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Wednesday, October 31st Whiner Line

Oct 31, 2012|

Dwayne Wade is a punk? Excuse us, punk bitch! And Happy Halloween.

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Abuse excuse views expressed and breast blew my mind these aren't buying ET TE Chris Cox. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now -- -- your line. You know -- I got to say something right now. I'm sorry. That's bush league like Kevin Garnett -- But the -- didn't Gary until that is -- police don't know what position it's hard won championships again there and now you know the way these guys socialize when they went to work out you know the way everybody's as you know -- a business you have to do it yourself. -- single women don't act like that's -- random let me tell you one that's push limits WEEI. Who Maureen your lie to you would go to the mat for anybody on his -- right -- on his team. You're not on his team. Security enemies. I mean our other guys that he's congenial to this is bush why are we arguing about this is dial 6177793535. But I see it again I mean he didn't even acknowledged his presence. Hitting it may well very good job go get him think Danny -- knowledge that he was there. I think -- exactly like your child's whiner line Bill Russell so you can -- in Hawaii I mean that was a hundred hours ago Tommy now but the attitude just saying that to. Your enemy is just not just social club and now. And -- from the way these guys the way these guys where's my -- glad you've got a haircut. And Gary. I think -- gene that. The -- of February that he -- didn't know that's an issue. Writers and the turn around like a lot of -- guest writers on the wearing a -- Adams finally why am I am. Cigarette butt heads out of his. Job. Thank you accomplish when I was going for you want to -- doctor -- opulent Q we're here -- I did yes even though I didn't need to but I did anyway. -- do you actually very similar argument to the -- at times at times I finally out of my head as a very -- -- -- is quite understand powered by AT&T WEEI -- available to derive your android Blackberry device brought you by. AT&T AT&T forgy. LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT. And T rethink -- cost. -- I can't oil and -- my at -- -- -- you know I -- apple laptop about. And that. He did about 45 minutes though with. Joe -- Gonzales -- yeah I did check out I saw the outfit that it's no different from. Every Thursday out there you see that most of the time until every Thursday night goes deeper in his closet -- jobs in mind. Begala and target Clinton who made the other night people like I wanted I wanted. Outside -- that would money who thank you got egg. And allow it this and I'm gonna -- what would you rather be about European discussed thanks thanks for the choices they have Michael. No idea generator. That was the story. Tonight you missed that I would let's get -- corner and out generational conflict -- the ray Allen's. They range from Katrina relief if he gets David Stern. What -- -- -- is that unbelievable bullet but didn't recognize words are not aware of talk about David Stern man so he's trying to. You know announced to the crowd this is the championship rings were handed about the crowds the trying to correct it and it's. Time retired time -- time. Wow nothing -- -- dark like it is very. And Gordon were good. I guess through these but I would guess I'd buy Internet. And this is what it comes down to four point was at four billion dollars a candidate buyout Lucas felt. And again and now revival put some more Star Wars movies here what you think you're doing that for art. What do you think they think is a few bucks like Indy can't get enough of that and they'll get him back -- -- again it's all about that -- that come. -- -- -- -- -- Pianist. Chuck I just how do you think will end up with you know Star Wars -- -- 1893. Was enough -- to -- We don't -- him. On that Hayward -- Little good guys. Well -- I could click here grandma. Have always been a bit. And massive unemployment cash out still going to be involved in the project the deal and went on. Somebody please boarded up quite well now went on goal while. Yeah yeah yeah that. You know -- but yeah it is good that -- out of my. Not good ballclub over on my credit. And there are. It's great great it's great like. -- I think about it that way it's absurd I mean. Jolted murder was apoplectic about it. That's on all winter to all gone now. Here here's again. It's a great deal guy who really Jason Maloney were not exactly sure why he keeps on going to rip on him. EU EU. Arafat had docket after the other day a good sign that period of relativity big -- -- everything coming out of pick up front about products articles and talk from the attic is gonna thought oh yeah and a byproduct -- -- -- you are what have you could clear up off. -- gotta tell those guys got to tell us what happened I mean what's the back story there's a story here. Why do you keep patent on the day after jealousy due to whatever Framingham high school looted -- took his. Feet and -- -- -- this guided they want to concrete I wouldn't want him to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But commercial abroad yeah I think it got there yes that's commercial about -- what do you think about the -- day. -- -- -- want to -- -- commercial paper program because it got bad. I'm gonna about it and not Ahmedabad can't get that out and break above the law. Good values but probably gave back -- freaking ridiculous. And what she started cramping did you -- he was gonna show the world how Israel products well good luck -- -- how to. -- But of the ballgame but it. And all I have we aren't. And Bob ball brought there and I called my opponent had -- good player all of our apartment development of the past. -- -- greatest player in the world now why not do pretty bad boy but. That's that would. -- shot at the end Johnny dollars in royalties and other parts of Johnny most -- market as a bush on board. Well at the right at the same thing I was listening to write a virus I know I have no power I was forced to listen every minute in an objective. Our analyst rob Ellis -- anyway he was is this little broader audience -- the fact that -- -- do these great -- It's gonna -- you can. -- that somebody texted us early today it was a great point I hated Iran when he was a good player now I don't mind. -- clutch eight. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome NBA commissioner David Stern's. -- they can -- There -- others gives -- good prayers to those who have. Covered hurricane. He's. Really Hurricane Katrina -- I -- retire already and PST -- -- -- -- -- Does degrade all just a game wasn't as well that's exactly why it's not -- but -- -- was all over just figured when the crowd screamed -- you to correct you because why should consider the Kurds are used to being like Buddha passage -- tepid response they just keep going. Important. Or are corrected me and of course will we be correct me if I can be corrected. In last night's game David Stern went into the heat's -- to check on the on james' leg cramps and this is what. Saying that the kids learn that you feel you. Long -- you preview. This view he is. Jump up to this guy so -- it. Your ratings go. So won't shoot -- -- you know as -- board right. Accordion and I have I -- hyped about I -- like -- TNT and ABC I felt. On hyped about it. What happened to courting him and accordion. All sorts of political what happened to Courtney good. Yesterday the cheap accordion anymore got a whole orchestra is your whole peninsula orders and well I don't what -- admittedly it -- to take -- -- -- the next well that's great. When one -- -- great artist. Of the aisle to the second that there could be different sides of the number of Britain's. Opposite actually when presenting -- new instruments. But I have little patience -- it was funny with the -- It was funny. Man Michael that was a 200 years ago. We watch we watch your back accordion man. This -- slightly what it -- they got rid of last night. Bit of the did Bob ever want to after the break. One got the result like last night Miami coincidence. I think but if you can't be representative this season form. And -- and I TD with a seven shots in the game seven on a from the free throw at times you have from the reps last night and I didn't you did now. Not not I mean there was obviously a couple of bad calls but overall the alongside the game. You weren't like this guy I know I know our guys just doesn't work well I was -- and -- try to get all of our our lead over the top the refs screwed him -- to Janet won't negate that in that appear here Mikey today c'mon. I don't know if I could do that for a full six. Yeah -- -- it that way you know. Kinda got all our -- and I. How come I -- I can't. I mean come and I hope I. I can. I haven't upon another quick don't like barber try again. And the hundred years us while -- insult out. Texas -- an accordion man they ripped Dylan when he went a lecture to hit -- still pretty -- and Adam Dylan and he's sorry and sorry -- -- an -- these are the literature college very sorry. -- -- Because that aren't playing this from the and actually intentionally drag race had run of the ground and dislocated elbow -- from the same guy. Went head and shoulder tackle Dan -- left here in the playoffs. And we got a flagrant -- -- what should go at it as a series you thought it was such a bit. I've -- cards can -- no it didn't upon way. And I told them here's the goal and break his father isn't it my way or -- I don't think. The conference finals -- up front way. I think that part of the paint and every body decked -- court. And you know I recognize that first line that was the got a call earlier saying Dwyane -- not a top ten player that would (%expletive) them the last guy sounds like John davis' cousin when he was going off on Mike Adams for the -- -- same -- I did this in play. They go about it of people worked you know -- don't forget you know. I'm -- an -- and agreed at this particular aren't very big what ought to. And that message. So that a board told Luis Smithsonian for booklet can assure you haven't I'm sure a lot of just trying to sort of the -- -- related charity. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ten you know quite -- that would with the WT heavily contact. This year I have great ideas. -- stations -- little things and -- -- -- -- the who have attacked and go trick or treating and governor Chris Christie. Up as a Democrat. Has implemented. Particularly adamant and a web. Can the paid have -- it. And finally. Quote while. I would have the -- well -- I would break up 300 pound gate had to go trick or treating candidate about it. -- -- AT&T -- LT it was. -- -- look at the two seconds the -- Judge precedent three I hate it every possible.

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