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Mikey snubs Ryder and worked the morning on Halloween

Oct 31, 2012|

Ryder passes up trick-or-treating and comes in for Mikey and talks about the Celtics opening night loss to the Miami Heat and the percieved drama surrounding the players.

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You've got to deal with me since John Ryder up until midnight here Mikey off tonight. As young kids out their trick or treating I I checked him out on the Dennis in pleasant work this morning news on the Dennis and Callahan Show that -- -- each -- apparent. The idea that any -- I thought it was goal with a dress who's gonna dress as a woman I thought hazel teacup dug around -- attract. Timothy yes and he Al we'll get into. Plenty denied the Celtics and heat last night and no more men most -- overboard because a loss for the Celtics against. The rival Miami Heat there. New rival well really the arrival over the past few years as we know. And what's scary about the Miami -- This season is you know some championship teams he say well they of that bullseye on their back you know they have all these teams gunning for a while. Even before the -- were champions in the bullseye on their back. Ever since LeBron James joined forces down there -- Dwyane Wade and Chris -- the -- that bullseye on their bags so. They played you know free and loose and in no problem last night you could think in. That you know maybe that they would lose focus because. They receive their championship rings in you know looking forward to celebrations even after the game etc. but. They had no issue whatsoever -- that LeBron James was completely focused leave it at. Good game 26 points ten rebounds no turnovers. And note that. LeBron James all this hype over the top -- in I'm I'm an agreement here I mean there's you know it's -- get used to it by the way all these commercials and everything else LeBron James that will be happening. Especially if he wins of few more championships which I'd think you'd end up. Will bill that will end up doing. Expect that to the next oh boy. There's 28 now he plays another you know ten years this is going to be going on for a long time she'll see commercials and Michael Jordan I'm not put them in. Michael Jordan's class yet but we still see commercials Michael Jordan so expect -- to go on. A long time and LeBron James is only gonna get better. And whatever you think about op the cord or. You know some of the comments he makes. If you're actually watching the game and really watching the game now looking at the uniforms. Without question foreign away and they Kevin Durant might be the best -- score but. Look at the were rest of the league in Kobe Bryant -- terrific player but now at 34 years of age. Far and away LeBron James is the best player in the game and and what's even scarier would LeBron James now in his prime is his. Skills have got up what is at lettuce is him at this point in his career do anything out here and in. And also in the offseason worked on his outside shooting was terrific in the Olympics is shed that label of not being clutch. So watch out we already know to watch out for the heat we talk about the celtics' depth well -- he'd have some depth as well. They don't have a ton of size you do the Celtics in terms of depth but. Got to get a bunch of guys that shoot threes and they. They've yet. Ray Allen as we know in the mix who had a terrific game and look like mailed no pressure on him in others taken most. People -- around here well Ray Allen is really gonna struggle because the Celtics are in his head. David dock and it has been talking nonstop about the Celtics will seem like Kevin Garnett Raj on around -- more -- up for this one. -- -- Green was tentative. I think he had the first game jitters out there it didn't look like the same player we saw on the pre season of course that's going up against the Miami Heat. Celtics are gonna typically allow 120 points that I I think I -- where that's just the fourth time that's happened. The Celtics allowing that many points since. Since the championship season of 070 wait. Celtics will be just fine. Will be -- they were a slow on defense of rotations there was at times too much -- defense even though the options put up a 107 points. Their planet up tempo style and this is what you typically see early in the season these high scoring games out anyone ended up like catch in the lakers mavericks last that a cut. After -- get out of here after doing the Celtics show after. After the game I ended up. Watched some of that Dallas. Many were surprised -- Dallas ended up beating the lakers last that the lakers look like they were just gonna lock out on the floor and -- they're gonna win that game Dirk Nowitzki. Bothered by knee injuries in Dallas is gonna dip noted if Lockheed might be. 87 playoff because seeded team this year. Tracy the lakers they get -- work up -- -- Celtics do as well Miami as most of their core and then. A bunch of vote three point shooters it has -- bench but definite threat and I still see Miami and the Celtics. In the Eastern Conference finals. If you wanna call -- The numbers 6177797937. Or you can text us at 85850. Letting Magglio will be joining me at 7 o'clock. And no later on tonight talking football with Chris price WEEI dot com at 1030. As far as Ray Allen going over to the Celtics bench in Kevin Garnett snubbing him. I don't think this is a big deal at all I think it's a lot to do about nothing adding it's gamesmanship on both their reports. That's Ray Allen personality that's given Burnett's personality when it comes to basketball I don't think it's a big deal at all. I also think that there's. Play major between these two teams is our Raj on Rondo who you could argue maybe the best point guard in the game amid crisp ball but. -- And frustration and the -- he definitely has temper we all know that and let the frustrations boil over one you know boy wade was back -- him -- gave my little job. Call one against Rondo later on evening clothes lines Dwayne wade. Wade calls upon move and it was upon move but there's been some punk moves in the past between both those guys also. -- -- -- And futures but I love this rivalry I think it's terrific between VS Celtics and heat. At a -- Garnett got enough shots down low in the post he only had eight attempts he did have twelve rebounds. These guys. Have to work out some of the kinks. I think he'll be fine come Friday night you look at their next few games here in the can probably run off you know 45. Six straight wins wouldn't surprise me at all with the Celtics team Milwaukee will be interesting on Friday night because they of the quickest backcourt in the NBA. My dale listened and Brandon Jennings let's get to the fall and here's our Ryan and lemon story Ryan. -- -- -- -- It is it's been my first time on an -- and Eric I blew my argument. I think in antidote to that. I can and it was just -- media. I'd actually get a -- well prominently throughout the weight thing heck I don't wanna bring that out. I live in central maps and act I like that he not like LeBron for a long time. And I I think way to great player but he is relying complaining. On the indicted -- that it is you know on anything in the world. Don't they don't the majority of the star players don't. Plenty of the NBA players whine and complain well at -- That -- or. It's why he's up there but yeah that's why a lot of times in the officiating and there's bad calls every game but that's why. So many people harp on the rest because they're looking at near their team and there's so many borderline calls that go either way in the NBA. And the answer -- and while he just he just gets screwed on that play because you're rooting for that particular team. But man and the guys whine I mean these guys complained and in you can see about their complaint. That that they would wait what what they -- in the outfit that he doesn't get a call he'd again you know com the ball in other key driving in transition. -- makes no effort to go back he's just. You wind beneath -- early as this that and and let's remember yeah I don't know I I think he's a basketball and it's like what he's doing. He's he's pretty good defender Dwyane Wade I I think he's overrated in terms of the way people talk about him defensively because of the blocked shots he does block a lot of shot offer for -- he had one last night and he got. A file -- about it when would pierce was taken at the rate. Yeah I don't think he's a bad defender I do think that the the Celtics have had a good remedy for Dwyane Wade. When they meet up later on about it that they don't meet up again. Till January 27. Yeah that the garden. About it Daria looking forward that but I thought Courtney -- early -- really good defense on on Dwyane -- -- -- some. Defense dishonest but he'll be a very good perimeter defender he also have Avery Bradley's so I think. Has had the there -- antidote about what I like to eat Tom. Now what did you -- and he's from -- -- young kid I used to watch some Bruntlett scored in any always told me. You know watch out there are going to be something very. So -- -- followed him through the years. Then -- seen having Cleveland it was honestly. I don't know you're agreed to hear that but I carried that team. Yeah so liquid -- -- and palatable at Seneca you know I wanted to see and -- good -- -- following them all on. And I that happy to see him I'll win this championship I do like wait party can't stay healthy. Arm here -- Anthony's yeah the issue on the -- that. You've done a tremendous darkness to a tremendous player was his get real you communities Dave that's not too bad. Texture here says where's Mike there's too much show LeBron ass -- right now if you don't know people around here lean towards Mike's views. All right well. Look I'm not a huge fan or fan of LeBron James on the Celtics fan have been grew up around here. The 1986 Celtics team was my favorite team of all time when I was in fact that. But I'm looking at this if if you don't think that he's the best player then years. -- -- Your not really watch in the game you're just looking at the uniforms and other Dexter foreign away is the best player what are you smoking if you put -- number one Durant is right behind him right -- App Store ran a terrific talent. But he's not as well rounded as LeBron pick the bronze better ball handler to -- better outside shooter and maybe even a better volume score. I think dead two LeBron makes the players around him even better he's -- he's a terrific passer. Very good defender one of the best defenders in the game do just about anything out there on the court hears Jack in Boston -- Jack. I doing. What subjects are what they are great LeBron there's no. All right play and play game that it enjoyed by. Better than Jordan -- I don't put him in Jordan's class.

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