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Danny Ainge talks about Ray Allen

Nov 1, 2012|

Danny Ainge joins The Big Show to talk about the fractured relationship between the team and Ray Allen.

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-- back here to -- show. Blood -- what Michael -- Still the double give away a pair of tickets do an upcoming Celtics game. Plus course at 540 we got the -- of one right now it's our first installment. The president of basketball operations of the Boston Celtics Danny Ainge it's all brought you by -- they're tired. What season is this for you know Alan in this position in. They. They just. How many. That are. Out something -- and -- -- And and. Couple more professional sports started with air with Iran are or are you hiding in a closet right now you know what is it what is -- we -- your phone connection. I car. Are your card that maybe your trade phone I don't know what was going on something like that start with with Ray Allen casuals get an out of the way in -- you know we can. And move on. You should. -- you are you surprised. At the the hoopla that people have taken out of that first game. The -- was already underway. And -- went over to say hello to a to a few people and you're on your staff. And then KG doesn't react and everybody is talking about to see you are you surprised that the way it's blowing out. Although I opposite reaction. Pretty. Well. An awful rock. This guy -- to particulate organic beverage are really haven't troubled anywhere -- on -- -- I'd put I'd put a model. I'm gonna judge -- get in its presence. Bad connection if it's terrible -- I couldn't hear the answer any reckoning and I was just trying to. That's when things work I will -- -- backs it really a battle line with within picture's not on the speakerphone. -- may be part of the problem and all rail it's amazing it was all over television again -- ideas pianist his plan mean. It. It's unusual because a player in the middle of the game is going down there but it's an unusual situation -- -- won a championship. With a with a team. And then you get this visual in the middle of the game. And if it was pretty amazing people playing them away and hopefully play that card tried prone -- -- again and see if we get more on. Which -- We can't. Among -- you didn't think at all. That money in here. -- is -- whom is fifth after a dispute radius is Chris don't get that and in most places. You letters and -- can have a number. You have on what you had to do. Importance. Today of the pictures made trades are admitted her dad and a deal we still don't know who they gave up. Well I don't know that you know well you know what -- -- I'd I'd be surprised if they gave up a player wouldn't be surprised they gave up somebody. I would think you would be. This compensation was with Tampa. Some type of in some type of draft pick -- -- He's only Aqib Talib is only under contract till the end of the season occasionally -- -- actually end. Of this city's right and by the way we did find out that it's the number of games you missed not the number of weeks of this since this is a bye week. The world not the eight. Eligible to play -- off. -- for game four week before -- -- for -- straddled over again with the NEC Avery about a line gimmick in years now. Aimed at kids who didn't go away and end. Start -- good football. While we -- or we were this is what you call padding. As we're waiting to reconnect with you but this is a much better sounding line it was -- ours is great this is worth. It's now gone because I couldn't understand a damn word is that by the way it would be an -- would do interviews of you don't want the media to know what they do what I'm that other phone that -- -- -- The nobody -- any idea what to say. Well and -- at the studio. -- -- -- I probably also. At the other highlights don't get -- so you know still it's not going anywhere. You gave some gives an -- -- Ray Allen and we didn't hear we heard while while while while one so what are. Well that's good and wanna go back that's old news. Ray Allen ray it was refreshing actually out in the responded it's different than everybody else. And I think ray was not offended by it so like anybody else. Is this something that you saw. Quite often when you played and in the recent. There's so much reaction to it is because it's not normal. It in the 21 century to see guys who were. -- or that protective that territory -- that. -- -- -- there with the us vs them mentality. Yeah I think it's. I think that you know -- obviously had motives to come over and say -- -- -- that the team and any artist something KG was interested in in India that -- and KG. It's focused on the game and nobody knows that better than. But it happened during the game. It was a stoppage of play in the first quarter that this won't think about going up the court both forehand and saying hello to somebody. And is another thing that you're there for couple days maybe talking. In L all -- I. Obviously there's this of animosity here docked at this morning said that he hasn't spoken. To raise since -- left which I think is quite interest thank have you. I've tried to reach out to ray yeah and -- at what what's the reaction he -- -- -- the same number. And so I didn't even realize that until recently. But he had responded that but he is what would respond. So you're you're reaching out to some guy in Tacoma. To get this. Figured it was Ray Allen -- actually wondered about that little. What what did you -- what was your you lose your big take away from the game on Tuesday. You know I just I did not think we we played well I didn't think we were very aggressive. Offensively or defensively offensively it felt like we were trying to take shortcuts and eat sensibly it just didn't feel like we were. Aggressively throughout the course of the game we didn't attack them we -- we were reacting to what they were doing. And you know I'd I'd I'd really like our team I think thirteen going to be good but it -- I didn't think we played very well. Talk about this whole offseason as you look at the the names here Jason Terry. Courtney Lee and you got Barbosa here recently and of course we know about traffic in and Salinger and and Darko Milicic. You try to build like San Antonio is it a matter of you look at what San Antonio was able to deal with a couple of veteran players down there. And be able to distribute minutes of monks talented players who could win a lot of games during the regular season is that is that the the blueprint here. I don't think there's a blueprint print media would try to get the best players every summer. And sometimes you get some good fortune in this 32 in doubt they're trying to get good players especially when you have limited resources. We decided to bring KG back in and -- side Brandon in -- You know we had limited resources at that point and we were able to get Jason Terry and accordingly. And those were great get spur us. With what we had to go yet and then and then I think. You know Bennett started that -- we were a team that was one of the most attractive piece for some of the players that were left at minimum that we thought were good deals like Chris Wilcox and and dark oh. Our post there at the end we were we talked with our votes at the very beginning of the summer. -- we've we have interest in him all summer but he -- by the marketplace that one out there and we were very fortunate that we he was still around late. -- is gonna give a lot of credit for having a terrific offseason but according to you you just got lucky you were unlucky in past years -- Well you know I'm saying that it's it's you know sometimes you -- I think the reason why we. We had a good off season was because we were a team that there was an opportunity for guys supply. I think they've Courtney saw an opportunity once -- decided to leave them are also believes in himself as a player still like there's an opportunity there. And you know sparkles are -- You'll -- seems let go away on the he's an opportunity to play are on a good team and guys wanna win and they wanna play good team. We have a good coach the players wanna complaints or. And players like Kevin Garnett we talked about earlier and guys. That's like playing with with Kevin Garnett Paul Pierce said and -- genre. Ought to switch gears and ask you about. The commissioner and he's announced that. He's got to be retiring in February 2014. Does that affect does that affect you at all does that affect the way you deal with the league office. Do you suddenly start talking this over more than you've talked to stern. Isn't. If it doesn't affect you and anyway this news. No I think that would probably be good question -- we're I think we're probably has more interaction with David Stern. Dead and the rest of the basketball operations staff coaches I think that. Things won't change from my. I deal more with Adam silver and and was told it then and Stu Jackson and that and that group of guys anyway. And I mean that he gave it a few times a year in and we exchanged pleasantries but other than that don't have much contact with David. -- one guy you obviously felt could be an important piece to this team because you gave an awful lot of money is Jeff Green. And we know what he's coming off of and we also stormont a pre season I thought he was -- rhetoric he might have been your best player during the pre season and yet the other night watching him. I don't know whether. In the first game jitters I don't know in on you know the kid I'd I don't know. That may be looked at what he had to go through the past year. Passive it looked very similar to what we saw in that first year when he was here not only one game. But what are you CNN and what happened from the pre season and we saw the other night. Well I appreciate it was different in that you know you run and stop surgeon out you're trying to get Jeff involved in you're putting him in positions. They call it plays I think the other night you know it's regular season Rondo on the court for 44 minutes all played a lot of minutes KG played. A lot of minutes I think that. There's just not enough balls to go around some -- to the bench players that that you get -- -- that would. Jeff Green Jason Terry court and he. Jared sellinger branded apps and meet both guys are secondary players or off the ball players and I think that we need. Two maybe three of those guys to have. Really good game every night but not all of them -- Jeff at a tough matchup the other night we airplane and strictly before we didn't really have any matchup advantages. For him like she had me in the pre season. And we weren't trying to exploit those matchups because LeBron was playing most of the game the first three quarters anyway -- -- on the court. Think it's one game I didn't think he was there and I think we're all strong twice since all adds up. -- for -- we didn't finish but chopped pork free throws he missed a couple shots that he had made. You know those driving right -- -- just you know that just didn't go and I would read anything into that. All right what they based on -- done. Are you a little bit concerned based on the roll you just the game because I don't think Kerry's gonna have a problem coming off the bench is a start -- pennant and it in the past year but. I didn't ask Cuba but that's okay. Add up and bringing up Jeff Green in that you need him I would think to have a really big year are you concerned a little -- in that. And honesty and you can't get into the flow of the game if you playing 38 minutes during the course of the game and applaud the regular rotation you get into the game and you develop your office. Are you a little bit concerned that if it is. Up but now minutes and different portions of the game. That he doesn't embrace that necessarily. Knowledge at all embrace it looks and luckily we got that the other night it traded hard. Okay Eagles in place now achieved the man he's been a bench player for Oklahoma City -- good. It's even had a really bad playoffs last year. But you know sums up the first game when he's in a different role in -- 37. Jeff Green without lecturing you can't because he played more minutes than anybody else and training camp he was in a rhythm and groove. What I'm saying is is that sometimes bench players don't let the starters on our team. Because we have such a deep bench sometimes our starters won't not everybody will give him a group -- that you can't get more than. Seven players in that type of -- I think -- gonna have a fantastic here I'm not worried about him at all but I'm not but I don't base -- on. The same thing that you're basing it on what I Jeff -- play in the playoffs when we first got him and he had to. -- gains in the Miami series in two not so good games. I think that it all depends on what expectations are. But that's that's that's exactly why but expectations change -- from game to game sometimes based on matchups and how a player being utilized. That's not gonna change the although it does seem to always -- I mean Paula our best offensive players so he's going to be the most consistent of everybody in front -- -- to get the ball on the -- more than anybody else. -- -- exports consist anybody. And KG is you know I'd jump shooter ever -- our best also player so he's going to be more consistent I think that. What I'm saying that we have ten guys that -- and other roles and you're gonna see some ups and down all the. Adrian let me translate for you is this is very simple US -- who's a better player Kareem Abdul Jabbar -- -- purchased. You might say. In my state Kendrick or same guy he might say it -- so this is all about his love -- bird expert Kendrick Olajuwon -- I think that they don't -- finished almost you know Jeff green is gonna be a terrific player when he gets substantial minutes but. You need him I think to come off the bench and give you some nights 23 to 44 minutes we get an awful lot of production. I think well look I think I think you're. It let let me ask your question about a guy who probably is not going to be in the rotation. How much and that's fab Melo people always ask Buffett asked about that before it became a Celtic people -- -- the Celtics should get fab. What's the plan for him this year I imagine. Yes so we'd like we like what we've seen him out so our practice and and September when it's good for the speed -- it has worked. I worked hard in the weight room -- stronger. And fab in the late bloomer basketball he he took a big game late. And he's got a lot to learn about. The game itself he has good athletic instincts and but he does need to learn about execution both offensively and -- We've gotten we have a couple -- working with him full time. We hope to get him means that means will will stay healthy all year but where we hope to get -- Portland Maine and to play. Get a lot of playing time this year a lot of individual instruction. And now we see him as a guy and he. Could be seen. A contributing centered in the -- that are honestly at some point in his career. I -- final question the flagrant foul called against Rajon Rondo. -- wait called it a punk move on wolf. I don't think so no I thought it was -- We got by Rondo and he grabbed in the balance. That delay in India sometimes the dvds ultimately position belt that he meant to grab him up and -- just tap that app. I -- look forward to an exciting season we'll talk to actually have a good one. All right -- military Danny -- president of basketball operations. The Boston Celtics.

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