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Jason Terry, Celtics Guard, on the start of the season

Nov 1, 2012|

Jason Terry joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his initial thoughts on the Heat Celtics rivalry, what it's like to play with KG, and his superstitions.

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It's only two more. -- -- -- For the Celtics. I'm one of those dumping goods store the great move forward towards the basket and I thought it was in the past few. Soldiers installed on -- -- an inside -- good thing with all of whom have to learn to do not long to. -- -- -- -- -- That was a six -- -- -- through an opening night the other night he always flights there. Onside Cedric Maxwell Celtics here earlier on 93 point seven WEEI home opener tomorrow. Milwaukee Bucks in the garden another game of the week and I believe. Against Washington at home and home with a was guards Sunday Wednesday. This week coming up. Every single Thursday we'll talk to a Celtics player here on the show and joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible. -- Celtics guard Jason Terry -- Jason Mike little are you. You don't. Appreciate taking a few minutes here on the back your opening night and and ask you about your court after the game saying it was a bad performance for you. Is -- just a lot of emotion heading into that game what do you think led to that Jason in game one. On -- Lenovo do you. Opportunities. It is take about -- to -- And so just from -- Decently we as a -- -- good game. And I gave the book is ordinarily would do. Give them credit. They look a lot more comfortable a lot more familiar. With each other read the we know also process. Weren't going to win -- championship in the first and we would like have won that game obviously. For whatever reason. We come home here tomorrow night and for me -- as a must win -- we're at home were open enough. And now we need to win. Just was like that locker room during that ring ceremony guys -- and they're just trying to get away from a put guys they KG Paul and Rondo there of their last year. That went up against that heat team did you did you sense anything was in any kind of comments -- welcome for the game. No no comments are also. Known about is sticking together. We know lawsuit will be some now. Some adversity. I don't have to fight through and now we know that whoever I'm very close together so. Almost wanted to game knowing. Those will be a tough tough game for us a couple of outlets. It was very optimistic company and the one that we are very talented team and our seed in this very high well. You know quiet in the black rules focus. Again justice was a cup -- Back of course to -- we as a team that's been together you know there were two pieces where we have 67 -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah how difficult is that because that it that's what it did seem a lot talk about the communication on defense and help defense and things like that you do have a lot of different guys -- nine guys in the that played -- game five guys different from last year as far as playing with this team how how long does some like that take. Our our doctors say is take awhile you know you know priest didn't want pain. When people -- the years he's. You know it is primarily discriminate in the Verizon would value and a lot situation this where you really you find out figure out what's wrong about. Well for us where he -- or unity reputable 120 point. Fallible and I was not a not our community yeah we'd like effect that we scored on that point. Would give don't want to wait maybe we're not gonna win very involved and if we do that again that'd be the focus that -- -- As we continue to get better known as -- -- in primarily with our communication. That's the biggest part in the plan against the Celtics for years they were always on -- -- and then they talked a lot. And there was -- very much of that one. The other night. Jason Terry joining us in terms of ease of -- of the the problem they present in game one you with a team that won a championship in 2011. I noticed that the heat seemed to play. Or free the other animals like the pressure comes off do you believe that -- when a team wins a championship and they're expected to win they come back that next year they play. I say pressure free little -- different knowing that they know what's gonna be questioning him when is that team gonna win. The opt out for the most part they were after just plain. There was there was that the hold them back. They they've really they've. Are merely displays players revolve him I mean everybody from from the guys' company and opted and so the prodigy ways to pressure was off. And they they exit what they want to do and they were symbols and they -- -- part of missions. They're gonna play like that all year mother's chances they know it. Well for us -- governor who was trying to do down in the process. -- changes in the -- I did not have the opportunity. To come back and have that you because we were not the name in. Hopefully we get it -- -- -- about music and nation. Usually we saw their game one is a big difference -- being Kevin Garnett team made -- and not that I'm just curious. All these years playing up against this guy and now you're one of his teammates anything surprised you were pretty much as expected what you thought KG was. It everything the what to expect it his passion and he's always communicate to people using it. Is present. Vocal leadership. And everything I expected. A great -- almost. In Boston. Won't be around guys because they all. Kerry very competitive fire in the and it starts in practice. All our practice all our actual -- have been very competitive. There was situation where -- that night who will be first -- elevator was the opposition. These guys compete. 24/7 -- here and that makes you feel good better player and makes you know that -- -- simple -- we're here to compete well -- -- When -- -- here JC said the -- was a part of this that you talk with doc and in familiar with him and wanted to. To be a part of it what is it about dockers is a coach that was part of that recruiting process. We'll just dismal and his history one that he would have just called -- as a player. I any kind of political are positioning you have played a point guard or or that they -- You know he understands every aspect of the game. Watched him for years he's one of the best tactician. Flaws coming out of timeout. Making adjustments. Say no place putting players in a position. To be and if successful and they need -- motivated you know it is a long season there will be times where yet to come in and you know kind of keep getting guys let it. He's more than will have to do that in any old witness to pull off the -- well he's well respected he's always been that way in my eyes. There's been nothing different about these. Wonder -- you superstitious guy. I'm very soon. Thought yup muscles. He did make -- truth about so much to me that you ever do that here. You lose out now would lose out I don't know about who's this he had been with assault preceded but he kind of messed -- you know out of slavery. Now did you with that in mind. You put a lot of pressure on yourself because and -- got a new debt to their the Larry O'Brien trophy in the Celtics shamrock. Let -- rather last time we did that was in Dallas I believe you won the championship that year. No question that there's definite reason why in -- in I looked at our roster. Local. But the Coulter and -- is playing. And -- -- I believe you know -- -- in game one loss season. Obviously believe at the end of this journey is when they end up with -- so what about -- there. Lou asked you about Kevin Garnett I'm curious Rajon Rondo is a guy that you we've talked about a lot here in terms of you know the way other teams look at him the way he is is a teammate. Give us your take on -- Johnny's first couple months. A -- your competitor. He's the guy that he is. One of the leaders on this team woody woody did before training Campbell's phenomenal. I've never seen it done in my first year of basketball. Were. That point guard and point guard is everybody together we beat out no way we go train -- week we come back. With sole purpose. A minute championship and that's what -- is on he could in this team by the -- in every day comes in -- Heatley. Whether locally or -- by example. Always here early and he's always greatly. That the guy you want to drive issue. I was curious you've been -- to a lot of years MBA have been a team with the depth that you guys have now it garden that's without even even without neighbor Bradley. We had no. Do quite as he is somewhat of what we had about him with. With Dallas we have guys that were very personal a couple of multiple positions which allowed us to play multiple lineup. And -- teams -- very similar in that right. But I am telling you that this guard position and Leandro Barbosa Avery Bradley myself Rondo. Accordingly we are very deep back court I think is -- -- a lot of problems. Received as we get deeper into the season at all that would go on into the playoffs. Did you win the competition to the elevator. And Rondell opposite that he has in his brain mr. Clinton you know everything before. Jason thanks for the time here today look for a home opener tomorrow night right Celtic fans look -- reported seeing out there at the garden for the first time and -- -- talk with the throughout the year thank you so much. Now do we are fired up ready -- ago. That is Jason -- The jet joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD with speeds up to ten times faster than three GT AT&T. Rethink possible talk to a Celtics player. Every Thursday and a lot of fun pocketed Jason Terry guy's been around except that six man role. Says Rondo won the race the elevator opera break we'll talk to nick in -- all your phone calls next moment.

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