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Greg Bedard, Boston Globe, breaks down the Pats at the halfway point of the season

Nov 1, 2012|

John and Gerry look back of the first half of the 2012 NFL season with the Boston's Globe Greg Bedard, who evaluates the Pats' first eight grades and picks a non-Brady MVP. They also look ahead to the second half of the season and forecast how the Pats will look down the stretch.

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-- joining us -- the AT&T. Hotline Greg Bedard Boston Globe on football I was London Greg. It was. It was a long trip. Yeah -- I have exactly yesterday did you -- -- warm. I did I did a good job of mining the gap excellent. It was it was great great time and Norman for. My wife -- we got -- back a little bit early. Solution to. Beat the storm which she did so humble we had a great time -- great city in now I am definitely glad to be home. You could you tell me don't agree with Bob Kraft that London is ready for a team that could be the silliest thing I've ever heard. Mr. Kraft say. Why I don't know they're ready for a team did the funny thing is that. It doesn't matter whether anybody's ready for what everybody thinks is gradualism. If the other owners want a team there and they do it to happen so I mean whatever they don't want me yet. That's up at some point in time but. You know I it's it's going to be a natural progression and I think. Always first and we could see two teams there. And then London next because wrong. Pitcher but they wanna wrote this thing worldwide as they wanna give it to a place. Fifty years down the road where they have you know a North American conference. You know poppy you know Euro Asian conference and there's -- Through. Super -- were only. Are you talk to you talking like 32 here 32 air. Something along those larger army and eventually down the road fifty a hundred years yes I mean they know they know they're tapping out of they're they're -- about pretty much saturated in the US at this point in terms of what they -- TV wise. Merchandise wise. And all these guys you know a lot of the new owners and you can even include cracked and there are a little bit there we're not talking about barely. Owners group all but you don't have a team since 1920s martyr out businessman who know. -- you know how to expand their business and grow and make money in the in the next things contribute do is open up another market and that's going to be you're. Which seems -- mentioned Seattle. Plan in London like on Sunday and then have a Thursday game in LA I'm hitting it seems untenable. Yeah that's going to be I don't know how we're gonna work it com. -- I wouldn't have to have a bye week after Seattle goes to London. Yeah I mean you're talking at a point -- around. You know. I I think at some point in time here you know you're gonna -- eighteen games sports. Problem. You know posted to -- have extra bye weeks and things like that so maybe it will be. Easier than but -- can be very difficult for teams to do that. But. They're gonna active because they're they're not just playing these games for no reason. Via -- as as you want to do Greg Bedard you wrote a an extensive and well researched piece useful things run -- out of different packages and you talked about the progression of the bullets. And and we saw more of -- against the rams do you suggest that based on what appears to be the success. Of that extra man that extra blitzing that they hadn't done earlier or as much earlier in the season we will see more of it going forward from the patriots. I hope so I mean you don't change in the game in terms of you know what -- thinks they have to do to win the game I mean you know you look at the jets game the united. Because I it written. I think it was last week after the jets team. Wrote. You know the -- just not there from the steam is not a -- last year certainly not as good as two years ago. But you know it's kind of by design in some instances like in a built -- -- But what Mark Sanchez that much because he thinks he's gonna self destruct at some point in the end up being right I mean it wasn't pretty but he airplane right. Most of the time bill that's the right way. Ominous as is he right only because they won the game I mean Sanchez threw for 28 for trying to. Yeah that's the only reason that that's what he cares about and so he was right -- -- -- Don't necessarily agree without. Some of the time but. He was right there on. I -- -- ever on Sunday that you know one of the steps that seventeen news do. Was it needed to find different ways of pressure and because there worker who's gonna do. Reform bill article. After the game on Sunday he was just talking about. That game. But in my has all been talking about the whole season. Com. And trying to find him now -- -- said. About the pressure. Oh he says that. He -- it was typical -- a couple balls we have our hands on a couple more -- you never like give it up I don't know. What was sixteen of eighteen at one point -- erupt Bradford. What -- run those little tighter than we did run a little better it's it's a combination I care outburst wasn't as good as what I hoped it would be. Recovers therefore always report it a little more stressful and we didn't. -- -- well the time we did rush well we have to do more consistently. He restarted about that game but he might open target about the whole post after the season because I think. You know the play of laws and it was the same plan last year we're gonna get pressure with four going to be somewhat like the giants we have better guys. Things don't work out as planned them in the hole -- name anything and worked out just like being sort of workout last yourself I I. You know off I advocated for doing more things than got you straight blitzes and they put a little bit more -- and completely out of character would they do about. 20% against Iran as what they did morrow was like his own exchanges and buyers don't blitzes and things like that what. You know bizarre exchange you're still only bringing force was not technically a bullet by. You're bringing guys from different places and you know so you're bringing -- mail on what -- -- that you're dropping Jim Jones in the coverage. That -- Mixes things up and mixes up the quarterback -- the line they can be effective to to bring pressure. And it was against the -- now what -- -- -- it -- built company and that we can work against state line that's not terrible like program. Or quarterback may not I would think Sanchez would be ideal the pressure he doesn't make quick decisions he doesn't make Smart decisions. Ultimately was right Greg 'cause they want but they almost lost it. Yeah and then as. I thought he would say it is you know. I mean. Yeah I mean I wasn't ready yet but I took the defense was not panicking and from -- changes to go up and down -- and you it's it's not borderline embarrassing is it embarrassing. A week after he throws radiology posted 328 amendment pretty parity. But they have the personnel I mean and you're -- would drop in champ obviously you know on the certain guys do not draw dropping Kyle Love and coverage. If you do zone blitz they have the guys who can drop in the coverage and if you send mail or -- spikes. Yes especially when they -- when they get in the more their sub packages rather have Jermaine Cunningham a defensive tackle. Who has played linebacker. And we've got to target the rams that arm he was one of those don't exchange guys work. You know it was doctor height -- coming up what can also and -- Jermaine Cunningham is dropping into -- -- a short zone to defend the past in which he never did interceptions on the place. In previous years and something this is something there is -- changes something and fires on blitzes where virtually are blitzing but it's still it's more about. Steelers -- what were your overloading in the eighties still dropping somebody else and this is something that bill done a lot of over the years it was a staple of the defense. Compact and when a when -- championships and and especially with the veteran group should first year in and Ron Anderson and things like that. But all of these things these do all the time they have not done it very much at all the past couple years in. You gotta think it's it's a combination of talent also experienced but I do you think. I think that this group especially in the front seven. It would with high -- -- healthy -- make it to a lot more things as the season goes along and they should be able to. Generate more pressure. Greg at the halfway point -- in your mind is the the team's MVP not named Tom Brady. MVP -- number idea question. Who live contiguous around this morning knowledge say well we said do we hear what you have to say it. Well look let me give you my short short listen and -- -- -- -- think it is -- boo -- I believe it is. I would go -- our. -- certainly in the conversation. I don't think I would put gronkowski there. Despite his late flourish. He's borderline. Right when built an excellent job he deserves. Consideration. Vince has played presidents some people liked what's that pro football focus groups that. Tom Mayo has been steady Ninkovich. And these but it flashes every -- timely. But I think if I have -- guys the first heparin be MVP not mean Tom Brady. I would have to go wood Chipper Jones. I think he's been outstanding so far it was a tremendous -- by bill. -- it's the same thing I I called I called on the occurred -- the defense of -- BP at apple reported last year and I wonder where they would be. -- -- -- -- In the end the same thing goes whichever -- he's been outstanding I don't know. The they would not be able Russian -- -- that -- -- an -- thing is that he he's been. Not as good as Andre Carter got the run last year but pretty darn close and for rookie. He's been outstanding. Normal give and give rookie of the year Greg when -- give him rookie of the year but you cannot pick a defensive player. It has to be an offensive play when you have the number one offense and that and the reason there even you know. Ivan Prius is the office you can't -- defense of sorry that's my rule Wes Welker. Is the MVP not. Name and and T -- and an end up being MVP. They can you help us sell with the Welker conversation here Bedard what happens. At the end of the year. With with Welker he waits again for the franchise tag in to see whether it's franchise would negotiate or -- they. Just let him walk what happens. Well it's certainly going to be as saying I mean I don't. From from -- to -- I don't think it's. It's a foregone conclusion that he's drawn after the season but for a team standpoint. Com. In you know I'll just tell you this straight out that if the patriots. The patriots reach a contract that you would work Welker after the season Obama ripped them for. Being double the salary cap because they could have reached a deal now that would've saved the team millions against the salary cap. Hum now and in the future they think it and if they do you reach a contract agreement than it is -- evidence that they were pretty hard headed. At the time and they screwed up in caught the team millions against the salary cap. So I just don't see that happening -- smarter -- that that he knew they -- if there ought to -- -- him. Is because state whatever they would say very he had nine point five million dollars dollar kept. Number if if if there's a contract extension it would have been around a so that extra five million in you to -- this year or you can keep carrying it forward and they -- do the same thing measures are you talking about. You know they would -- contract extension saving about. 589. Million walker. I think what happens is -- and a big decision make. I could see them tagging him. To control where he goes. Because. My I think jets would be one of the first people line to -- west it's an app for awhile. On that I don't -- did did I think the dolphins would be right there I think. I don't know brothels. The Broncos because Stokley 36. I would thank. Yeah you know I -- -- you know I think they let him walk and I think that's. The wise thing at this point since they didn't. They do in -- contract extension and they play Hernandez whose side -- they signed the garlic and Danny Amendola. In the -- is going to be freeagent in cities can have. -- part starts when we lower of these had a lot of injuries and armed you know you move up from there you move -- -- -- -- Josh McDaniels in vision that the beginning of the season which included Wes Welker as a bit player in the office. While a plan that amazing the guys on pace for another year with a 120 catches so he gets a 120 catches he starts the Pro Bowl again. And then you just let him walk if you franchise and does he immediately sign it like he did last year and say -- He he waited a little bit because I picked because I thought if one of things whether it got nasty between -- team more than one of those leverages that the team had was. Well -- -- the -- to offer and then everyone -- signs -- there's no money left and you get hurt. My I think that's part of the reason why what scientists. Tender when he did. Every year out what the leap of faith but I think it was also look I have a chance to make half million dollars and and I don't want. I don't wanna be left open the back -- team could've done. -- You know it's going to be camping for him not decided right away in that to gamble that the team's gonna have a mean either you're going to be you're. They certainly didn't want a bit at whopping nine point five million this year the American one point two million dollars lecture. But if they franchise some he gets he wins again I think if he stays healthy and in these. Well make good. Because attack human -- I mean I think that would be -- the papers to work that out -- would be best that they can control where it goes. And it's still get his money and -- get a a long term deal by. My question I think they must. Almost -- walker gets injured you consider that Wes walker. Completely one on this contract are at the where he's going at what he's making this year on you know when you look at the contract he's gonna get. After the season and you look at what the patriots were offering I mean it's almost going to be double and so you're like you know west absolutely did the right back. And not do we need to spend a lot of time on this but what's the back story on the release of sterling Moore. Has he digress as he has he slipped as he slid. He certainly has and it reminds me a lot of lead Bob Black -- I think I -- -- sterling Moore -- I mean he's been on the injury report I think he's hurt them more than anybody. Really knows. Well which often happens around here he has not look like the same player he looked like he lost a step and you know 22 years old -- -- -- you losses stepped just. You know by teacher -- I think that he's hurt he's forgotten and out for the team and mean you know watching it happens but he certainly not the same player. Betty was a year ago physical. Do you think there's any chance we talked about this earlier in and new we've seen this before. That if Tom Brady finally reaches the breaking point when they let Wes Welker walk and say. Enough I need this guy signed this guy do not let this happen. If he. Division do that it should the government for the -- and you know Tom does not get involved that way prompt goes getting -- on occasion on contract talks but it's. On. More. I would say like a peacemaker -- parole then. Dictating terms and you know not I disagree that a little bit I think the problem. You know he's he's still so much capture and it should. Cashing in once in awhile and you know privately not publicly or anything like that but it became -- with. You know public and I think that. I think we've heard some inching quote from Tom this year you know he does at all very he's so PC and things like that -- Other -- some quotes this year you know going overboard with his praise of western part about the team's identity weren't -- cease kind of hinted little bit that. You know how much Wes. Means to him and and how much he thinks the BBP's value on the -- You know hey why is why why were Billy Cundiff Neil Rackers serious that I. Are just emergency list type stuff usually the patriots go you know what does this week it -- Did they go through what we do we like don't have like you know. Five tight ends and then six often blunt and they're just. They they bring him in waves just to update their armor nationalist sort he even got out he goes down they know -- We never rankings of the best street kickers and -- two years ago it was Shayne Graham. And they brought -- in the kick so it's it's that it seemed as if struck out he went down. Who gonna -- tomorrow and so that -- these were cut about. Our Greg welcome all of -- home safely double talk to next week Greg Bedard. Greg Bedard doesn't Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds of the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible forget Doc Rivers joins us at 905.

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