. It has. Well you know earlier this year. You know we use that flexibility wisely called defenses is -- -- as well. So. I get the answer -- yes for the sex and sex during the effect on the entire architecture -- not as their top. Then the other guy warns keeping an eye on as Cody Ross. What's your take on where things stand with that is -- -- -- QB I guess regarded as we head into tomorrow night. Well that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Where -- last year where. -- Cody -- last quarterback fall off. Family. There. Are. Eventually later that you know actually earlier this year. Real straight field there are things that we talk about where. Or that put him in a situation. Where he is. He had a better position it was last year there's a whole lot here are more assists. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How was it a little -- -- so it didn't it didn't or we wouldn't get there -- days. It worked out for error in any easier in -- at the end. And the right place forum. Right all our race environment all that. And they're better is there. This year than England last year good for him. You know make create a bigger challenge for all transpired. -- it -- let him work for us so you have talked about a lot. Arnold sell itself out you know you get. Mark I certainly a lot options. That we got away. Wouldn't -- society -- vs. Alters -- market. The are now. -- he talked about environment with Cody in order of things that people -- when they're talking about his value the Red Sox is how well he. Was in this environment. Up and even in your time with the Red Sox maybe is this last year may be is years beyond that. Have you guys changed how you view how guys handle Boston. You know weigh in in the clubhouse media Excedrin. Yeah it also talked about but certainly -- When things don't go well. And you're trying to return. They'll sing them. It back to where more -- Yeah. And -- in the count and Miller Pacers. -- ignored it or. Is. That does become important when you're trying to get through. Is that really uterus but talk about. It's gonna be. Processes of the lyrics and get their -- Couldn't have great players about this seed. Along along the sideline and you know we're gonna have. You know we're in these cases are city India as -- -- build something it's not a straight line so there reporters. Yeah two. Who -- here. Can handle playing here. In environment. You know it's. There's something there's something to that in terms of there -- like that -- help us get through. That Terrell is here. That are still in this series getting taxes -- -- So you know it is something we talked about. You know Cody. You know comparable here and then. And then -- -- America at least. Will be comparable here here is the matter. -- -- You know what. What -- You know we America circular sisco we will let you earned. That's important and -- himself its position as it's sort of certainly matters worse infielder. Red Sox general manager Ben -- in the -- on the hot stove show on 937. Bent on Tuesday the White Sox declined their 2013 option -- Kevin Youkilis I was wondering if you could envision a scenario where you -- comes back to Boston you have an opening potentially I guess at first base. Or there's any reason why he wouldn't be -- reserve potential roadblock. Well you know where. -- shut out in order talent. An absolutely. Great street and see in the open minded about. How to put it back together. He's. Let them. Part of that are you glad you're then you're considered -- -- all sorts of ulcers. Effort is -- another this. So you know no matter. But we're not. Locker shut the door. -- the same potential players as soon as some other. But I guess just a quick fault but when you goes left there's not a situation where the BDB no prom and bring him back you know attitude wise personality wise you're on board with him and that's. Neither is your player so long term well play our. Respect. Seven. It created the first star of the so a lot of option. This is the first time. His career. You know since -- college. Before that -- first time. That you -- have -- choice about. Where plays and you know it. Pre order Herman and earned -- right term they'll go in that that'll come along very often so. I think I think you know he's he's got more control a situation that grass or. But you know we respect -- -- currently plays and you know. Personal level. You know certainly. Certainly nothing happened that was you know. So there was no great relationship. -- Garrett. You know people have choices. And we'll have sources and you know to lose curiosity sake. Then I'm curious about one phrase that you've been using an awful lot which is the next great Red Sox team and what does that mean what do you envision when you refer to that is that you know in. It just promote from the standpoint of time frame both how near it is in what what that means in terms of sustainability. And what it might mean for this offseason. Well we get surveys are between. The middle. Who's all of -- out here. Was secure. Is aggressive. Attacks the strike. And -- And here. You know over the course of the equity. Prices -- period. All year here. The along those qualities that and that there. So loose so corrupt old overnight yeah I mean yeah you're always away from from that so. We feel like we have. Some of the pieces. That necessary. Concede that aren't local -- frequently are more on the way. Our systems appear here protectors. Regardless our system that we believe the most. We got to selectively as against you bring. Or try to do all those -- You know really moved. -- over six. We don't know exactly. Where that next greatness that crystallized. Police you know it's over or are about where to put as good as it -- -- to lose or you lose. Creative direction there Portland series. I think that was -- terms. And Boston right now you know. November now put their -- -- a look at those four. So awkward directions. Or. Clear. Well it will turn their illnesses is Howard and yet there. Think you know and the boxes -- -- -- Understand that. The great wrestler in the if I happen overnight without some. Recovered it sure you know is to assist in development. -- -- -- and I'm. It. With regards to building to building for the 2013 season. How do you approach the rotation differently this year than last last year you mentioned at the start of the offseason you had three pieces. That you were able to rely upon you know that you do you -- this kind of foundational and then it was a matter of rounding it out. This year you've identified four guys in Lester Buchholz and Lackey to bronze who can work going -- How do you approach the rotation for 2013 and then towards that end of the next great Red Sox team effort. Oh and would like at their rotation. -- -- and your tree you know for both options. You know. You know it might look like at some of our external. Factors you mentioned. -- -- -- -- If at all possible there. Younger our system who may not be. A -- or they're going to easily. And the aren't really get their attention goes forward. So. It's a little bit of a little bit out of his size salute. They moved the ball. The younger core that we have. Then the bigger than the ball -- to play their food is to work harder to put. Lester vocal in lacked. In the best possible witnesses succeed. These. It's those guys are secure. Up to our closer -- silly. And that I can make a bigger difference in our rotation next year before -- starters. Likely true. -- it makes so. Are they all the -- earlier certainly a concern over at air here -- better. You talked about potentially -- from outside your position for the rotation. Are you how are you viewing the bullpen heading into the offseason and do you are you prioritizing at all. Batting maybe something someone who might be in days potentially even and ninth inning guy already having obviously to -- Bailey plants in there. -- and that's one area to him or has got some options. Some different look where you know the -- of the -- and left side. Some guys there that's has and fairly. Fairly. Glances -- Would not rule out adding that next. We feel like. You know that says that's essential stroke -- the will be more selective hitters how. About this offseason and so we'll wait for. Was correct you know there is the right positions as well. Well -- But there's there's some -- some of them earned them their options now -- There are other guys. Started on the -- triple. -- It's important. As well. We also have the the GM meetings coming up next week and -- route beginning roughing in Palm Springs. And this serious looking back at last year's GM meetings didn't typically not a lot happens in terms of transactions but what do you remember about. Last year's GM meetings in terms of how it affected that team going forward. Virus but first our era that we're sort of -- perimeter so tour. And a lot of time. Or Milwaukee -- -- there. I think it is for us is that there. And so you focus more attention. Exploring. You know congress it and an agent. And you know that's something where article will certainly in the hands. We're going to be able to you know focus however -- earlier. They're into this last -- that are of course who got. We've got. You know Aurilia. Are more holes to go the opposite or to do or is that an awful lot -- so. Was -- conversation besides the managerial search last year. Was there conversation that you had a conversations that you had in Milwaukee last year that you remember kind of paved the way to doing something. Player -- yeah. Yeah you know you and yet there was -- Eric yeah Cabrera can't remember exactly all the conversations the ethic growing in the pocket that. I've -- like out there on the same place and seeing ideas and he does not you know -- happens actually I need but. You know is those conversations that -- they have a career. There peruse their -- over between those who ordered me. That's on at that let him. -- conversation starter at either side in order. Cooking oil is there more -- so you know come together. An Election Day party is going on at the win at the GM meetings. But. I'm glad that I remember. Remember last summer or years ago it. You wrote that I let you know he. That election is also. Oh -- -- for those and I either so we're able. There -- a lot so there are certain flow or them -- through that -- Or prizes as a. Since since Halloween in and read -- GM's go so well together what was the cost him last night. Remember you are sure it. It or not but certainly it certainly not. -- three envelopes -- do you want to ground that was I didn't put our. -- it was. I thanks for your time -- we appreciated apparently spent. They get the envelopes in regards to that it doesn't Red Sox chairman to bench turned and tying up to join us here.

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