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Doc Rivers discusses the new-look Celtics

Nov 1, 2012|

Celtics head coach Doc Rivers talks to D&C following the Celtics season-opening loss to discuss their outlook for the 2012-13 season and how the Celtics' new additions will gel with the team's core. He also discusses the loss of Ray Allen and additional pressures that will be placed on Rajon Rondo this season.

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As we get ready to talk to Doc Rivers let me tell you that fifty years ago small group of aspiring businessman pooled their resources and intellect in order to form a different type of bank a local bank -- would dedicate itself. Helping it's neighbors achieve their goals and realize their dreams today -- that bank they built. Northern bank and trust company has grown and cubic comprehensive full service financial network. While we have grown or remain true to our slogan come learned firsthand why we are neighbors you can bank on. Doc Rivers has brought you by northern bank and trust and Michael space he joins us on the AT&T hotline dot first time here good to talk to you how are you. You're more adrenaline haven't -- you know while. You must've had a premonition. That your team defense was going to be a little shaky prior to opening night because you set it prior to opening night. And lo and behold it was. Well uttered Richard under their belt. We it's gonna pick -- you know armed. The group that supported the triple -- and and you can -- that obviously I achieve achieve every day and that's your work older workers there. We're gonna get your Ryder System it will. Is it because new faces are integrating into the system and that's what takes the time. Yet you know and it did you protest the in which I think we have been there are certain. Good execution. And I think we're in the execution rate you know I think. Well you're absolutely different guys and you guys. When things don't go right let's -- I wanted to coverages -- first spot it must do a dollar cover certain. When you do Arturo. Been -- and -- there. Have a -- and -- noticed this stock but the guy on the other team number 34 he was on your team -- back -- you know that. -- Bob yeah quite a bit of -- Here's what I want -- know you're sick talking about it we're not gonna rehash all -- you've discussed the last two months but. Here's why I can't quite reconcile I've heard everybody says all kinds of analysts and former players -- players that you guys are better the last two you have more -- better personnel than last year. So why is it won't make a big deal about the one guy he lost it seems to me replaced him and replaced him quite nicely. We're like right now actually brought haven't. That they're gonna make a big deal about it because really good players are probably gonna all the favorite. One integration to ever play the -- I think -- title for. And what does and so. When a guy like Bentley and when a guy like that Lehman go that -- in that knock you out. The last two years I think people make a big -- like you got part of but you know we've moved on I've moved on a -- great said he wanted to go import from iron. Do you think you are. Better than last year. I think we're potentially better. I don't think we are now. I think -- but -- extra. Settle here and you know guys have been around or long -- done this -- Our equivalent grade. They're actually trust or. Everyone kind of buying -- -- erode and on the very erode the arbor for the treatment starts there are going to happen. And in the treatment starts and start -- an outlet that night and didn't British armored million that it -- I know what type of cure Europe it's. Seems like you will have when when unit every Bradley backed you can have a lot of two guards are a lot of backcourt players is that what you're referring to when you say. Hey what about me what about my shots. Let kidnappers in any business in -- and it it's a government from now Russia planned diamond. You know just so though. Guy that you coached. I don't know sickness. For my interview I think we got a partner program I don't anticipate that -- a problem. But you never know. What specifically. Do Terry and Barbosa and -- provide for you from a skill sets standpoint to maker job easier -- Well that's -- and to keep our starter right now had a terrific defender. They opened shop and nice in between gained. You don't need to run often forum gore real scorcher Alter. And when you're out Rondo -- meat and more crux of the way you're in Everett and all that's good literature review an outline of an agreement to trade and -- -- it. Poor black and character. Quote you great. -- this -- you know he's regarded creative only shot. -- -- -- And that's great and that they were Barbosa search and industry I think global will be you to hesitate straight to know we're -- there. -- -- a sort of mired in a game. That there's no way he -- -- or so there. Let's go to a school that uses gross as possible and there are tool called back department logo are there any good good good governor. Tell us -- Avery Bradley we know what kind of on ball defender yes how that makes team defense better when he gets back healthy in mid December what does that do for the rest of the guys. It's groups because the ball pressure that you can plot. Except -- from a war. You know one of the more disappointment in a lot of that my own -- and -- would -- apply a lot of ball closer economic starter or altered. -- -- -- -- When a -- reports -- to agree you don't start ignorant that are offered. So fourteen and twelve seconds so right away your defense is better because you have that started the -- The second magnitude but -- start there and you don't need a lot of help real. And that that you have -- A square the more European and gratitude you have your brother and. It -- you watch him play defense when I watch him play defense I know I'm looking at something that I don't often see it looks different than most guard defensive play why is that why don't more people do it they just physically can't do we need us. That's the answer physically mentally. These off here great anticipation and you're great -- of the last. The great streak way to let us -- -- but more important here greater. You don't think Rondo could do what he does it Rondell put his mind went. I've been to Cuba but I going to be hard to rummaging. And Leo as aggressive as I need the alternate went into a wartime president via a lot. Right hey what worries you other than injuries are guys weren down what are you worried about he worried about. Big teams can you match up -- bigger team as we saw on the usually small lineups and opener but that's not always going to be the case. Now I would save rebounding. I like her side. You know what are the -- about -- -- -- or -- And it rode it until I don't know yet. -- you gravesite. I'd like important article in the -- well. I think -- you know -- -- you're not all but your side and I think. You -- Collins we -- -- it will -- so we have a lot of Bernard under -- -- don't know if there. -- fit for a -- court. We saw last year that -- on the playoff seedings. And even that important you guys can go on the road you can win them you can. In -- is like to make the playoffs. How how do you get up for every regular season game body of focus on. On -- this at this time a year when you know that it's such a long grind and you know you're probably gonna make the playoffs and that's when it really matters. In particular paper granite. Number one and I would say they're. I'd -- -- on court matters. You know about it and I think our division this is where you better market are competent better. So a little thing that you may have felt a year two years ago it was two years ago there. Or we can win anywhere posting better. If you wanna game revenue number I don't know we get -- and last year at one back. We had -- on the road last year we lost and then. You know so I do they go on court today are important and I think that's a target or team. You know you don't welcomed by game were going to talk about these long term ago. We know our Kevin lost -- number. Did you did you play golf for them after. He agreed with Miami. No I didn't. But I was that are talked -- -- you know honestly you're a certain number and that comforts. Like -- with a lot of calls or whatever. So I know Fredricka the -- tomorrow -- -- that are I've seen him or Tokyo. Who -- the game on the floor. And you know what was such a developed. You know you are viewed at least from here as a great recruiter I mean you're right up there with. Pete Carroll and and they say and I mean you are are a John cal Perry you're in this. No apparent that it didn't care. -- A are you you other cal Perry in the problem is this the first recruit that you can think of that you lost. You know along to bigger war. Ron Rivera blow up the commander -- -- a lot to darkened there we never had a but I -- I thought we haven't turner and you know we lost from there and oral always remember -- A vote here and one as the Celtics coach you on a program around -- we thought -- -- will be gone two years ago he's back keys in the full you know you have not brought. This is year six of the of the of the three year project. Hmmm is this the first guy that you thought you had an and you got that phone calls it nice going somewhere else. You know against double and would be gave -- -- -- they're warmer compared to those were -- of government and and then you know also on their home land actually reached the next great. Or somewhere also. Others. We did a lot of guys. You know I compensated. Look David you're you know cards because we have to evidently. And the real Emery at all it Rondo. Politically with bill. There and that helped -- recruit. Our -- by I swear I promised last question on rate is Kevin Garnett really mad at ray or is that just Kevin. Do when Kevin thank him. -- -- Was ignored you know. I don't know the word of merit of this supporter I don't know what -- -- -- throughout. -- -- there you go -- -- you have you don't cold -- and you know. God bless our new -- -- I'm loving this. It mentality. Our didn't refer them -- And we hear the term this is -- team this is so LeBron whose team and I'm not even sure what that means is this broader this -- -- -- let you know they're good you know random one leader. The point guard. -- the ball and prayer and then. You know he's still learning leadership. -- -- You know as far as who's -- is. No requirements earlier let some object it would wrote specs -- written about what everybody else all the lines. I'm excluded what are common that it it is maybe. -- probably there are important player. Well yeah in YouTube often said he's the smartest guy out there -- you had no problems with his who with his ability to think the game do you ever worry about the maturity level I mean. Would you be surprised we don't see him do -- and so electoral ball at the -- this year do something that. Puts his team in harm's way he already did you -- Discipline -- done this year that supported arming. Like you're considered value to working through important. -- extremely emotional. Go to the majority or whatever but he years emotional and about the world -- you know what -- we told our players. About when you have an emotional -- you know -- -- emotional projects and are you know try to figure that. You know put to you bought yourself because you whatever your Evernote I think it's you met her and got about it in that moment. And an -- that. But we're open at depth. Was that a puck moving your estimation on. -- -- I don't know you're good you're that are on the and I argued that the -- so. Look that. -- committed a lot of art -- -- Rondo. We forget about you know border around it. That was that was created by -- way. I did I open -- -- -- and -- so what is. If he stopped doing those kind of things would he be the same player I mean you obviously have to. You find the balance there who you what are the fire Vernon. You just -- -- some toast and I want a model and I didn't think I would victory over rooted. But there -- -- military and to stop. The lives in the game the other night. He's emotional. You know be wearing -- brother Kindle fire to start a fire I'd like to acquire a one of the keep that part. Is he happy that he has different guys come on. Off the picks on the wing different guys as his running mates then maybe he had last the last couple years. Likely to -- Like that a lot. But we've got to do. Turner took a team that that we -- we can be there regarding clothes market right now. It -- in Jason Terry and Leandro Barbosa you have a pair of former sixth man. Guys have come off the bench does that mean they're well suited for the rule you have in mind for them on this team. Now they -- they accepted their embrace the and they think you can put a tool and it's it's a reflection -- that's right. If somebody told you prior to opening night that you -- out rebound. The heat and score more points on the break and -- would you assume you're gonna win that game. Yeah are you were but we did or whatever group warriors got every print shop order. Erin Padilla told me that I would've thought we have lost by fifty. You're you're better all you think you can be better potential to be better on the heat. Yeah they're better for sure I'll -- a better because they want you know project the additions of warrior -- -- Bailout. A couple of great we don't have no more than they don't wanna try to improve -- bit. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They'll know exactly who they are -- and that's really what it is -- okay. They know very entity you know there will grow because you know. Make me courageous. And you can sit in the way they played the other part. We have to get interpreter. So do you have to be in front of the TV for every New Orleans game and you just. Take -- more I mean you miss -- a year you can a missile play a miss a -- -- Gonna try to watch -- video popular I will tell you look at. You know what and Melbourne today repertoire to all want -- large hole. -- open heart go out last night are gonna watch a lot of they had a cylinder it's been the first start of my. Life where are probably won't watch it every day. I'm producer that. Observation from afar what do you suspect is Mike Brown's challenge with the all and ten Los Angeles Lakers. Ordered a lot of -- there really are you know -- -- lab where you're watched also blighted and -- so -- -- looked -- all right. Out there and a little hearts out with a sugar. They have to buy into a different world all sorts of government Princeton offense. You know particular ball a lot of national air -- -- a ball the way our government pastor. It's been warned that they can be really good but it sure. It's their second serial who didn't. Doc could talk a -- look forward to talking to you all season long -- continued Doug good luck we'll talk to what next week. Stricker Doc Rivers joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT he's brought -- you by public space and by Northern Bank. Entrust the Fisher wondering Austin went one for nine. From the floor and is the Buick and courteous 24 minutes one for nine. Five for six from the line scored seven points in the hornets took it on the chin from San Antonio at home. 9995. He is you could not be a father not watch every minute at least for now I mean probably 34 years in. To his career but -- now you've got to have butterflies right -- starting. In the NB bleep and hey this is little baby -- in -- and no he's younger -- bit of their plan among them the big guys out. Goodell knows what he's talking about a nerve wracking.

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