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Looking at the Celtics depth

Oct 31, 2012|

Ryder and Lenny are talking about what the Celtics can improve on after opening night, they both agree a lot of it will come with time, but will they have a more solid defense as the season progresses?

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-- -- going to -- -- happy. I think we scored I don't know how many points he scored -- -- and -- and 7UP. 50% this -- 100 each morning. They shot 54% sorry we're open to break his -- I -- a lot of -- gold offense they'll both teams from all small and we'll try to attack. But I thought they removed the aggressor then all of them until they got on the floor where they wanted to get on the floor. I thought they took Gonzales stuff that they they wanted to. I agree with Doc Rivers there and that assessment of of the game -- an offense from defense they scored a 107 points. The Celtics did but. Paul Pierce knocking down some some tough shots Raj on Rondo. Did his thing they trapped him quite a bed that's why in the end these guys trying to figure out their assignments and their spots out -- these newcomers. And and taken on Miami. And a huge game for the for our rivalry game and everything that happened last year and end. Probably some guys trying to do a little bit too much out here it. And branded -- his defense is lacking animated good offensive numbers and a good offensive game but. It's not a good matchup when he's out -- against Chris Bosh. Generally you know we're not gonna see Miami for another two and half three months and I'm we will follow on daily obviously right now I I just wanna see in. Three weeks three weeks sir I don't know 1010 games to see how these pieces -- to fit or. Maybe not with the Celtics. I think they all well I think Danny knows destructed design is and -- does. But you know you can play pre season games through -- cows come home but now now you -- real real real stuff so. I -- in ten games and you know then we can better analyze them obviously. It said John Ryder and let him regularly and for Mikey Mikey did the morning show happy Halloween hopefully never -- joining -- safe out there etc. You give -- call 6177797. 937 we get back to the calls -- get to some of the taxes well at 85850. Years Eric in the -- Eric. He has I -- undergone you know you don't. Are right well I apologize if I just. I've been spotted in here and they're listening to it different shows about this. Garnett not my time I would listen to the game and I actually heard it happened on -- radio -- -- Them. I'd brandy and Maxwell talk about it and they sent shortly after that they try to find the killer. If anyone. Now they've had a reserve of fist bump they talked on the court. All right can I could just walk and I heard them say that they I I. -- Garnett you know I. I don't know as -- -- fist bump -- -- there's not a high five yeah I think it was a modest modest little audio also right. And a couple of hard screens on a -- I think that but Dallas after the game I was here guys complain about it. Now I know what do you know why they're complaining. You know they get to John's point nearly I mean that this is all in how. You know it's. One half's much ado about yeah it really is okay you it would be fun to talk about but -- out of a -- even before array went down there. That there was a buzz Hawaii he's unhappy and what's what's being peace plan and why they've you know plane had a ball with. Was ray well -- do and after three years and he just got a little tied event. Other things yeah and of all places it winds up in Miami and so this this is gonna go on and done that bell made -- see you felt he got hurt -- move. He -- in -- also he set the tone here is set the tone for the rest of the team as well as one of the leaders of this team. That this is the arrival here but it's not you know glad hand let's not all the you know. Prognosis. For a I arriving sooner -- are you five new guys who joined us this year in our quick -- like this team just in case shooting get it. I forget I'm surprised that it was such a talking point because I'm not whale went down. I would have been more surprised to -- actually highlight item in short. But I that's nice Daryn. Yeah I -- -- out that would have been out of character for KG. You know he wouldn't do that who is mob you know I mean he'd he'd just doesn't like opponents and the -- thing have a little more juice to it and so some of it's an act but also some of it's just his drive voters -- intensity and evaluating his persona what -- -- -- I like it is -- -- that aren't. -- I mean the games that thing itself about the game. And they -- like this dates back even Eric it's during the why do you think dead there was going to comments in different you know congeniality. Between LeBron James Dwyane Wade -- into Ray -- not that Ray Allen was you know slapping five -- -- during the game or anything like that but. There was more animosity who has -- because they wanted to Ray -- to join their team. Then -- news you know going to be freeagent. And they knew that -- that was a potential anti god -- god I thought that was a potential spot I I -- dead to they probably would end up. After debating it and talking about it back with the Celtics and I was dead wrong. About it I mean I I knew that and I am sure you heard some of the issues you know Rondo and and Ray Allen last year Leno but -- we all heard about it to the extent of everything that. Yeah you can see it -- You know ray is an emotional and it's not emotional. But there is that a steely Nissen about about him that Karen -- that I don't like doing this is going to. Com and again it backed dates you know to all -- trade talks you know from the years before and -- So they use is and I -- unhappy camper. Com and you just wound up in the you know in the city that for half the money that is you know his sixteenth such rivals so. It -- residues -- sensitive business and yeah well. It didn't surprise me John -- -- of you know watched him in the in the locker room clubhouse before the game a lot and down. He's. You know he's got a healthy and again it is I say a healthy opinion himself by he. He placed down he plays it down and but by the everything has gone wild font used on a team that chance when he champ ship you know he'd been to the team's. Never you know never get a ring this is a big out of them like you said last night you know I'm still Vietnam you know on the wing went. And but and I'm sure that's driven thought they'd write off pretty much in the sunset or -- Play their last game with the Celtics -- last career game. And ray was the first to bail and some of the you know Celtics didn't like it.

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