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David Ortiz vs Red Sox

Nov 1, 2012|

David Ortiz and the Red Sox have yet to work out a contract. David Ortiz apparently will hit free agency!

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Thought of that today should have gone out or -- less -- David Ortiz. That would have been a good one now. That would have been a great when you know why why. You ought not to bag yet. Majority of people in New England would've thrown it dollars in there that they would give you what you want you walk back to your house that you have. I have 101215. Million dollars due to feelings and love David Ortiz and they should I understand. You think the Red Sox may be. Adhering to this. New policy of discipline. Is very interest in this you know this is good. And it didn't interest in drama that's about -- play out here. Because are the are they being disciplined. Or they just trying to get in the cave negotiations. In good but it's the same thing is that in this and I don't know you know I don't know discipline could be. There there's no way I'm gonna give you clothes to what you want as disciplined at it here's our number here's our number. And we are not gonna move from that but try to get somebody to cave. Is now knows the Red Sox could be bluffing they might. They might get scared at the at the final -- this happens in negotiations. That went up to me management gets scared and I tell you this is our number. And then right when you're about to walk it. -- Dual core and others like -- that's like of this restaurants and so is it discipline. War is it's a little bit of a poker game well right -- gonna find out right now they're displaying discipline my guess is and you tell me if you disagree. That they've all agreed that. Globally to give a two year deal. And David know they know wants a two year deal the differences. David wants a two year deal at the money daddy's getting for a one year deal right now which is fourteen. -- point 275. Million so he's look at war. 484930. Million for two years synagogue. Will -- -- two years we wanna give -- He he says he wants thirty million yet. As Lawrence Taylor saying all he can do is -- -- about liquid on July but it if arts and what else. I don't what David -- positive with our. Got -- you're very good to see what happens but. Atmosphere from Ortiz aside he might he might legitimately -- thirty million dollars or I'm going to the open market or you might. This franchise and -- I would understand if he said this to. This franchise over the last five to seven years has been real loose with the money. And I was foolish enough to take a deal from them before without really pressing them but now that I've been sitting here I've seen. The posting fee for Daisuke -- in the contract for J. D. Drew. I've seen Carl Crawford Adrian Gonzales John Lackey Julio Lugo. We just sit here and wait because. It may be a little financially irresponsible. Asked for thirty million even though I don't believe it certainly. The question as he's never had the balls to be able to hold out and go to free agency he said the opportunity. And he has been underpaid at times he's been one of the best of the best bargain in baseball for a couple of years of his career. For that exact reason because he hasn't been willing to strap on and go to free agents so what does he do here. What does he do yet if he wants that if that's what he wants city launched two years that he wants them but I know that you don't it does on Saturday. I'm gonna forget that there maybe not happening you don't think he's got a free. No. I don't know why don't he can always come back because he -- get back though most money news or right. Most money yelled at the right but the most money is not here OK unless you get a lot to get free agency and convince the reds. But the somebody else interest okay well he argued that you gotta strap tomorrow archer got to strap -- we think he's. Gonna make it about testicles okay. About. Say well it is about it you know it's about it -- -- it's about reality. The reality or reality -- -- -- -- the instructor who's in the -- regular -- argue very. You've got to know. Where the money. It's like you were talking earlier the generator was out he said. You know that people confined. Arafat people -- and people on the money. They know the money in the rich man well the only way to find that. And but if you if if if I'm -- wants to me. Anywhere close to that and we -- he's going to do is to get the Red Sox understand that there's somebody else interest. And the only way you do that I think is you get free agency because if he got -- this thing in your right. There's somebody else interested but they're not interested at that number. The other -- Eagles -- free agency there's no doubt his agent will receive. 45 phone calls. From general managers. Morris seems they would love to Ortiz I would have let. He can really help our lineup but -- but what now they don't love him as much as the Red Sox little blow up so even before the deadline. You know I know he knows that the most money is with the Red -- In go to free agency and make himself. These wide open and a member Obama. I'm -- available freeagent content on -- offers offers. And Iran. -- You know the most money is with the -- he doesn't know that the -- was to freeagent. And he can't and it can't get the Red Sox to move -- -- number let's say let's go figure let's say he's looking for thirty million for two years. The Red Sox -- saying twenty million for two years why would the Red Sox move on that number. Unless they're convinced that somebody else -- there might steal them away from. Jolie gets that Michael until -- until -- it's so he has some leverage. There's no reason the -- actually get a little by now they -- come up with a deal by now he's out of last week like everything was hunky dory and it was going to be great. What is happened what we're finding out here in the last couple of hours. That it looks more more like David Ortiz is going to free agency. What's happening is he wants behind number they are willing maybe they already does he sounded pretty good about the fact that last week. Able to give the two year deal. What's that gonna give the two year deal at war dollars. So that the average annual salary is way down from what he made last year. That's how they're doing -- so what he's got to do what he wants to get that number up. He's got to get another party intricate because of that happens and the Red Sox find out that there's another team not near Baltimore let's say. How the Yankees. Better interest in Ortiz. Then it's a hard court decision old bully. We're gonna lose him to a team where he may come back and burn -- is worth ten million guys. At the -- what do you bank. That's the only way he's gonna get this money because like I believe they are in the discipline mode here and maybe why don't they have -- deal Cody -- They want. All of that went on David -- While it means it. At a high priorities and how he looks like he's free and hit it in the same category -- -- but the reason they don't have a deal. Is because they're displaying. Discipline at least out of the -- maybe they are displaying dissipate right on Thursday things things happen and I'm talking about right now. -- know -- they are currently in negotiation but they only got on here the other guys out here put on hold on fewest free agency and nobody offers him a -- And guess Schwartzman and the and the Red Sox are not given them thirty millimeters a year goes onto the next. And that's the danger Dave Ortiz. You can say you -- talk about strap and Oman and all that stuff and have the guts in the ball to do it art you can go to free agency. And even before it goes I'm sorry that's in play that game he knows we all know the Red Sox got to give them the most money. They say he's more important to the Red Sox and he has to any other team -- can help another team. But two of the Red Sox David Ortiz on the field off the field is more important to them than their than their competition. So you know they're going you know even try to. If you David -- this wonder end. I wonder if somebody will give me forty million they won't so we go to free agency here's the risk of. And somebody offers you two years. And twelve million dollars. Or two years and fifteen million dollars in the and you go back with you -- regulate or mono Red Sox now you know what yet you've got to the fifteen million. I'm gonna take it although you don't take the one year for thirteen point one million dollars and then you're gonna start all over next year that's why he can do this. He's got one year right now there is no way the Red Sox do not offer him. That one year tender what they're doing what I want -- there is absolutely no way. So he's got the thirteen point one. He's not gonna take debt that the crappy deal doesn't have to guard well he's already done the one year the last couple years he can do that so what took so the only way. Was -- but if you think about that. So because of the market we know was gonna happen and open market. As the DH position has been do you emphasize that point to 37 year old DH 337. Year old injured DH. So we know that the market is not going to be crazy and and the Red Sox are not in that market in the -- leaving the Red Sox so it takes away. One of those power teams that free agents are always looking -- the what the Red Sox and yankees involved all the time tonight particularly the Red Sox because. Destitute you can come to a deal. After all that. Go to market you don't get what you want to come back and take one year for thirteen million good salary we don't take it was a fuss all about -- gonna be angry. This same situation you've been dealing with usage you don't want to deal with these when your country don't wanna have the uncertainty you want you wanna have. Security of a two year deal doesn't make any difference conditions change so he can justified by saying at thirteen million dollars this year all of a terrific season. I'll get another thirteen million dollars next year knowledge -- with a two year deal for 46. By the way Michael all he has to do was look at the last two years when he -- a two year deal two years ago. And look at what he's amassed over the last two years taking one year deal so I think if he ends up going to free agency just looking at his district. It's not the strapping Amman. And he's gonna -- -- taking a risk in taking gamble it's because his agent is convinced that somebody out there is gonna offer on enough trinity. To either entice him to go there. War -- force the Red Sox to up their -- and give him tremendous effort that's the reason he goes to free agency and the worst case scenario. He comes back here at thirteen port. Is bought more importantly. You don't want. I would watch out for thirty million I would watch laughable come on now I. You gotta watch careless getting got to do -- Cleveland got to deal at its Detroit got to do it. Cleveland's an interest in one but I know thirty -- and I'm not sure but it was ready on that again we go with thirty million net interest on lap thirty million dollars. So your your whole pointless. Is eight and is going to be convinced that somebody's got to pay him more or pay him that number is -- seventy unless he's got to pull Rleal. Must he's gonna say screw you a ridiculous to go elsewhere and I just opened that's in his nature but you know all anything's possible but. It sounds to me about that -- up to Dustin Pedroia before a game and the jury won't talk a typical older it'll. You'll -- Dustin Pedroia has no class ticket this week ago he was convinced he was gonna -- to guess he probably heard. Red Sox probably had passed along to his agent -- willing to give him two years guarantee. What do you think happened between last week in this. Finally sold -- dollar bills. For the two years they finally saw what it was going to be I'm not so circle. That I which -- thirty not so cynical that QB yeah. Disappoint we don't get what you still I'm still had enough -- to be disappointed that the united and enough good -- Good and important players don't give -- you know being honest with yourself on the Gaza and you know the problem and that's an excellent job. Because it now -- little kinds of -- are protected -- would you but would you would you given a few Red Sox if you really believe his -- -- forty million. For two years -- or you're willing to org you'll get let's -- thirteen of fourteen for one yeah I. There's another -- good -- annual salary for one year is going to be higher number that weighted average sergeant -- a year. -- of the 28 to thirty if that's what it says if he says I want. -- -- I want to what you are born free agency would you see if you weren't promising now. And say David Leo we love you the weirdest thing to argue we respect you or your. You know innocent this saying all that stuff you're not very important -- of the truck we gave you know oh really. Now a couple years ago when you're dealing with the judge -- ever take him for years and forty do you think you'll beat -- I think -- -- of it laughable. Mobile. To -- outside Seoul based not only ten -- -- -- that I don't think I ever. I never asked me anything ridiculous that I know that I am not going to be the gauntlet to the basket what you're gonna volatility of the old people and I mean anybody can get it to you do a -- way -- before they know you're good looking. For the number. Anybody that he's been doing today that you from what it feels. Apparently review the deal right now. -- source familiar with the negotiations. On it appears all likely that David Ortiz and the Red Sox will not reach an agreement on the two year deal. Before the designated hitter reaches the open market in two days on the Red Sox are a lot of conduct. Exclusive negotiations with the Ortiz until 1201. AM on Saturday so. Pretty much of midnight Friday. And -- time other organizations now will be allowed to talk contract with a free agent as of now source says he does not appear. That a deal will be reached during the window of exclusivity. So it means that David Ortiz will go to free agency and anything's possible -- and the other option. What is going to happen I know it as that according to this source -- -- who's privy to negotiations on -- -- -- What do you think. Except saying hello to right. It's possible I I still just not the deck. I find it hard to believe that David Ortiz is up with a -- I find it also hard to believe. The David Ortiz 42 year deal guaranteed at 282930. Million dollars from -- like because then. Forget about the the whole idea. Of of trying to. Show some film stability financial stability and in. And looking for value in trying to build this roster that they won't do one piece. So the question the question is is there any interest. It out some of the Texas who said what about the Detroit that would Delmon Young -- about Houston they wanna make a splash right now but Texas State they wanna make a splash. Is it possible. It is possible out what you I find it hard to believe. That he's worth to one another team. 28 to thirty million dollars for two years because I don't leave. Here where he is a huge marketing commodity that is worth 28 million dollars for two years. And he's worth far more here than he has anywhere else because of his marketing ability -- what -- meant to the organization and -- Well a couple things here one. Bobby Valentine -- in. Line. I'm Bobby writes come on guys so my question why would you want somebody back equipment you. Younger because things were bad with seven questioned -- I will soon as I wanna be I wanna hear David reduces. Chances of course -- some recent -- and Bobby do to help out the free agency market and what's -- -- -- Here's a second. -- -- -- -- You do -- do about. You know us. It was about to get socket at yes or -- about it. Actually don't like -- -- money you -- that -- Greg quoted. You know my my here's my. Here's like here's my special of the day Neitzel buried dig for a special. Special prediction. Obama. I'm not naive me okay. -- warriors go gamblers out there. I'm giving you this one thank me later that we are kind of character -- himself offered about that biblical land of video review. These tips. I gave it a bit off tonight football again last third I don't even remember I -- because I stop -- -- two weeks ago when it comes to Tampa Bay over Minnesota a big hot -- that killed an argument you by making you an awful president football tonight. -- -- Hold on all the people all the level it would also all of its. Sticky spot cheats and sharp. His reason that you'll realize that -- did you have your own self interest as -- to sell books opportunity -- -- I've given up and I don't know I don't ever let up on them. For what are we gonna happen and New York Jets. On a daily charges last week seven to six moves to act that would. Correctly and rhetorically lists are right now. But here's -- David Ortiz does not go to pre. So they were this next we're we're got to deal -- deal and it won't be close to thirty. Can't be close to -- I mean I -- love what protection we got it when we went to the polls last week in gold falls it's no higher than to -- people people call up and it's got the two -- during the thirty get it's what you do that no high are you trying to show discipline to years in the rest of the no higher than 22. Why you're 22 -- got the comeback player. Many -- -- game Monday if that's the case. Then they'll be bitching about this it will be bitching about this two week at a two year contract it was so Bradford argue your deal right now. What Tim says it is an important -- talk about numbers here. So I agree with little -- 12800 alternate gazillion over 20000020. I get the full cost GM up in New Hampshire Jim. Can't get them. Hey you think -- -- -- guys that went Papelbon left. And it's free agency in everything gave the Red Sox -- shot at making. -- offer. So is that -- -- on that -- Casey later you know if he comes back healthy and a lot often. Thought you -- Jim I think is a big difference Houston they're talking they're negotiating with David Ortiz right now and negotiations are going great obviously they're not. But they're talking with him with in Jonathan Papelbon case. He didn't go to them they didn't go to him I think everybody knew going into. The 2011. Season. No -- be his last season with the Red Sox so. There there was no negotiation. Yeah yeah but that is true but. You know it it is this the year that -- he's trying to get fed up with the back and forth game you know. It all depends on what else he's got -- -- for himself Chia -- he could talk all he wants about one -- two years and 28 million dollars that's all well and good. But if he's not gonna get that anywhere else then why would the Red Sox simply given to what do you want to see it as a gift. Just just wrap it up and say here I mean. They're going to pay him based on what they perceive as -- value his value is indeed hiring -- and Boston. Then it is anywhere else because of what he brings to the table marketing the fact that people buy insurance they -- of the games because they wanna see big poppy. And right now they're kind of desperate for middle of the ball lineup power so he's worth more to them. Than anybody else. -- He would but. Again that -- at some point you know players candidate. It hired. And I -- you the word they respect word. You know he's not killing respect. -- did you go to got away -- -- -- 31 I'm not sure he can get away with right now it's easy just like to going to be you know knocking on the door I agree with Michael amount. Now there might be some teams that can leak it out. That they may be wanted to give them an awful lot of money. But I wanna see you on the table right before I because they -- got to play with the Red Sox a little bit and force the Red Sox to overpay -- mobile. Here's Allen and over now. They get -- I think you Arab media be discounted the ball my ankle a little bit too much not saying that's gonna happen but I can kill other recent -- ball -- one China. Should all too well that -- our outlook you noted although I don't hit it out let's be clear what Wednesday. I think every team in the American League would be interest in signing David Ortiz that's 12. At what price. Is not it is not just interest. In in -- glimpse pointless. -- can get more than say thirty million in free agency do you think. Not -- Orioles interest in David Ortiz of course they are are they interested in signing David Ortiz for thirty million or 35 million dollars. Think that I but I think they're entered students signing him at that number that high enough to make the Red -- over hatred and it more than what the Red Sox won a -- Well that's the one that's the one I don't like what are you ready for example -- -- situationally -- only here how much. Total here at 26 million dollars -- celebrate that that's -- I think that you weren't. That's that about the suspect and it's finally almost legitimate I mean I don't know that they'll repeat what they did last year because it was kind of a look with the -- it's -- He gives -- legitimacy. He will possibly you know get -- people on the seat to see see the. A little bit more than they try and now you know the coming out of the year that -- you know they had it would achieve the latitude. So you know you get that part. I just really think that it's subtle and two years. Way old money didn't -- it playoffs the job six cutters since I'm not sure that were worked out and that's. It now but -- that is something that everybody has to consider. Because you're talking about 37 years old this more. Erica 37 years of age and Achilles problem that was a collision or anything was simply -- trot. On somebody else's home run around the bases and turned it. So you got to be worried about it now at his age. It's and I think he looked. The Arctic in its LP unit you know -- -- playing on the same field -- I just think I would. Not discount I will agree with -- -- -- discount beat the Orioles looking at the fact that they -- with told me last year Chris Davis. At that spot I would not discount would. I find it hard to believe that somebody is gonna go out there and give him. Huge dollars maybe more than the bloody Guerrero deals over the last couple years OK but I can't believe that somebody's gonna give me two year guarantee deal -- -- -- -- at 28 to thirty million and if the Orioles. Do -- David Ortiz at number Al mentioned in nine years. David Ortiz goes from Boston. The ball. The Red Sox that hurt the Red Sox and help the the a -- that's because. You've got they've spent their money have a lot of money the spin out of the Orioles though they don't they're not like the Yankees and Red Sox and angels and Dodgers there. Roll like now that they're planning any more money this off season Michael achieve best owner they -- the -- dirt -- and hold off. Peace and a lot of the season and personally I know you're there cola he spent money in the past foolish right now don't -- it. He spent money foolish now he may have the bug again but they're talking about spending muddied on this idea they also need a pitcher I was -- sick idea. And act like -- -- their money on Ortiz. And have a great pitcher after a very good pitcher this question here is the question. I take it or equipment are you wrap our mobile. US to question help or hurt the -- what do you think David Ortiz is going to be like this upcoming season. As your only two weeks ago I said DO. I wouldn't give the two year guarantee deal I think he can be find of 2013. But aren't -- stretching 2014. But you thought last week. He could be very very good in 2013. If that's gates yeah. And David Ortiz goes to the your -- you look at your line up here in Boston without David Ortiz will hurt the Red Sox. The shots -- -- about David Ortiz here the first hour. Sources are saying it is now likely he will go to free agency come Saturday it's not been able to come to an agreement with the Red Sox. I'll read this text on the AT&T it's excellent AT&T forgy LT TE speeds up to a course ten times faster than three. -- we noticed who just won the World Series and they did without a big bat like Ortiz in 0407. We spent big on pitching and won titles. I think everyone forgot that and is getting focused on getting. And home runs again. -- -- All it's about them -- He's right and so if you look at that lineup -- there are also on development is up massacred pitching -- problem sensibility a terrific. World Series homers and one OK and Marcos to grow. Hit well above what anybody anticipated he could do by the way they're negotiating with a for an -- next makes money in the World Series for us this. But he was in Colorado and Indians up there in Frisco and now it's gonna get a new deal. This -- is absolutely correct pitching pitching IQ and more -- -- it is right there. All of us would agree west that's the most important thing -- as the shortest that you like to keep attempting -- in -- World Series were both both keep the largest. -- keep ignoring the fact. That the team with the best pitching in the division didn't make the play. There -- zero hitting nothing. They've won that now line -- you Ed David Ortiz that line -- they went back to the parent -- so let's just play along here. David Ortiz away focus on pitching it's -- Do you are you comfortable with the Red Sox lineup without David Ortiz. Not not if not you'd argue that would solve I don't know I'm not answered you just -- a few minutes ago he read it at the Red Sox win -- David Ortiz goes to -- no I'm asking you could do you think it's all about pitching I don't I don't I don't think I don't think it's all about patriotic you have to be able to get a little -- a little bit. All on -- you to -- we usually get hit a little. So do you think the reds aren't asking a question I'm not trying to set to appear. Who set -- you know hurt like a mother archer -- -- You're glad to hurt you tell me. And after him. Do you think the Red Sox. Without David Ortiz. Is that lineup because it if they have a melting in that lineup and now that's why bring him back for one year. I don't think he can do the same thing in 2014. It's too much of risks and I think he'll be -- guys out. And you can't live on sentimentality. The teams that do well in any sports are the ones that don't bask in sentimentality and don't. But. You're lying to me a couple of months ago was to David Ortiz goes to the Baltimore Orioles. Besides two year deal down there for big money to the Red Sox -- Dellucci said. -- -- I think urged -- ought to know David Ortiz our look at Baltimore. They're not going to be -- market clubs are three or four victory that does well. It's not gonna contrary to what you believe I think already have pretty good -- They need another bat and they need to and they need -- starting -- top the top of the rotation story. A couple of Michael called Ramadan and look where they are right now compared to the rights. Anyone had a great look look great salukis season good for them happy for them. Happy for their fans and they should bring back the today one of the Medicare person again bring back the white hat what they -- -- -- thought -- important -- -- one of the better catchers in the game and it. Adam Jones gold glove Warner center fielder very good -- terrific season very good. That. On the Gillick did the -- pretty deployed to like they're pitching now I don't like prepared. -- open. Tremendous leadership -- OK that was tremendous anybody give give you 200 innings -- starters are just pretty much average. -- courage. What they're doing is the type stuff I would do from the -- but Joseph Saunders I would picked up a guy like that that's the type of a pitcher. That you got to start thinking about that and the Red Sox are doing. They're not making deals for pitching yes it did last year went -- got to Obama an old guy at a younger guy okay I'll -- We -- the last -- with Seattle and what Detroit did in bringing it dug for us. To the Red Sox got a ticket out my over couple weeks or whatever. What did you intricate Dietrich had an idiot number two guy in Asia I've seen didn't give up that much I've seen Doug -- -- a lot of times. That -- a friend of mine. Joseph Saunders is no dog mr. -- just aren't as rich while I'm still not Carter just -- -- -- -- and fifty cents to Japan and back comic jokes on projection. Those Tampa guys. The Red Sox aren't doing. Don't what is their -- want to tell you Red Sox to go after like that they Joseph Saunders types. I. I think it gives you some depth that's what Baltimore about last year they had some death. Now from the Red Sox the one thing I -- do was I wanna try climbed on top of the rotation -- -- deal for Danny -- right now. Angels of Marty traded it was Santana they're looking to trade away -- -- -- you make a deal -- you gonna have to give up quite. Which you don't. Not to give up quite a bit now because. I'd get one of those guys that. Why because I don't think -- here and as well -- got some issues -- -- -- I don't think you've won so if you've -- what you know what those guys available. What I give up. Bogart to a regular Jackie Bradley junior would I give up Barnes and yet you got to go moral models. Portals great top of the rotation of guys -- the top of the rotation guys if you're talking about a Felix Hernandez should look for more than and I cannot be -- to you so you have to get it to whatever it -- a guy but for me. If you can't get one of those guys and I want the feeling guys on what the guys I can I can fit in the art have. -- -- -- You gotta go to the season would that rotation. And feel good didn't we did last year and the year before and the year before what's the edit netted us how many playoff games Michael what's the difference between. Joseph Saunders and Felix. I don't know if lucky can its next year you don't know if he can -- next we don't know. Coming off Tommy John surgery. We have no idea what he's gonna be able to do company image is gonna be able and how durable do practice. And in 1984 were you can tell what happens after Tommy I say wandering into they like well you can start to you you -- command with five guys next year. And the same guys that you depended on the last three years. That -- use 00 playoff games and suddenly think miraculously does assault alleged problem to solve the board probably gonna solve the public. Maybe does. If he does that's a bonus but there is no way. I'm going into the season. Making a lot of bank on for the last three or four years Kaczynski it'd be zero playoff games are -- the car it's optional. Or don't -- -- mark -- -- -- -- she was going out there quick question am I guess we're current directors. We all reared in Turkey is the most secure targets and -- to a -- -- -- correct. What has that I think I don't know ward where agrees with. But I I'm with you hear about I'd be shocked I would be shocked if -- more more than that I actually believe that if you're looking at his value with -- age. He has more value here in Boston. But I'm not sure. That adds value gives him a two year contract that's that's a risky proposition. If you're suddenly. Talk tell everybody you're gonna displayed discipline. Like we're getting arrogance and save face -- -- David indirect starts. Would it make sense to give them we appear that deal with Herbie. For the first here a little later in the -- me like they're sixteen and seven or fourteen and make them accessible David on the road starts this week. What difference does it it's all guaranteed so it's what -- -- -- it doesn't matter how you structure registrar you can do that. They're easier to get -- that the official or bigotry Cabrera. We're going to be easier deal there and do something. And that's why I'm my guess is he's gonna ask for -- doctorate you're not gonna -- He's ran his career you don't have to ask for notre politicking is it really be invited to attend a -- broke right not the not a -- about right now. Now it wouldn't change that. Now. If he can he can dictate where it worried. A 6177797937. We give it to its. I think we're gonna -- -- Celtics tickets on the tentative which you have to be listening to you never know. When it's gonna throw you don't know what's gonna happen but you do know that Danny is going to be today and that's going to be important for. -- any changes to the from posted. Hopefully everything goes well. Man. In my mind you know like this. Divide that has its season that I -- -- paid -- months I. What I had to sit down and start of gone to their situation. But I hate that part of the people -- not at all but not all of it we'll somewhere. Wanna make it sound like it's my problem the way I can never Simon now we're. -- -- my problem. The short changed indications from people close to the negotiations he gets to free agency. Midnight. Saturday midnight to Friday 1201. AM on Saturday were talking about it here and -- -- -- wife holly you. There's Mike in Rockland Mike. Like let's Mike. -- don't speak yet I don't put you're right radio that a veteran right here he knows. It. Tell everybody Iraq and how it was done home of the dogs. It straight. -- still still rivals are Randolph. No not over and there are doing conventional for long -- -- Night anyway. So -- might take on David Ortiz. You would agree with me probably one of the best units in the league at least above average and not anything else right. Okay. And pain and I know he get it -- on the I don't expect turning to Ryan look envoy in one year but in the -- at the one year Leinart to an up and against the -- he's young -- -- you know he's got a time common. By the point is stat I mean how accurate Dropbox. You know even -- -- went from an above average in the past the leak out to look at one even that the network most. You know teams average to good one. So -- potential has -- to good -- a worst case scenario like that could be. And all that the second year you might drop that -- a lot of good -- you know we salute the I am I wouldn't it's yeah it's -- -- I'm I'm not sure what the money would work out. All that's all matters here is that they've agree is -- -- Red Sox have agreed to a two year deal renteria went on with the money. -- Well I mean if you look at -- 22 to 44. I took -- parties to the third is ever parity what what is -- PGM gonna give. Yeah that. -- -- -- aren't just make fun of said that yeah but that's the issue that's the problem and that's why they're going back and forth because he is dead set on getting the two year deal he said a million times. He said -- last year ironically. He -- two year deal a year ago as the Red Sox were to give him the same amount of money they gave him. Last year this year which is fourteen and three quarter million. That he would have gotten a two year deal. Last two years last year this year for a total of 29 million dollars over 29 Eagles almost thirty million dollars. But it's all in his mind that he -- -- have this two year deal. Remember he wanted to deal at the beginning of last year and that that was going to be yet. Suddenly he wants the two year deal not what's the saying that you get the ten year deal and next year 2014 -- he's -- and while this bill with -- -- It's you and protects our what does he wore. That's the quite -- Text -- male and males that Texas is for a guy who hates talking about his contract he sure seems to like apps. Talking a lot of got a journal isn't -- he hates talking about how he talks about it Kyra. Has gotten Connecticut new Republic's self scouting. Yeah it's. Did you outline that I wanted to sort of agree that you -- Could take out a little bit that what you say it. Well I agree completely I'm a little scared Baltimore they've got a bit this year they might take a flyer on him and and I -- you know all the items that he had today. I'm I would do I had an articulate problem however as I see them go through some leg quicksilver is -- principally through these I'm not too worried about that. -- he was supposed to be out for two to three -- He missed 90 yeah that's right that's that's not a minor injury. -- would no surgery by the way. Parties haven't met out either however however here's my feeling okay is that Forney. Are that the thirty they might off reporting. Look at -- -- -- hitting that left over after the Dodgers deal in other civic young player that they recite -- and others on the left. They -- hitting -- and what you've got a -- and not a big fan of all. Pitching any pitching to obviously. -- what Michael said before sitting in the dissipating. You know I think it -- public you'll also understood but I public sentimental dollar -- Larry Bird Michael Lerner. A mega star give you some confidence you know can -- bronze -- an extra contracts. But he's not he's not that -- level. But -- -- -- sentimental dollars and you could sign a row low bond he has like the Yankees did look what they got out of him. All right Eddie was very affordable. Right. -- -- Manuel and play earliest. If it's a matter of three to six million dollars. Take a look at what the economy it is considering the fact that it rarely hear that Boston. He really played that you gotta have admitted you know offer for much much less -- dollars. And you know now here we are there any extra years a couple of three of the six million dollars. They can be off maybe maybe even at seven from north. You know and that will look draw hundreds of millions -- caught off. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. We were now on -- it it is an irrelevant I'll tell you why it is irrelevant because the Red Sox -- basically telling us that'll fail. When they unloaded all of that money to 150 million dollars but what. Really good years in Gonzales in Crawford and people he might have been pissed that Beckett but he was their best pitcher of the year before 2011. -- but they got rid of the -- fifty million dollars or basically telling you it. We screwed up we made the staged eighty troops grow up all of these other things that they have done spending big money building a year old wandered 91 million dollars. -- am not playing. Past four years couldn't. Win. So what they're saying now was we do business that way right so you can't look back whatever people say it over. Money for this. -- Ortiz is thinking that we Michael brought it up here is this Roberts and doesn't yet don't want about a month unfortunately for David Ortiz. If finally learned their lesson they're talking disciplined they're talking value. And then suddenly saying that and why why why why -- -- -- right now are properly. But that's why they shouldn't go -- And make those mistakes again because once they start making those mistakes again and got a --

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