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Rob Bradford: Ortiz "likely" to hit open market

Nov 1, 2012|

Rob Bradford joins Mut and Merloni to discuss his report that David Ortiz will hit the open market.

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What steinbauer muck Lou got a three point seven WEE I'm getting it's the patriot issues Chris price bottom of the -- -- join us. I called breaking Red Sox news rob Bradford WEEI dot com. Just posted. According to a source familiar with negotiations currently appears likely. That David Ortiz in the Red Sox won't reach an agreement on a two year deal which prevent the DH from entering free agency. Can exclusive window and midnight or twelve all one on Saturday. And joining us for quick yet on the eighteenth the -- get his thoughts rob Bradford who post the story so. He was signed for two years that it was a close and -- likely to hit the open mark what else go one on hero. -- -- Well it is not a dollar tab for that that continued the next 38 hours up until the of the that the window closes but. The other big issue here it's obviously money is not the two years. And Ford get tricky for me. It compared to last year's I think and I've said the -- why do you think that the abuse can be more from market for David Ortiz if he does at the open market. And I don't think he would make that. Taking dad that offer of thirteen point three which has yet to make that decision about a week. Any kind of slam dunk either so. If you don't hit the open market on Saturday morning I think he might get Turkey. Try to figure out why it right now and he says about the money at aren't always about the years when it came to David now that they're off from a two year. You know sixteen million in a portal but I mean. It now it's become a part of money or sisters -- and everything gets a little bit to get pissed off right before negotiations sort of and is that the point we're at right now. Might be me Univision as this'll happen with the arbitrator last year there was a big gap between port that twelve in the sixteen. And they found some common ground by Lou if you go back the years it has been about the years but when they offered him two years last year -- it nine years so. That so -- about the money I think that's the case now and and and perhaps the way that they are looking at a little bit is that. It ordered him he'd well I don't know what's campus look at this web site but still it is he picking up a -- -- for fourteen million dollars last year. So if you look at fourteen million dollars last year they're gonna go and say hey you know what you pay that to last year like deep intimate. The next two years so -- sort of -- don't view it that way. It terms of the timeline here correct me if I'm wrong basically they have until. Global one as you write at WEEI dot com and that he's an exclusive rights created they can tagged him. With that thirteen point three million dollar qualifying offer and and he's got November ninth rob is that correct. -- -- -- They threw it at just after midnight on Friday night or 1201 Saturday that's when -- you can start talking to him. But on November ninth which is Friday its -- ones so -- -- a week from tonight basically. As when he opted to make determination if you gonna take back qualifying. Doing its its -- I do I agree with you think there will be teams are -- and give me two year deal but I find it hard to believe that it would be probably what the Red Sox have offered and it probably would be less you know they offered to 25. He might get two years twenties it's -- guy you'd think we all know is an emotional guy that would say screw it up take -- to go somewhere else -- maybe a Ray Allen. Yeah nobody likes to -- Lou you know that the thing and and so that -- -- without a little bit of the team came in and said okay you know here's two years that thirteen year Brett thanks harper into a twelve year. If you value. Being here being party -- -- lucky here that much more over are missing out on that two million dollars I don't have the answers that. By you know I'm not I'm not so sure that that might that scenario might not play. So you say that the Red Sox. Won't give them a two year deal. Then yet. Jack I find it hard to believe that dent those dollar wouldn't you wouldn't get this thing done. -- they did last year to. Yeah almost two years what sixteen whatever was seventeen. And mean yet oh -- -- it all comes back to it it's one of these things where I think that the report resort. It can't -- give -- -- fact that this was what we made last even though we know that was based off the arbitration in the big gap between the -- We may last year so why are we gonna pay at the same for the for the next two years. -- played ninety games. Our. Ability to keep that in -- I mean I think that we -- through the movie times that if somebody different way to look at it. We did just like you say help me did he play then you come back okay well if you wanna find that guy in the open market. Who's gonna do that -- -- -- -- -- when he was out a lot of the -- we don't want a few times that you have been have a lot of quote the production leading up to that. So this have a way to -- what kept -- in the end are legitimate arguments. But by its fifth it fit the unique situation the work. They obviously off with a thirteen threes the qualifying off that a get a deal done from what you know rob David Ortiz except that. God I I have no idea about that in and I think that. It's filtered help. The early to tell because they think once you get if you can hit the open market which again we're not saying that that absolutely gonna happen but as we sit here right now that likely scenario. If if what if you open market does that qualifying opera with scooter doesn't it and if we could we just don't know. If it does hit the open market in your mind how many teams any particular that you think will be good fit for David. -- epic there's a few teams out there which would be good that step on the surface you would get tax if you look at perhaps the Yankees you look at. Even the Libyan commander basically party look like they're parting ways with Travis Hafner. And I know there's not a big money team that you what you got to care Francona if you can vote he goes with Dave are you -- he's gonna value a a lot of what he knows the valuable felt. Those facilities out there I -- think that. Because of the lack of power in the open market this year. And the relative affordability that Ortiz would bring some of these teams in the team to beat -- there's going to be more market that would last. We get out on a Cody Ross to expect the same thing for Cody Ross rob that wouldn't 1201 hits on Friday slash Saturday night that. He it's the mark without an contract in the Red Sox. Yeah I think even at the open market I think that. A -- got even more likely scenario than Ortiz right now. That mistake you. Thought that a mistake you think. I think that it -- didn't stick because like if they really like them and they want asylum because -- got -- cheaper they'd if they tried to do something you know September. Now they're they're looking at and think well we can get a replacement for Cody right this comes back in the same sort arguments were having with -- -- It's. How much they can have -- the club out stop playing in Boston and in all of that foam because you know up on the numbers you might be able to find a replacement for Cody -- somewhere out there whether as a trader freeagent. By the but you could -- here so I don't know what they're gonna value them. Boy talk about timing and wish there was -- like and all baseball show on WEEI teller for 78 the good break this oh wait there is. Hot stove show Bradford -- minute hand tonight which -- and it's up. It's good that you know what I would really love to talk to about this adventure to golf course. Oh that's right at the hot still overall locked in tonight 7 o'clock rob thank you. The report available right now at WE yeah I'd dot com.

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