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Lou's Halloween experience

Nov 1, 2012|

Lou talks about his Halloween experience taking his son out trick-or-treating and the kids who showed up to his house and stole all his candy.

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Well -- happy that loose here today. After a tweet I saw during Halloween trick or treating last night. Mentioning that maybe you were outside sitting with. That public knowledge -- on Twitter your sitting outside near the bullet candies the kids were common. But a trick a treat Marcia Vegas with with some Beers and there was a hash tag lack of one that. And it was from staff reloading your wife solved as saying it was public knowledge of -- and I'm not telling tales out of school. A little bit concerned Joey that I saw that text as -- that tweet that I got a text that said there is chaos here with the candy and kids intricate treating it just. Happy he made it to work first -- Vegas. Experience of Elway in the neighborhood just look crazy I survived Marty was going on Vegas how cars lined up up and down my streets kids run around everywhere. So we we talk. The little guy outright -- -- 130 minutes rates three source scorpion houses you'd like great dragon cost trick or treat dragging cost Tom -- -- in the in the bucket looked right -- -- -- I wanted to out of the house accused absolutely and haven't run around to get it right. Akamai handwriting or candy daddy. So I. They went up like twenty minutes thirty minutes for the would put a huge book acuity in front steps and it was about it a good idea and it was about it the -- -- with calls that are sick well my wife you know she's cute cute -- that are not loose ball -- things NG. Before most of the family -- -- No -- because the parent is going to be kids around. Within three -- that it looked over that was like for kids just reading it we get back twenty minutes later. The buckets in the middle the -- empty just actually shot the ball candy but we had. -- reinforcements -- Comerica which is out front stoop and people can't grab candy died at my oh see Nicole welcome Kenny boy. -- was a mess of everything. It was everything has milk duds are involved cute cats are involved you name it. -- -- it is a good stuff he does go the necco wafers of the Smart dogs no but I have my apple and he is Kelly pavlik cooler misses are locked. Nice and -- of friends or sit in a cooler with -- the bottle 0% picked the fathers you know need to be hydrated. That supply the fathers as well and he did that take you up on you know about a couple of fun night. -- -- -- -- civic cars lined up and on the streets and try to assume then that you live in one of what we used to call the drop off neighborhoods Yemeni. When you grew up I've lived a certain area maybe trick or treating was good but there were the really good places. The trick or treat a -- and Padres in April last is a place called the pines which was just this huge. Cul-de-sac -- -- 150 houses now is the place you want to go maybe did your neighborhood early beat you wanted to give dropped off later. In the clients to make street the character countries you little one of those neighborhoods was busier than a normal spot guys drop -- no question what is so. White you can understand that when your especially I can't speak for being a guy and of girls in the same way but. One of those check marks when you're growing up of becoming a man. Was going doctor treating without your parents. One was that the first hat on all hell broke -- exactly which you and your body can meet up here -- trick a treat no parents. That's a sign of manhood right now that that's the edited driver's license comes down the road and turning eighteen and voting in drinking everything else. But boy eat shell check mark there and well yeah when you get to go up by helped of course there were kids haven't we -- the appearance last big. Baskets of candy right pockets what are you whenever they are we had some. Read more minimal supplies in the house passed -- -- way back up like I don't know what kind of chaos have been here in 250 kids can come to your door is a good night so. You wanna put both baskets out now when we walked around 60 whoa whoa whoa oh. As it sounds like that's not a good idea but do whatever you want that you thought about what one at least in the house when we came back and said it's in middle of our -- -- well the good news is that in steal the basket. Practical walked off with a -- just carrying a damn thing. At least they left that with -- base. Middle belong mil IRS -- that brought wake bottled up out beautiful and well we came back oh well. Well NATO. I saw a lot of we didn't get Contra computers I saw a lot of vampires vampires there are in now is that is that true. I saw boy vampires girl vampire second race car drivers but it's a lot of vampires. Out there. Not a lot dragons beautiful night though -- projected onto selecting each year stoop with a cooler would mean does it get any better. Related to get better that's quality father time right there -- you -- You know what five goes deep just hanging out talent. Beautiful nothing quite says there to like four guys jealousy -- -- -- Halloween like Stella with a -- popped up on candy your hop up on Stella a month and against three he wanted everything and his basketball I want this I'd like this opens up he doesn't want. So be daddy had to have to -- their own way of data like it mommy and haven't. Is he having -- can only carriers every indie hit that it is its oldest candidate laurel leaves open up Eminem's they're all over the place is like any -- it. And he just wants to open he loves Albany -- need any event so. We actually went over neighbor's house across the street Lincoln gave them the extra stuff. Toast nice kept his candy -- -- -- I was -- city get to the point is that kid at three -- -- up on sugar four every day. He's bothering you for more than candy or he retook the -- so yeah there's not a lot left in the house now. No there isn't there's -- what -- what -- -- in his bag that's -- but still he's not need any of that stuff. And it's stuff is very is no it's like -- -- -- party given way how we can use the leftovers. The -- gave away the left its -- and next door there's like five kids you know. Eight -- twelve. All the candy ranged out of more similar to -- back over and the wood middle they had that they approach on the -- that -- in in the first reminder that. Might have been this funny. It was -- really wasn't a -- as we did a quick little turn heel to us down two -- up across street elect by the way look across street to our house right now. It was for kids in our stoop and they were there for like a minute and a half I swear to god do you think about it in the pumpkins that it political in the house in just a -- and everything nick do. Except -- like a minute go through that it took everything. Everything was gone within ten seconds -- chaos. While proposal masters and at my house there about three weeks ago. Significant ought to know that it. At the -- not now couple months ago that's crazy would be the same kids. But I'm sure those kids -- like. -- -- they'll all. Ask get a candy out he's dealt. I hear this guy the regular -- Smart got a good take a big play baseball but he left out the whole thing -- will not looking for Nomar autograph baseball's odd area. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those Bundy it was a great night and luckily the weather was beautiful throws with one of chaos you're right well sounds like the nicest person in the world. Whole basket of candy out electric -- with their parents live in that neighborhood -- -- Halloween was I think a lot of people might you know -- they -- and caught with their parents and maybe of the -- grandparents' house right there aunts and uncles house and they just big that's how they do Halloween. A few opening neighborhood the -- she grew up it wasn't like apple did what you went a different although I get to be -- when she went to the family house wasn't there are also. Trick or treating on Halloween itself just took place in the house that there was no intricate treaty at all. Because he still would have meant if you went to a families out there would have been some trick or treating at. In around definitely a unique go to the Deutsche circuitry going seek grandma grandpa you hang -- little bit and -- -- don't report card all right I don't know that little bit. But also the parents. And I try to explain it it's not always with the parents we found that about twenty seconds deep. When they just. Ripped right through his great head dopey moral onus is -- the whole thing a candy out there anyway that night -- and -- -- by elect speak grab -- one they wanna be nice to replicate that basket. It's like 730 dude grab like and a complete get a -- -- -- -- fired up shut this thing down -- -- last LO Gordon house here to second anyways alone out c'mon. It -- back it up. Expected yourself like with a -- say thank you always appreciate that looks good on the parent -- you know that it. -- poorly on the kids who didn't but can he say that's good parenting. When the kids at thank you on the grass from the -- speed but the ones that actually put out there last night -- brothels and you up peanut -- guy we had this conversation yesterday. I got plenty of tweets are released all anyone know go out there there's a hole is a whole bag and our office. Joey saw the bag and a speech not just of the bag about three mr. fitness over there. Earned about three of those today and look at how we survive an event -- one made up Glafcos in the -- last night that you did. It looks like we're getting closer -- Red Sox moved up 38 hours away from baseball free agency. This big offseason for the Boston Red Sox independent do you believe. It looks like they're getting closer with David Ortiz. And they are further away than ever with Cody Ross we'll talk about that ninety seconds.

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