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How will the Celtics hold up during the season

Oct 31, 2012|

Ryder and Lenny are both big basketball fans and are talking about the Celtics-Heat, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett and also, LeBron, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo.

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I you afraid -- -- -- I didn't think you were shivering too much -- partnered at the magic -- and now neither either I don't think the audience either. Now. Buddies to the what if I can every holidays yet a different -- song opening song you know pretty much does yeah. Mostly with a fourth like -- flag is Flag Day in arbor day in right on. We get thumping and guessing come up with something I sure I'm sure and you know I wouldn't be surprised about that at all don't give Mikey any ideas that probable end up happening. A good to seal Lenny has gone that's going good it's grown very good job and that's great and I would what did you make out of the Celtics heat game last night everything that went on. Or rounded the Ray Allen Kevin Garnett stuff except her. What the big story if god and that it got up and hugged him when it so luckily I think they're both big characters are exactly rate. -- a smoothie you say I'll I'll play the good copy of and and that worked out well as for the game itself com. You know ice are again you any good pointer on January 27 -- -- -- whole lot more about the eighteenth in -- place the garden. But it just reinforced for one night making that clear that. The Celtics cannot stay with his team for four quarters. We saw that breakdowns last year late in the game. Home and you know you can backtracked that -- talked about you know how and against ethnic characters now so they do have some younger -- and we've talked about. How they died in probably considered the last time -- played the lakers. Com but you know I go to great first quarter man now knows very -- course for now up tempo and -- -- -- incredible Africa coast -- rights group. -- but that was in my final. Reaction when I start of the game win the second half I mean. You know they outscored the Celtics outscored the Celtics even in the brawn. And wade were on the bench it at a couple points right which is very fresh fold the dark. But again I'm not can read it too much anyway I think everybody recognizes that you've been talking about it with -- best players in the planet is. And which is the best team in the NBA this year until proven otherwise this is a classic case of that -- until someone takes away from them and you know they looked -- pretty impressive John. And they did and he turned the ball over against that team and you know it's an automatic two typically in and you can't just completely Kagan detract -- -- demo I know they. They brought some players on board to do that you know Courtney Lee is at a quick -- Barbosa as speed and athletic schism. Jeff green is going to be the real wild car and all this and better have a good season -- this Celtics team. I mean all comes down again you know we know the keys Rondo. Garnett Rondo Rondo steamy so important. And and you know here's who I thought pierce went well last night they did and he's. You hear him -- now Rondo -- grade -- done for the game you know and that rub my point witness. Discuss this cup weeks ago when all the stuff about Iran with Ron Brownstein. And away their past find him. And it is his team from a basketball standpoint and -- he's -- got so you know for a lot of teams two point -- It is the main man right. But and -- intellectually. And certainly in maturity wise does not know it's Garnett on Pearson's and dive -- and just try and it will be while those two guys well yeah it's -- And you can even make the argument and and I checked out the gold the other day and aids -- is as good article Rondo and they were talking about -- Nate Archibald was talking about you can already make him or herbs. Say that he's the best Celtics point guard of all time even in and Bob Cousy was part of -- as well but. Another thing is is that he's so talented but. Again -- at times his immaturity gets frustrated easily out there I like the fact that he's such a competitor. Yeah but we sorry let me throw would put the ball at the official getting suspend there's times where his emotions get the best of them. And that's where in Al Gore and it appears trying to rein him in a little bit. Yeah I think a lot of guys if you say. This is this team now. I'm also equated would be in a park. -- to really go again buddies -- player and you know federal yeah nowhere without them obviously. No they don't and also part of it I -- I -- visited you know about 5% of it really. Feeds into his ego a little bit you know led to because he's he's felt over the years that he's been district does respectively trade rumors and other aspects as well so. In you'd probably like today this is Rondo is team and and thought it was the best player in the NBA when it was in compact yet well he was glad -- it. If they go I've never needed any boost -- no no well and as much as he gets frustrated he -- he also. Is one of the smartest players -- as -- is a very intelligent player at the same time. And quick a quick -- hell and so by Utah and about it turnovers. Are you cannot make them against the heat. -- if you make them anyway let's say between the foul line in the top -- That's gone the other way I mean if -- turn over a -- be real low down on the blocks where they have some kinda you know get back by NASA. No way you gonna catch that team and a and you had to early -- things like your third coach on the immigrant point out that we have discussed that for Obama. It's a new season and we can and the line he -- Com about their interior defense if it's still weak and I'm not as high sure most people on gun and as the defendant now I mean there's been a decline over the years it's been asked to do too much for one thing. On and he's too -- to have that burden you know I see him as a -- Muncie plus B minus on any given night defender you know. He can't to a -- And he's got to get some help -- if so you know. And I'm not really not at the age of of 36 I still think that -- -- doesn't have the quickness but I think his smarts and savvy. Appear I mean I still pointing amended in the B plus area but you're right I mean Brandon Bass is not gonna give via. Much defense it's -- And they're gonna need some help from from Jeff Green and not that that's his trademark is defense but the the again and it needs some some more defense program Johnny's. Young slash is in young point guides you know who have a lot of confidence in south tighten debt. They have no respect for Ghana they have some respect I know but they know how old he is and they know com he's probably not a defender he. Once was and that she doesn't get any weak side help. You know they they -- either gets filed by him or -- score. Around aura that's right you know you know -- -- of the Celtics had to match up -- with the Indiana I mean what -- do in that case because you know I could have Garnett down there with the -- every now and am playing so what do you do restored Darko or. Jason Collins one of these guys move Garnett to the foreign. As the -- to create matchup problems at that they did mention the to meet up with the heat. For one night I mean he's actually playing Ian and I blocked type about a playoff series -- play a series yeah well I mean one -- yeah you could start -- -- I mean if they you know if -- thinking back -- -- -- the road that we might lined up they're not an Indiana yet they're not I'm just started out the I'll buy it now it was a good point why not. Do that the on the -- season and I'm -- they well I mean they're gonna go with as they said multiple different lineups here -- -- they have to John router -- along would let him regularly check out any damage to his daily news. Doing the baseball journal and also the Boston Globe 6177797937. Lot of -- up zero get some of those 858 through this one says. Port tipping another reason LeBron wanna have to file for bankruptcy. The tenth. Let's get to the cause here's a bill and mauled and a bill. Page on when he is gone bill that I Leo. And I wanted to talk about this team that changes -- but. I wanted to first say that we'd call on anybody pumped. Yeah that's a terrible play -- it's laughable. What he's done that some other players. No way he plays I don't know why he. Yeah I he's been -- he's been no punk himself over the years is no doubt and building where you're probably for the on the last break with document John. -- You know amigos and patio our producer I think that's -- that -- when he came in the league. -- picky with light that. But he was it became a subtle -- many became an obvious -- A great yeah he was a he was edited the I don't know if I go as far as a golden boy image out there but now we know that more than one -- run and made with the -- -- in the early years. Did you know. That was a steal from Miami that trip to extender which was the. He knows how to get on the you know peoples' skin and I'm sure that could be another thing that he's trying to do -- -- for the next time they play me again thrown out. Well you know what EST do little bit of that more now because. And I just against Rondo. Bill more feisty out there because the he's had knee problems and they used to be still explosive. But when he was younger boy was he ever explosive and he was. Now the defender back in his younger days but now -- you know as slow down a little bit still still fast aren't that much -- The the team that -- just build and it's it really is a great credit to what he's able to do. To turn this thing around again and to be the second team. Favorite in the east they have he's gonna come and you know did what they don't want to say about. By signing. On the hit so that they get bad. The group that they did because I think it's a much better -- Yeah well they were gonna have try to have both Syrian and Ray Allen but. I I think that's another part of integrated like he's like delegate Terry -- you know. We're -- regular minutes we're gonna get my shots and a. Well look at Courtney Lee doesn't he look like. Well I was a -- I still -- way the bill a neat you think about. What they ended up doing this offseason and capitalize on hand -- day war. And how creative they ended up being. I I give a major tip of the cap to what they ended up doing I was amazed by it yeah I think you know I think Lisa abandonment Terry will be more bad habit they've both at the plate. Important role I used to it but I -- likely little better and he's gonna look like yeah. Little bit and attitude to the way he plays. Yeah AME and now I think that he's going to be the benefit he's played in some situated -- used injures where. Early on in his careers with a Orlando which was a playoff team met up with a -- the back in as a rookie days. But he is a guy that gives you good perverted defense can knock down that quarter three is good three point shooter Camby explosive can run the for the Rondo I think overall. And there's the call bill. You could see more volume scoring out of Jason Terry but in terms of what he can actually do out there. Probably even more of an important pickup. Congress on a would be of their --

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