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Thursday, November 1st Whiner Line

Nov 1, 2012|


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-- views expressed. Breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox didn't. Yeah discretionary box. -- -- And now those weren't your time. If this is a -- in the paper. Run on your thing. This is the last time you'll ever hear that podium and now we are athletes. We're not gladiators. This -- of the Roman coliseum the WEEI. Whiner line people pay their money hard earned money to come in here and I believe they can you. They can cheer they can do what ever they want but when you cheer somebody giving -- I don't hear. Kudos they're just -- happening Matt Cassel. It's sickening dial 6177793535. -- I've never ever. I've been some rough times -- some -- teams I've never been more embarrassed in my life to play football. Spending valuable whiner line if he's not the best quarterback partner he's not the best -- -- -- that's okay but he's a person. And he got knocked out every game. And we got 7000 people here but he got knocked out and now and I was embarrassed WEEI. I want everybody you know. We got a lot of problems as a society if people think about it in the wind airlines. Watcher Winston and that's right tonight what are you guys you want to know who's gonna -- who's gonna -- It. How serious is the past about this Mikey how the Catholic thing this is incredible bankruptcy. 16. So they played seven games there do they haven't led. At all this year the whole years I have at any moment in fabric. 21 in one yeah -- for you can't get out there I'm giving this one thank me later. Wasn't sick. Live at the end of one game in one -- there -- close to beginning a woman they're down three nothing but that was that was the final play the game was at the brightly once again that's right haven't led. They're exciting. -- haven't left in regulation okay you'll feel so I have a little touch of a cold. Yet nothing serious I -- a little Vicks vapor rub on mine. -- -- -- chest and just you know the -- any ladies out there have colts I'm happy to come over with Mike vick's. -- you want. You want applied is powered by aids anti WEEI alive it's available derived funny rajaratnam Blackberry device brought -- you but AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE was beats up probably right around her on ten. Faster than its three GAT and T -- everything possible aren't and that's. Europe and. But the picture of -- bought the live quality. I have these bad second mode that. And -- him -- -- -- reflection. That leave the likes to Andy I'm surprised you play any talent. Definitely needs to know I'm sorry guys it's deliberate -- well -- figure me for myself the -- -- it. So he's but he's probably Charlie tell the -- history -- column to listen to begin must follow what you want. Mikey -- whatever you want to -- it. Call it. -- -- -- Thought what you guys write down crap god only. I can't get credit for the patriots but not the debate go. And that message. That is the type that well home all the -- -- that's -- -- -- -- they were at a -- which is what he was accused of taking his focus up drugs you know it's for people with ADD right. You know so. Forgot it was Wednesday and every game as it I didn't put him -- -- that that's what's that this is because I know people of Iran that stuff writers are saying Mike would be here all week that says. They won't be tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and that they don't talk about -- 150. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hurt her food and fresh after the hour G got a letter seniors a minority of July and I got a -- crazy when you tell people -- so and so I I -- struggle more on what. But. Some. Marquee compound that you're about Paula being -- -- thinking about rubbing vick's. On jihadist -- as do they get used to like gee Artie. I my collection it was in the supermarket -- -- -- Paula Deen is on the cover your house we -- it's -- To have to pick that up thank you. -- she's fat right. -- I got a little thing they open -- gold -- on it because -- Adding that ever occupied the public -- academic. Apple -- And that message. Generation -- I did did you notice that last night that people were leaving like a whole bowl I'll. In front of the door. Yeah yeah I do that I didn't did you do ya know what took anything nobody had intended so we got those. Doberman and a front yards -- that the plaintiffs. -- -- -- sports talk show ritual practical way. Talk about -- that a don't care. And -- on. Pole beans. And a Paula team actually might be more attractive and it's. The real fat woman from down south. On real greasy stuff umi in their little the public -- -- gray -- gray hair yes. You like a -- well all right quote. You talk about market. Much yours that matches. Mikey you're gorgeous personal tragedies if I had to pull fisheries and she's from McCain yeah issue that's so I'll Rachel -- literature. To -- -- to feature helps. Welcome difference between -- that much magnet. At a -- problems. That have not. And that message she won't almond joy there is almonds are in its current candy -- by the oil depressed very underrated. -- pick up this happen that Oprah effect and have a lot and -- -- held today. I want to prop bet I'm we haven't gotten what -- -- a lot I. However the best outlook and so I was out of that and I felt little back. Hey what about -- -- up. And -- did I was listening to then suddenly Lansky. Like circle as candy put -- -- account -- down you know reading it yet stupid that he collected -- no it was a little guy it was a little -- guy who cooler segment -- how's that held -- might have been blocked -- at all Mike you like this senator I don't dress up as a real producer. -- Producer producer -- Barriers once again it's a great -- guy who released -- -- -- exactly sure why it keeps them going to polonium anyway the. Okay -- Iraq the so that it bought I had met but it. Boudreau of automobiles. Are vulnerable. Lou that the girl I had my belt you know -- me. Now have the -- -- all I have my mom's basement full red -- I have a -- yeah I am bit I'm very good. And message. Every reasonably good credit. I just just put it on I don't know festive it basically said. Lou you have the life that I want. It in there's where the jealousy comes from. Our call today -- -- -- you're not pick -- the raw politics and make that. Real bar where you'll find Mike Adams. -- be at a bar tomorrow are you. -- O -- what you guys are on the air every hour I'm going to be two when live reports from the streets. Eat your -- and yeah. How many how many Beers can you goes -- -- and -- -- -- idea that I stand straight up on my feet when I didn't I got injured everybody about it at the Celtics game when he puts an honest optimist. I've seen that than. Balances that she's been like Ohio couldn't do that as -- -- on top on my mileage flat it's perfectly round in my in my. Mikey Michael doesn't wanna do well I don't wanna do it I -- what -- you alleges lets you can't tell you know a -- that Lou -- guy. I want the life that might happen that's bad if I gotta let it I kind of one of repair my head yeah agent Erica like Cole on the heat there -- -- looks -- your seat cushion on -- -- compounds any of demise flat it. It is. It anyway the only thing worse than listening -- a very handy way -- and -- way talk about Gary and why. And that message. He struck a chord there with the you really -- got you've gone. Don't think I have Derek -- -- -- figured out. Be sure to be part of my equipment. And the -- head off war. And a message. It's really a mop it's more about helmet and simply that. I don't know. What happened but yet both are why do I had they called went up that big yet we don't yet to come by I. All of kind of thing in the world always what happened -- -- -- And on anybody -- -- garden -- on electing them that if they go watch. It's a little -- of -- I was startled out of setting a lot of the mayor for our thing readers now and let them that if they go watch. A delicate balance appearance -- the -- is sure that's not Menino and now. I'll watch it -- -- -- -- -- had -- -- -- on the ascent that I don't try to figure now. It's time and it -- Larry it's -- camera on a lot of Havoc on our back what do. And that message. A. Back. I don't wanna go pro life and -- record time spent twelve -- that point one had called it. I'll Wear my dad can jacket say WP. You guys both want one of my belt then why we know you're gonna put up. -- Stefan -- and good -- And that's when you're Jacko lantern -- so. I don't export and -- happen. Well good but thank again everybody who got. -- -- -- -- -- Tonight. I don't I don't -- I don't want it to our part -- article in the burglary and use star idol artist anyway well I just again and an alum get well but Thomas. I start. And that is doctor tools as well. But it is a problem. And ultimately. Kept it going. You mention -- -- mentions are more than mine -- idle -- idol got about what -- 29. Or four he hates it a lot more for it that you're done. David please with that the bad at that -- then that can -- -- that. -- -- 28 million. There are money hungry rob rob maybe Bobby Eaton was right maybe word god in it. And that. Which you do three for 36. And have no. Huge knowledge 224. All the blood conversation after -- for converse. I don't -- -- the whole why indicates they had the called. And I don't -- -- called. Bill. Had to go right -- I don't think that I -- president itself. You call about it but yeah Adam then that I've been with the problem I have all of that has been a lot. They don't botnet. And just let it. Terrorists. But -- it's -- After listening -- governor -- become wondering like he has been. I'm Lincoln Chafee and I approve this message. He is running back in 2014 again. And the message. We currently give applicable rules bloody socks they can auction them off on their kicks up more than one maybe. Allow me to be the first base something positive about Tim -- are. Wow. Did you all see that he's prepared he's carried around but now that. CNET and a girl and a Nobel. -- issues why would you with the jets just try to steal them -- Jackson. When they have a client lied when he does plan on -- three and -- you've got a player but what if you can Sanchez's he's worse but he -- -- few wins like he did with different from what goes in which for the rode -- like oh no don't you now he -- once we're finding out now one -- get -- is. We've put a legitimate. Quarterback back there were funny won a playoff game is the number one defense of -- and that's all he is a legitimate quarterback Peyton Manning was the greatest that are lived he's pretty damn good. I know. That well where did that big hit that haven't thought at all I didn't think that's wonderful. And it anchored -- -- -- bought them. What effect -- felt confident are not part of the best possible of course -- are well then you know step up as a quarterback. But. -- is doing a lot of good things in the community and my name my next consult him. Did you wireline -- to come -- you are right into the AT&T forgy LTE speeds up tenant does not answer outside that's originally sent AT&T rethink possible.

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