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Scott Boras offers a different perspective on free agency

Nov 1, 2012|

Kirk, Rob and Alex talk with the most well-known agent in the business, Scott Boras. They try to find out about if there have been any conversations about Jacoby Ellsbury. They also talk about what the market can look like for different players.

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Let's go show Kirk Manningham -- spear rob Bradford here in 937 WB I've been injured in Red Sox chairman just join us and other guests here right now in the eighteen to outline. AT&T -- LTE. Stop Boris. Scott rob out -- in Boston are you this evening. Yeah it's got Harry's got. -- are my our first question would be the L feel mark how you look at obviously with. Ellsbury is a -- viewers how's it shaping up here next year -- Ellsbury you know heads in the free agency here potentially in the year plus. Well I think -- You know what you're talking about players you're gonna be in the market one there. You know. Fall league players that are played tribute traditions that are. Very eerie out here you know there's not going to be many here we are in this. This process where you and you've got a huge killers yeah yeah I think you're available that are guys that are gonna give you. Oh lead off or some power there might be a couple of the board. All. Air as far as -- corner outfielders. I think that. The market there wouldn't senators or an elite young player that's available at all. Course so. We're really over the next. You know couple years he strip via a relative small. Katrina people. That are going to be available extra years. Let's just. For argument sake sales -- free agent -- this season's gone after last season was injured. And we came back result as productive as he was the year before what what kind of ballpark figure would you be looking for for Ellsbury worry coming -- here's a free agent. I know a lot of guys I don't really talk about values players' fault. We talked a bit on Kirk and the other guy here so you we talk about privately if you. Yeah well I don't do that I reserve that future bankers myself. -- I'd rather extensive dialogue about it. It's those kind of things or done. Negotiating a player Richard hunt for the whole I'll let everybody up. Scott you're obviously based in Southern California that B indicates you're very close to it when the Dodgers and Red Sox. Such enacted that huge trade during the middle of this year. I'm curious from your vantage point what -- your thoughts when you saw that trade going down to the Red Sox were. You know were making this huge trade in order to achieve financial flexibility into. Really changed drastically the complexion of their team. And as a as a corollary to that. You know that trade was made with the idea of by the Red Sox of achieving. Financial flexibility both they and the Yankees have talked about that as well as getting under the luxury tax threshold what are your thoughts on you know kind of -- big northeast. Financial heavyweights wanting to get under the luxury tax threshold. -- -- McGwire should -- we're gonna be having each team get 25 million dollar more. Double what they got this -- and the national package. We're having an increase. In the billions of franchise. You know they're eighteen -- little -- The markets. LA Chicago roots that we have. We carry this with the -- structure person's work there early 2000 San Diego Padres to forgo. We've just seen a rapid growth economically and I think. The market's cool. A lower than those that support the teams that level while waiting television ratings. Regional networks. With attendance at the ballpark that you're talking about. Valuation could go on 715. Million true. Two point try -- street -- and so. -- to increase in revenues. Both manually and franchise. I think the standard serving. The commitment on the part of those teams to feel all perennial. Competitive clubs. And the chances. You -- -- and so. I mean. I think that you reference to what I -- Goliath actions frankly. I didn't intimacy issues when it comes to what. Revenues which franchise I ought to each day and that it is expected in the part of the system that. That there are teams that are making four 6700. Already 800. -- that they would be spending having payroll. You know we'd be in the mid two hundreds two allowed to have the appropriate number superstars that increased ratings bit. Productive for them to grow their cheap as they have early 2000 they wouldn't. And -- in the decade of the 2010. That being the case where you surprised when. When the Red Sox enacted that trade to essentially. Remove some of their their three biggest salaries are on the books and you know -- what was what was your initial reaction to that or were you surprised that they didn't just take the approach. Are we should we should answer are are our roster problems by spending more. Well I I think that there are -- a lot of that what the steps out in discussions. Benefit -- detriment to trade. I think the harder aren't going to be a bit. I think the Red Sox with a very good job and they they -- policies are very valued player. That exceeded that deal certainly character for the Dodgers. And I bet you know his value and as we go forward and the production -- particularly in the NL west. In -- is going to be considered a players value this compensation consultants. National -- to achieve. Called as to. You know the -- that any deal there's always packaging war. Other parts of the trader a little bit more. The concern but that's what trades are made picture and when you look at suddenly shut shot at the Red Sox the hard part is. And going out and giving. Middle lineup back. Give you both power and on base percentage. And run production. Government have been achieved for Boston's success -- for. And 071. You -- draw those deficiencies with the talent available it's great to be at the cultural. These guys you have some new represents a brilliant trusting a relief pitchers on the market right now Ryan -- being one of them. How do you view the relief market. Heading into this offseason and is it any different. That it has been the last couple years. Well I think when you go down and keep looking -- chains all of there's always been the history particularly reliable literature at all badgers thought. The word we're going to. Not invests. Heavily in the back in the bullpen. And word got to ride to try it with. Our younger arms and skin where people are those slides and arm strength and the human dynamic. Are things that are in -- you know bark extract from the minor leagues. Let the human dynamic that psychology aspect you don't know until players -- -- the -- And what you -- you'll understand that. In the war for the ball that everybody look at these -- the dynamic is not brought to light in any of those. And I'm I'm not a big. Believer and war and because of that because it has -- innings component what troops. You know obviously or flash reality began emerging we can sit there and watched the giants win because the blue -- A guy who's been around a very effective closer Romo. And he -- to handle and -- way in the big leagues get some experience he commanded. And walls enclose the gamble out of while all on the other side of -- is there. All you can look at me fairly -- wasn't rocket Soriano I don't I don't mean any team that leads. The league in blown way should you look if you -- -- this year in the early Angel you're just gonna have a difficult time when. And show. To suggest that our strength which measured the minor leagues argued then. The other aspect of the white durability. When you have guys that can close but it durable -- -- close to. -- -- really good apple which he didn't you may have fifteen if you file save opportunity. Ad in the post nasal. I think there and we're rarity and having people that can. Put together seasons with 35 saves and then proceeds. They're so important we -- necessary experience there and it you don't have that I believe you're running a -- that world. Make -- very very good she is a either a non playoff team our team that doesn't allow you to actually your expectancy while. Another position question going for the gala tonight of both talked -- about this in the past is the second base market. You have to know obviously is a unique player around here you Pedroia who was up in a couple years and offer a little bit. How do you view the second base market. In terms of how teams are going to be value in the next couple years. Well they wanted they keep saying here's what you have duality or you can get. Gold glove defense and then gains. Middle of the lineup performance SATA the second day. It puts you at a place where -- error. You know when you look at. You know players like a jury arc and no one day when they approach form of those levels they're achieved so they provide. Both -- to bash for me it ships. It just gives you a real advantage. It could almost. On average were you when you look at the performance second baseman disparity between. Lou did not need to -- Darby are harder runs scored. -- elements loop of what those few second base -- the game due to provide that they're just you know you get out of the numbers level. To a three. As opposed to the corner outfielders that maybe seventeen have a war of -- that. -- it's something that really really valuable to treat the rare commodity. It's certainly had a core -- light up when you -- one like. Scott final question for me. I was 5% of Awad is but it's a lot I you have to be giving out full candy bars following your -- candy board. -- now -- -- what we do how your web goes in. The first thing we do in that. Yeah you kind of how always does. It's got -- big. Let me firstly you have to do little. The kids kind of checked out what how's it going to -- map out ago though. If you don't if you don't usually did you know. There are almost lead in the neighborhood. You'd better go you're doing right because the kids already -- -- not to go slow reply to me -- him. So it's it's -- pretty Buckcherry -- Lola. -- -- -- -- Hi Scott thanks your time -- got you all about. -- --

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