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Chris Price, WEEI.com, on the Patriots headed into the bye week

Nov 1, 2012|

Chris Price joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Patriots record headed into the bye week, the release of Sterling Moore, and what other potential AFC teams could give the Pats trouble.

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Saint Thomas. 237 WEP actress price. Covers the patriots -- WE yet are coming joints on the AT&T hotline. -- -- -- -- by we -- these guys stick around they traveled around this weekend. You let them or stick -- we talked to a handful of guys today including Steve Gregory -- -- little bit banged up -- -- stick around you get treatment you can hang in your career but I'd like Steven -- you that you can go to the other two different human trying -- -- bragging rights -- got adopted IR -- -- but I -- -- there's going to be -- that's Augusta Cabrera but most of we're gonna take -- Chris you're talking about them accordion at safety and it just it just honestly to me it just seems like it's natural position. And along the guys that Gregor out or -- or both or even one of them in with a chance of a seeing more of him back there at safety in a second Africa that regardless of injuries. Well I think a lot of it does play into whether or not you're gonna see Gregory -- back in the lineup I think here -- McCord you gonna play one of those big key positions is politically precinct which is really. Gregory position so. Gregory is not out there wouldn't be surprised to -- recorded back at safety or do you think. That. Gregory -- be back sooner or later I do think he's -- -- criminal -- -- but I think there -- so mean to -- ideally you -- -- -- -- you. He's censored back at that that that that captaincy. -- -- -- -- At that free -- -- but I think he makes a lot of sense if you're gonna put a -- Specter beat him because he's been normal consistent the most durable -- says that back over -- -- little lassie didn't self interests something you have but I think it's suited Gregory comes spec sheets are pretty good. The court goes back but -- It wasn't Deion Sanders but I felt like sterling Moore was pretty effective part. And productive guy that's secondary how surprised were you Chris yesterday sterling Moore cotton you feel that does that mean that everyone's going to be -- in that secondary going forward. I think that it -- into the martyr if I think that with the fact of it before we cut I think has. Might have something to do with the fact that they still pretty confident that they're dipping her seat back and as a result. They're gonna push -- a quarterback recorder and you know I hate him think too there's something create yet that you can resigning sterling Moore he's still has some I believe I need to double check that because the weirdest part about that apparently Europe there is some practice. That's what eligibility either because -- leading teams this year so you can resign him in he does have versatility that. Put the virtual versatility QB that. With both quarter species so he does represent -- he does have some sort of value in the system and it is set he played his way into a spot in the east since the -- currencies that -- -- -- pretty well outlook that surprise you with what felt. You know there -- injury were based maybe hopefully that hopeful that he will come back after the bye we -- I'm wondering. What sort of -- they Shiancoe anyways. Cause -- and cannot come back for believing that the -- to act as we see those two week eight it's one yet I mean they they have. Oh windows now so what you wanted to do it ever believe we have 21 days. It to activate it if they decide not activated he goes back burner for the remainder of the year are I'd like the the tight -- rotation that they operate now you -- -- -- -- -- -- and later ever going to be confused with. And into -- without you but I think they've done very well given what about the particularly the blocking. Political that were blocked thinking about it an extra dimension I think it would -- well. I'll be yet it is it'll rotate throughout the minister worked out user altered those guys are not a 100% -- -- we come that'll be really good between them dvds you'll. The stretch Robert. To what happened wealth of the patriots here in the first half I put the offensive line Chris right there at the top of the list mean that go to. The London and play without Logan Mankins and have sold there and have Ballmer -- keep Quinn and Chris Long basically invisible. For game when they came with ten sacks combined I think what a lot of what they did in the first half I question about the offensive line they answered all my questions the first -- games. I agree -- the -- -- what I think. We tend to all reap what we seem pretty even however when it comes to the offensive line because -- 101 different -- they're they're trying to -- different guys out there but one based on that right -- -- once they found that both the collection of guys that you really like I think you've been very impressive over the course you're connecting your best performance of the season in what we can be a little -- -- if you look at guys -- older -- -- sort of very good job -- you know you look at. Let Rendell you look at Donald Thomas stepping in for Logan Mankins I think that group has performed on our expectation that it does for the people I think you've done very well there a very pleasant surprise. -- look at this team and knows a certain things you can look at to a little -- certain quarterback right to certain stats of people keep sub packages whatever might be based defense. When I look at the amount of times they blitz a quarterback I'm trying to figure out. -- what will what's the deciding factor because you go after San -- for more but then you got a guy Mark Sanchez who make bad decisions. He'll wanna make him make those quicker than maybe he should it it's this I want -- be more aggressive against all of these guys especially some these young guys haven't. Really shown that they can be great NFL quarterbacks. Lou I think part of the -- -- decided it was too much significant thing Lewis was because yup and the -- and without them but one that is really in -- for you know I think you're able to exploit that mismatch they think the republic you so you know period but -- Really good push on MVP I think the only similar with sacks but your group get good consistent per from a definitely interesting thing I thought about it being in the play of the defense of one with the people -- call for encroachment three times in that -- the only one encroachment call leading up to pick him over the port port the first seven games. I thought there were more aggressive or more physical. In I wonder if that was just part and parcel them going up to the scene looked up and supplying Europe that's indicative of something much bigger that we should look for the or the second out deceit -- do you think you're gonna be more aggressive. I do think they're gonna do more with and I think part of that. If you wanna -- -- much people you don't really want to I think you need apple would have been more confidence in the secondary I think that confidence -- building I don't think it's where they want you right now but it wouldn't be surprised to. A little bit more like he didn't net single coolest game over the second opposite. Talking to Chris price patriots writer WE yet dot com joining us in terms of what you see not a Chandler Jones here in the first half are you talk to scouts -- -- you do a thing we do with scouts take. What is been their feeling because library all the scouting reports on Chandler Jones I saw played Syracuse but you know what you expect -- I see you guys got the the pass rush moves already he's athletic yet that huge seventeen yard sack what are they saying about Jones he further along Chris than maybe some people expected today. I yet is exactly I think you're right and my I think when people looked -- it -- at the start of the year we looked at about it I soured the guy you can just plug and play you know who you're sixteen being. Player who you know would make that transition from the NFL or some Palestinians are both in mostly you -- it jumped as more crotchety guy who. Would become an impact player NFL level but meet you over the course of troopers and -- growing up. Really your results put her there's no disrespect intended I army to struggle a little bit injured but I think right now -- Jones on the short list for the and to repeat here what is -- -- by settling with the defense the one. But the pressure is really developed just leads the team in sacks lead the team in quarterback that has worked very well. Will be opposing defense -- Rob Ninkovich your -- very complimentary system there overcome to get their quarterback. I think he and your -- but you know offensive line exceeding expectations I think immature or rookie. As far exceeded any sort of expectations that the secret does your. You know again in the NFL trade deadline just approaches and it's just not a league in which he sees -- Thomas go -- to Detroit but. Would be beneficial to move a two week Dan or you think it's just because the NFL and gay guys in the schemes it's not like baseball or any other sport you can just plug a guy and. Exactly lower I don't think you can do what triggered when you consider these guys have been in the system since this. Spring you know they've been working with coach installing schemes and the only installing the system. -- months and months of history. With with this and with this system with this program I don't think it. You just gotta keep one system plug them into another -- we've seen -- in four guys over the years. You're impact players be treated there for the last two Republican -- -- creator of income boosting look we put but he. If you need to. He is looking for a be treated like that there has to be something more there like Lester with boys you went there and witnessing a -- -- it's true everything else. It was still able to make a real impact. Its second location over the course here I think when you're looking at. Where he treated it in depth look beyond just you know ordering -- -- her dad wants to import them into another the look for those kind of connections that being said I don't think they're going to be in sort of seismic looks. In terms of the office Josh McDaniels used a lot of Jewish settlement early he got hurt when he comes back and he's healthy Chris do you expect him. To have that same role or is Wes Welker can we say firmly entrenched. As that top guy in the patriots a wide receiver rothmans. Letterman played a little bit good over the course career game and it's clear that you know where he needs to be physically critic is kind of working back to a 100% the diamond is the the when he is back order percent Internet and how that respect -- and how that respects the patent -- -- so what you what did you. Is predicated on having him in the lineup now that's not to say that he put that you know this wolf you know. If you put all the numbers but. -- the ability to line up that target spot. His flexibility. Is its ability to return to work in the actual the work in the slot -- the work when he split up. Really put some undue amount of stress on opposing defenses and that flexibility. You really have a good job. You don't really out the the secret trip to change things up before they get a line of scrimmage and then -- -- and opposing defense is in helping -- satellite data in your life is so important thing that's what the reason. The -- stumble in the Arizona team when they lost you can adjust we -- we open you. Kind of put what I want to pressure on the -- but you you put so much stress and beat her with with one guy. I think you need to adjusting to adapt and I think that the guys that are a little interest in seeing. How this is the you know how things change when he gets back in light of how did -- -- -- changes how the passing team changes how the target -- It's really predicated on the return -- Hernandez back in the back when you know 100%. That he felt as tough as looks so important as. You know you've mentioned Aaron Hernandez and another guy and Brandon Lloyd both of these guys watching them this year coming into the year -- okay. We're gonna start to see the reasons why the patriots can move on from Wes walker with their involvement in the offense. Meanwhile Wes walker now still had leads the league in perceptions tie with Percy -- with sixty. And you start to wonder it's like OK can you count on these other two guys can you afford to lose -- book what happened to them. You know I think you can count on America I think Lloyd is just you know he's he's still lack -- -- getting acclimated to the system. You know I think the jet you know probably below point of view from anyone activate any target. Arm and he's still working his way into the system I think he's doing better I'll put I don't think that this. They're still a week -- -- -- I think Hernandez. The question it certainly draw back with Jane it -- overall health and that's the guy who listens -- -- the year with a knee injury was there with the with the we've got a very physical ailments the more it seems they help you -- him out on the field of the percent of the time. Yeah I think these guys in these two guys hurt you know our -- people who. Pick up is if you looked pretty lost Welker I think those two graduate more than able to pick up. Slack when it comes without you all have to remember to this offense is far more reversed and it between your currency. Because the running game because they're W on the ball security -- -- deliberately lead we see rushing yards so yeah how a little bit more diversified attack in the pattern here. Chris 32 answer on this or less take the patriots off the board Houston Texans off the board you have to pick one team. To represent the conference in the Super Bowl what team what deputy. Well -- -- question. Optical right now. We're either Denver Baltimore in -- Pittsburgh. -- one of those three. I really -- what -- doing lately it's clear that people may think you're did not dispute that out and -- -- -- more comfortable every single week. But you can't overlook. Says that the the Pittsburgh defense in the Baltimore you could even without street Louis with various weapon in and it really banged up I think those two -- mr. archer. -- defense wins championships and those two teams are always going to be in the mix I have to pick one of those regional differences in the interest in the technical support. I had a rights Denver it beat Denver and paid manager of the ready first that. -- you that you you know what I mean what does that mean that you you'd get comfortable in that system that are increasing nevertheless a couple of weeks and it's going to be really interesting to see. The leaps and bounce back in to meet their mr. Ice Chris price -- -- -- -- WEEI dot com Chris is always appreciated draw the -- we'll talk to you soon. -- joining us on the eighteenth -- hot line it's Denver right at that the only answer to Pittsburgh offensive line problems quarterback -- the offense coordinator. Baltimore and -- Joseph Flacco -- That's the thirteen now the -- African Peyton Manning's back an alliance. Is going to be a bolt of a road block and went to the Super Bowl ready for that. Tom.

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