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Sure Dwayne Wade is a punk, but is he among the 10 best players in the league?

Oct 31, 2012|

We all have grown to hate the whining, deliberately injuring Dwayne Wade in Boston, but now we discuss his game, and whether or not he's deserving of the hype he receives.

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Does get back to usual custom found anybody we've done it can't find anybody agrees to. Here's -- -- a car Mike. They -- out so. Couple -- on the other thoughts on here Tom looked. Big big kudos to Kevin Garnett. You know what it was amazing I mean. Think of venom that would have been spewed back in 1987. And near camp in the Caylee intentionally left politically with the Detroit Pistons at the exact same thing anybody that says any anything different it's full crap. It would tank which full court. We're you know we're guarding Dwyane Wade entered -- for real. Did it kind of forget that he intentionally took down Rondo two years ago in the intentionally shoulder tackle Darren Collison which -- a lot more dangerous than anything anybody that redundant M. Mean -- visit as an absolute fraud he's been like this can LeBron got there he he thinks that. You basically think that it -- doesn't think and I mean. Affordable four when -- was in Miami and it was about how many times you fall down I'm -- get back up and he played basketball the way children played. He was a respectable player you know he wasn't there an -- -- -- But it similar product they're mostly kept as ridiculous as aggregate between. Everything that he does on the court to whining and bitching and crying I mean this guy is one of the biggest fraud. Everything is saying hi I -- absolutely agree with you but what's wrong with. It's exactly the fear that you put into the opponent and -- -- Dwyane Wade does that right now. Not aware of how he notably Italy or are you had -- the other cutting is -- Odyssey that is how does he put fear in the opponent -- play he did it last night to get you get Rondo to to react to nobody 'cause he. -- not not putting eager to hear aggravating that guy this guy has won art that. Without the muscle and then -- -- that toughness this guy is a fraud on the court too lightly. Extract. These and that flopping -- there was a representative Mike -- have been numbered. Miami -- -- about six big. Deep into the final I'm -- right now because of the plot -- -- and the rest but wait a I would like to keep calm them of fraud -- you tell me you don't think this is one of the ten best players in the league. Now I didn't quote -- I hope the bailout of the ten best player in the -- living off reputation from three or four years ago. Well you know and and I I agree there are times he does things and he says things that make you wonder. But I can't I can't go as far as you've gone Mike and state. He's not a top ten player now and that's and that's the slip. When he first got the air was well on LeBron got there. We -- got to the top five players in the league right now that's not the case I think now we say they have three of the top twenty players in the league including the number one play. Less if you looking for choir boys I guarantee of them on the whole -- he's a choir boy or boy scout he's not a real good player. There's something about having -- edged do what you do out here because you're playing against the best. And that's all of this is get lost that's -- they'd be detained way monologue last night or is argument. Was was laughable you don't understand that house sports operates on the professional level. It is a doggy -- were allowed to that's what they're doing you know in the championship. You'll bet a bust. That's not have to eat you have to have that -- -- -- And that's I don't have that problem when these guys. I agree with some of that goes beyond that -- test as the guy who's gone well beyond that I think Dwyane Wade is done that from from time to duck and it was not a from done. I have. That nasty -- that is all art of the make up of great players. It's laughable that everybody praises Larry Bird just don't like the greatest player that of what you realize how nasty he was on the report. The stuff that he said two other players the stuff that he that he Edinburgh are believable. What he would do an attack says oh yeah like Dwight Howard and -- that. That joke or joking about the white power in his eyes focused. And we focus. Guys that guy got himself traded he got himself traded to Los Angeles. They try to get as his -- at a press conference at -- said. Eight try to get me fired I know -- I got sources who does have sources I got better sources that got to try to get me fired. You want to be with the team many wasn't with the team anyway but the team you don't think that affected them last year. You don't think Dwight Howard's lack of focus. Lets you a disappointing season in Orlando even before the back into it don't course. -- it was kind of laughable. You've Ray Allen really care. African -- dramatic when the old model at least that's funny please. God didn't. And people forget. The bird and magic couldn't stand each other. Couldn't stand each other now they developed a friendship down the road. But Larry Bird was enough to do that that commercial alleged magic -- there was houses in French or I'll light the do the commercial and from that point on. They added develop. That friendship and obviously they -- the dream team and after that -- can reject him which is terrific writer and gives you a rundown of how it all came to get. It wasn't like that at the beginning. The Celtics end up just. Along with no that's the nastiness but back -- last point situation. If Ray Allen wanted to deal one on one. With the person Kevin Garnett and vice Versa. You do it through the mail you don't -- email -- on the telephone. After the game is and why angled down there and try to get acknowledgment which changed up guys on the free. And it got the dumbest thing I've ever. And if anybody can't see -- that you simply don't understand professionals which war. We had our go to --

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